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    Dexter Marchant and the Strange Doll, I believe. Mod tools, to the extend that I can check it, doesn't show any prerequisites other than having the doll Familiar.
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    You get +2 from the Confidence option, the other two only give +1.
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    @Schwarzbart Thank ye for the reply. Game looks fun though I’m already struggling to figure out what to do my first go through. Already want to do all the classes! If I was a real mage trainee, my head would have exploded by now simply cause I’d have to not do some things. (Only Magic Schools do I go full Hermione Granger.) I am also aware of Y2 not being out yet via research, yes. Sad but it looks like it’s being worked on at least. Will be happy to simply enjoy what I can! Thank you again! @Legate of Mineta *bows before you* Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to enjoying the world you helped shape. @Rhialto Thank you for the link. I have read and appreciate the food for thought you’ve given. Much appreciated! Always nice to see another resident writer as well, as I’ve spied your other works too.
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    You're missing the Expansion Pheme, I'm assuming.
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    @Rhialto you also have to make sure that it not conflict with the Y2 adventure to join the summer class between Y2 and Y3. You can find my adventure writing for Y2 and some of my other ideas regarding this cave in this thread (there you also find out about the test I talked in the posting before):
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    So here we go again. Some teams went dormant. I coloured them Orange. Direct matches: None. But just theoretically..... in a naval duel Tenryuu vs Chiyoda, who would probably win? INPF1: Conte di Cavour slipped a little in her winning streak, but got 3 points from the Derby della Mole. Forza! The table leadership equaled its match scores and it turns out, La Signora is still comfortably leading by 6 points before Leni and Bell who are equal in points as well. In the forseeable future no other Walküre will be able to join them up there. At the bottom no one really escaped, but Köln is now in serious trouble after a serious losing streak. Also the USN fans might stock up their pills..... dormant team might get dumped down easily and the new season only starts in late February. Perth did it! She surpassed Kitakami (INPF2) as worst ship, by securing her first victory against @Wellington99 (Wellington Phoenix). All US Navy ships are now dormant, since their teams have been eliminated before the final match of their league. Same goes for Kumano as her team is done with this years season. The current match counter would be at 10 atm. INPF2: The leading ship, Arizona went dormant, since her teams season is done for now. Same goes for Nevada.... so Nevada fans might need to get some tranquilizers, in case I open a third league table before February. So now Exeter and Spee will try to race past Arizona as far as they can until Arizona rejoins in spring. While at the bottom Kitakami is hopeless, Aoba, Takao and Nürnberg are making themselves comfortable in front of her. If this goes on, I seriously doubt Kitakami can get past dormant Nevada..... And good news for Axum. She won't get eliminated!!
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    Conventional Wisdom is that the Train action that everyone starts with is a terrible waste of time. What are better ways to improve a skill? Obviously, Sphinx, Contu's, and Iudocia represent the gold standard in skill training. The next best I found was Library of Longshade or Thoughtful Study which are a long way short of those top three. Here's what I have come up with so far and some related questions. Anyone know a more efficient way to train Natural Philosophy up to 2 to get Thoughtful Action in the early game? -Family: Graverobbers (+1 Anatomy, Archaeology, and Biology) and/or -https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Academagia:_Infirmary_Library (+1 random from each Negation/Brew/Natural Philosophy useable every other day) from completing the https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Upset_Stomach quest which you mostly want to fail because you get more skill gains that way What’s a good way to Boost Bassan to get access to Culiman's Shack? Anyone know how to unlock https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Lost_Well_of_Knowledge? Wiki claim of “with a compass” seems unlikely. Anyone brave enough to check and see how https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Question_Knowledge_(Action) really works? Wiki claims you lose 1 random skill level in exchange for 5 steps in a chosen skill which is so terrible I have a hard time believing someone actually spent the time to code it. Are there any good ways to raise zoology besides taking the class? You need zoology to be able to train your familiar to not be totally useless. Efficient training 4 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Esteban_Contu%27s_School_of_Incantation - all incantation subskills, unlocked by Incantation - Theory of Incantation 1 and paying 900 pims https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Palace:_Emperor_Sphinx%27s_Room extensively consult with the sphinx - 1 chosen, 2 random, 1 malice - unlocked by several ways, including Filing 9 or Library Knowledge 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Temple_of_Iudocia - -5pims, 1 piety, 1 prayer, 1 oratory, 1 theology - unlocked by Theology 1 or take History: Descended From Heroes at chargen then Work the Looms (niche but easiest way to unlock cleanse and remake spam) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Godina_Park:_The_Crystal_Bridge (weaker than it looks since most characters will have several of these maxed as classes or through Esteban Contu’s) - 1 astrology, 1 Glamour, 1 Incantation, 1 Negation, 1 Revision - unlocked by History - The History of Magic or by buying https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/A_Guide_to_Statues_from_the_Early_Empire_(Item) for 250pims from https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Haejar_Enthifal_Cortath,_Pages_19-22_(Shop) which is unlocked by History - The Early Empire 1 which makes this a nice way to cover the most commonly used magic skills for early game 3 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Palace:_Emperor_Sphinx%27s_Room Match Wits with the Emperor Sphinx - 1 chosen, 2 random - unlocked by several ways, including Filing 9 or Library Knowledge 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_Longshade Study at the Library of Longshade - 1 chosen, 1 random, 1 concentration - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 3 & Insight/Filing Roll v. 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Culiman%27s_Shack - 3 random - unlocked by Language - Bassan 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Venalicium_Library:_Linguistic_Section - 1 Library Knowledge, 2 random languages - unlocked by language parent skill 1 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Lost_Well_of_Knowledge 1 forms, 1 language subskill, 1 random - unlocked by ? https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Stenephan_Pastis%27_Court:_Observation_Galley - 1 wit, 1 law subskill, 1 random - unlocked by Law - Civil Law 1 (situational but wit is a good skill) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_Manetele Study at the Library of Manetele - 1 chosen, 1 forge subskill, 1 revision subskill (most characters will probably take revision as a class so maybe this should be in the 2 skill step category) - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 9 2 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Thoughtful_Study_(Action) - 1 chosen, 1 random - unlocked by Natural Philosophy 2 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Extrapolation_of_Evidence_(Ability) 1 observation, 2 random but Insight/Sleuthing Rolls v. 6 and 13 respectively - unlocked by Dialectic - Study Level 8 (need observation a lot and sleuthing isn’t bad but that second roll is really high so it’s more like 2 skill gains when its useful) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Work_Until_You_Drop_%28Action%29 - 1 chosen, 1 test taking, 1 study, +1 stress. This is roughly comparable to the Venalicium, depending on how you rate stress and relationship points, but requires a background to unlock https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_the_Mantle_of_Stars - Study at the Library of the Mantle of Stars - 1 chosen, 1 Astrology subskill by 2 - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 6 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Impart_Understanding_(Spell) 1 chosen, 1 glamour methods, also increases all clique members by 1 step for chosen - unlocked by Calligraphy - Illustration 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/From_Nothing,_Knowledge_(Spell) 2 random - Incantation - Incantation Methods 10 1 skill step or equivalent Train - 1 chosen - start with this Joie de Vivre - 1 random - start with this https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Filing_Fugue_(Action) - 1 research subskill, +10 pims, -1 stress or 1 random - unlocked by https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Club! Study skills Zoe Mellis Clique ability - +2 chosen study, 1 chosen (2 steps), 1/week https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Venalicium_Library - Study at the Venalicium, 1 chosen study, 1 Research subskill, 1 Relationship (stronger than it looks since you want the research subskills anyways)- unlocked at start https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Judge_the_Instructor%27s_Taste_(Ability) - 1 study, 2 random from Wit/Flattery/Storytelling/Syntax/Dispassion/Playfulness but needs a nsight/Character Study roll v. 5 - unlocked by test taking 2. Probably not worth it unless you have all the libraries unlocked (main thing you need research skill for) Bunch of actions locked behind high test taking subskill and so useless
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    I'd say +2, maybe +1 and +1 Poisons (describe it as Pelia unintentionally teaching that through "here's how you don't do this process, or else you end up with this" if necessary) since Poisons is such a hard skill to learn relative to Alchemical Tools/Analyse/Chemistry. Of course who knows whether that'll still be the case in Y2, certainly not me .
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    I doubt they would, but it's just not something I want any adventure of mine to focus on. It'll inevitably be part of the background in this case, and that's perfectly fine, but I can't really imagine any sort of plot or character focussed on that that'll manage to elevate him/herself above the level of a Saturday morning cartoon villain. I'd like to have a bit more depth than that. Whether I can manage to, completely separate question, but I'd like to at least try.
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    If anyone noted, there was a break in the calendar, so I could rest a week. 🤔 But I could start a INPF nations ranking..... or not. Direct matches this week were: Augusta 1-0 Lexington (no Deja Vu, but the Yanks have started their playoff phase and by coincidence Augusta and Lex had the last conference match and the first play-off match against each other. Since its a one leg pla-off, LEX is done for this year.) Nagato 1-0 Aoba I added Algérie and Scharnhorst in the club descriptions. INPF1 La bella d'Italia cruises on at the top, while beneath her, Belfast made a three victory in a row stroke and forced her way back on second. Forced, because she has one match more than the Ladys around her and in theory even Augusta, Kongou and Algérie can get past her. For the same reasons Lexi is out for now, some of the Northern American Walküren didn't gain anything. Their league finishes off and they're done until the new season starts in February again. So US fans need a bit of nerves since their Ladys will be falling a bit soon. I predict none of them will be Winter champion. The most "busy" Walküren were Köln and Kumano, our women team ships. Köln lost two consecutive matches and Kumano won two consecutive matches. Which sent Köln down quite a bit, but Kumano into a very safe place from her perilousstate last week. Oh and Perth scored for the first time. INPF2 Arizona let AGS come even closer and Exeter forced herself right behind the two. It mirrors a it Belfasts tour de force with the same problem. The only other ship keeping contact to the leading group is Bearn, because Hood had a terrible time with two lost matches. Other big losers are Canarias, she lost the most places and Kitakami also gained zero out of two matches and remains on the last place with actual matches. Axum gets until November, if she has no matches by November 15th I can find, she's out for now.
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