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    I drew a picture of Mahan.
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    I posted a doujinshi of Mahan of Victory Belles which I issued at Comike 93. The dialogue is translated into English by machine translation.R-18. https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=20393382
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    A commission I asked done by sweetprank
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    Something I commissioned from Melisa and a reminder to vote for the Mardi Gras Belle since a commission can take about 2 weeks give or take. The girl with the green hair is Yamakaze and the one with the red is Arashi. I kinda pictured them being very angry Nautilus is a thing and has big boobs so they the made plans for their revenge. As one should know all plans of shipgirls and mice fall to pieces if the enemy is in the tactics room, Arashi from zhan jian shao nyu (Warship Girls) is not here due to diplomacy problem between Kancolle and WSG.
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    Wicher decided to give the Polish Rectified spirit 96% a shot of the Belles that had just risen on the floor and those who have just started to drink . The next day are capable of fighting Russian and Polish Belles.
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    I drew Bulldog too, it's nothing special:
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    picture of Mahan that I drew a while ago
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    Here's to hoping this doesn't blow up. So it's been pointed out on Steam that the ingame tutorial is incomplete, the game's learning curve is steep, and the myriad of options available, while great, really doesn't help newcomers figure out just what they're supposed to do. This, I can personally confirm, is entirely on the mark. I figured I'd try and collect and explain some of the basic mechanics that the game doesn't, and hopefully shed some light on them as I go into more detail. If that turns out to be wasted effort than, eh...go read Bobbin Threadbare's LP I suppose, 'cuz I sure as Fish can't help ya'. Anyway: (IMPORTANT) F12 Function: (Advanced) Familiar Training Strategy: (Advanced) The Forbidden Arts (Imagination/Improvisation 101 required): Adventures: Attributes (primary): Attributes (secondary): Character Creation (Mechanics): Character Creation (reference lists): Character Creation (tips on creating a character): Chance of Success/Failure, Chance of Detection, Glory, Parental Approval, Re-Rolls and Skill Substitution: Class Skipping and Detention: Cleanse and Cheesemake Remake (Or: Cheese and Remake): Cliques: Dealing with Bullies: Exams (or: Study and why it's (not) important): Exploring: Merit Race: Pheme Buffing: Random Events: Research: Rolls and Color-Coding: Romance (Or: Why a Lack Thereof?): Skills (Basics and Tips): Stress Bonus:
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    It's just a simple greeting gif
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    Kirov! from @onigiri121223 on Twitter
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    This is meta gaming, but since you asked... I generally explore for two locations. The Incantation classroom, if I don't have the course, and the Imperial Palace: Grand Library. The incantation classroom (region Academagia, surprise ) informs you of the 'Theory of Incantation' subskill in turn needed to enroll in Esteban Contu's School of Incantation, the best place to learn Incantation. The Imperial Palace: Grand Library is a good way to unlock the The Library of Longshade (region Imperial Reserve), without the RNG of the Venalicium Library. The Imperial Palace: Grand Library can be found even with a fresh character, but if you want to find it in one go, some save scumming is needed.
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    Here is a commission done by nashirasauce for Admiral Teofilo Hurtado to celebrate the new year
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    Here are the Christmas Belles commissions enjoy done by the talented Aka Zai https://aka-zai.deviantart.com/ and Melisa Ong Mi Qin https://melisaongmiqin.deviantart.com/ respectively warning both do R18 stuff
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    Jojo returns in this NSFW Mahan fanart
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    I gave it a bit of thought before deciding on this. As today's Veteran's Day, I thought I'd share the man behind Captain John "Jack" Falshaw from my fanfic. A soldier in the Duke of Wellington's Own Regiment, not much is known about my great grandfather other than from a newspaper scrapping and a picture of him. He went to Canada shortly after the war and it is unsure what happened to him after that. I also happen to have from his son (my grandfather, also named John) his leather dogtags, handmade Christmas card to his sister, handmade leather wallet, record of service paper, and his diary complete with two photos of his wife In the pic, he's the chap with the mustache.
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    HMS Centurion as a radio-controlled target, versus the alternative to using a "robo-ship". I like that they left out BGM out of most of it so you get to hear how windy it is, as well as the splashes and gunfire. ...By the way, Centurion pre-dates World War I and survived long enough to be intentionally scuttled near Omaha Beach, to form a breakwater during the Invasion of Normandy. Hmmmmm......
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    You don't say... I don't know whether to bless or curse Käpt'n Korky for introducing me to Postmodern Jukebox, so I'll see his Seven Nation Army for Blue Monday:
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    I couldn't resist after reading popcorn in the "What could you find on YouTube this day" thread.
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    @Legate of Mineta Most honourable Legate, may I make a suggestion to pin this thread permanently as the first in this sub-forum? It's incredibly useful but always moving around. That's bothersome I think. Best regards, KKorky
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    Let's sea. How many major fleets? Japan, Germany, England, USA, Italy, France, Soviet Union.... did I miss one? No? Seven then? Seven fleets... and seven armies.... hm... I think I just found the Morgana anthem: For the anglophones (mostly the "Common"wealth): For the french (en anglais, excusez-moi) Why Italy, why? The glorious russian version! The japanese get one as well... And for the lack of a german version you get this perfect spanish cover up. Actual spanish versions (yes, more than one....) Also glorious polish version. Well.... kinda! (If it's Jack White, he must be a pole. No questions!) Look! Gdynia!!! And here's, last but not least, the appropiate US/Morgana 1939 edition.... love it! I know you will. This it what "they" sing.... the Nixensong.
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    This is from atsukimasahiro Cute pupper is cute
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    I had been waiting for the Lies episode, but thanks to the D-Day episode they've just put up *hint hint*, I re-checked the 4th Bismark episode. in the comments portion, they note that sponsored series don't get Lies episodes, so I'm posting what they wrote as footnotes:
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    In my opinion crafting comes down to 2 problems that y1 have. Extrem limited stock in the shops even for common materials and to have the recipe for a item you have to own it first. The first point means you probably need to use 2-4 shop actions to even craft one item and for the next of the same type you have to find new shops. The second point means items for your own usage are useless and crafting to earn money is to time consuming for questionable gain as at last my characters usual have more money then they want to spend.
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    All adventures are done through the adventure action. What dyrhet meant is that by having zoology as a class certain adventures are unlocked. For Zoology these are: Naming Beasts, The Chipmunk Problem and Splash. Never had Zoology as class, so can't tell you anything about the adventures themselves. Apparently there is talk that in Y2 there will be more random events involving your actual classes, but I'm not sure even those are as involved affairs as adventures.
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    Without taking class in Glamour your not informed about the glamour class room but you can find it at best with low level explore. The Professor podium there is a great location to learn glamour, something I used in some of my past games. Although for me this got uninteresting after I found a other training location that increase one SS of all legale magic skills:
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    The easy way is to use the Shop action and sell the item to a vendor (you cannot sell to a catalog for obvious reasons) and then rebuy it. While you are at it you can do some shopping as well (I usually sell off food items for instance).
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    It's not something you really need to keep track of, but if you really want to, Notepad. Or if you're going whole hog on the old-school aspect, an actual, physical notepad.
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    The mentor adventure IS one of the best ones for early game, even for experienced players. Aside from that, The Nut is a nice quick one with fairly good rewards. A walk in the city could be another one. It's generally hard to rank adventures; what is good is relative after all. I'd advise to avoid the student adventures for now, until you know the which students you like best. They are slow paced and generally don't really give out good rewards, although that slow pace could work to your advantage in the difficulty curve. I generally start focusing on the adventures full time only just before midterms. Before then I'd unlock good training places and max the study levels, but as it has been mentioned before this is not critical for a first run. Do things at your own pace, after you know what to expect you can focus on things that you liked on later runs.
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    I personal think familiar, gate and mastery magic should only be focused on after understanding the basics of the game. My suggestion is play one character just to understand and experiment how the game works maybe till midterm exams so that you also see how much time you have to get your study up.
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    Yes, as far as I know. Although, keep in mind that Intelligence boosts are fairly common rewards from adventures, only Insight is more common. Check the study mastery bonuses from here: http://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Study_Mastery
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    Mastery classes were abolished when the pillar was proscribed centuries back . If you want to study forbidden magic, you'll have to find it ingame.
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    @Metis Which adventure/college are you talking about? @Von-Wulfen: The two most creepy/evil first year students whom I have encountered within my playthroughs have been Aranaz students. But my default college when wanting a character to study forbidden magics (gates and mastery) is Morvidus.
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    There's an option to (un)mute the music in the Menu screen, once you've actually started/loaded a game. Beyond that I'm not sure what would cause the audio to be disabled. Actually, one of the F keys might mute/unmute the music? I haven't gone through all of them, but I know at least two of them serve dark and nefarious mysterious purposes.
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    Hello there guy's Waiting game is real here
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    I'm more curious if a Belle picks a world leader as it's captain. Again, imagine Iowa picking FDR and now he's not only the president but also a Belle captain
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    Is there an easy way to inform the riding skill? I'd like to do so for RP reasons. I was hoping the winged horse adventure or the event where you can choose to ride an unbroken horse might help, but sadly neither did. My attempts to unlock the skill has granted me access to mastery, gates and synchronicity - but the ultimate forbiden skill of riding a horse still lies beyond my reach.
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    Goeben/Yavuz and Kongou-sama? I'm sure the jokes about walkers would come fast and furious but they'd certainly have a lot to talk about. Count me in. :-)
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    Finished in a little bit of rush, Tried to be creative, realized that I suck at creativity Wish I could see her front view.
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    ...Throw Kirov in there, and you either have a wolfpack or World War 3.
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    Added to the list of confirmed light cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy - Tenryū
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    Olympia isn't dead, just decommissioned and a museum. She doesn't have a Belle, but then there are far more ships in '39 who don't have Belles than the 100+ who do, so she's not alone. I'll do it all over again ...Dun, dun duuuuun!
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    Well Vernin is the college of the Gifted afterall. Plus it's kinda hard to compete when the parents see our installations especially our dormitories (the first thing they check I assure you). The other colleges thus logically get the scraps that unfortunately do not meet the requirements to join the most esteemed college.
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    [spoiler][/spoiler] Don't copy/paste that, BTW, apparently copy-pasting from code block doesn't work. Incidentally, that's one of two instances of a Black Chicken being in the game. I'll leave it to you to find the second .
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    Blasphemy! Tell your other self to get their own account, when we want to talk to our legate, we don't want an imposter!
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    Chapter 1 - Stand Before the Storm November 25 1940 14:05, log of VADM L. E. Holland - Operation Collar's convoy rounding Gibraltar carrying 1370 RAF technicians, HMS Manchester and Southampton escorting the merchant ships SS New Zealand Star, SS Clan Forbes and SS Clan Fraser with Force F. Fair weather and fair seas, and no fighting God willing. No movement reported by Force H's scouts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This wasn't what I had in mind when I think about going on a Mediterranean cruise, John Falshaw mused as yet another man gave up his lunch to the ocean. The Yorkshireman shook his head at the sight and turned his gaze over to the ocean. As much grief he gave those RAF blokes, he too was feeling a bit queasy as HMS Manchester gently rolled along the waves, and anything to take his mind off of it was welcomed. It was hard to believe that he, a former sniper in the Duke of Wellingtons Regiment during the Great War, was now lumped in with these pseudo-fly boys en route to Malta and Alexandria to tune up Hurricanes and Spitfires. Then again, they didn't really have much that an old war dog such as himself could do. His left knee began to ache as he started to move himself from the side railing and along the side of the warship, reminding him of the Jerry bastard that got him at Passchendaele. It was a different time back then, and remembering it brought forth a heavy sigh. He had been another one of those bright eyed youngsters who at 16 lied about his age to go off to war almost as soon as it had been declared. It didn't take long for the romantic visage to become replaced with the horror that was reality. The first battle he had ever been in had taken four of his best mates in a single artillery shell, and his second resulted in another two choking to death on poison gas. His older brother (by three years) got tangled up in barbed wire at the Somme, an easy target for the German machine guns that cut him to bloody shreds, and his youngest (by only a year) impaled by another's bayonet while he was recovering in hospital. By war's end he had seen every conceivable way a man could die on the battlefield, and he was none too excited for another Great War. Which was why, in an ironic twist, he was now once again in the military in a new world war, only this time he hedged his bets to make sure he would never serve on the front lines again. Getting work during the Depression was hard, but he managed to do well in a machinists job, well enough that when he applied to become a Royal Air Force technician they took him on the spot. Granted it was probably out of necessity than anything. He had little experience with the planes before he and the nearly 1400 others were stowed on board HMS Manchester and Southampton, so he had been trying to read up on manuals on the voyage, something that he ended up tossing aside. He was the type to learn as he worked, rather than to be straight taught what to do, and the manuals only served to alleviate boredom. Stopping for a moment for a quick smoke, John looked across the water to HMS Southampton, and noted the figure standing on the foredeck with mild amusement. It was unusual to have a woman on board a vessel unless they were being transported someplace, but this girl wasnt a normal woman. She was, as they called themselves, a Belle, a physical manifestation of a warship that protects the world from the Morganas, a group of seemingly demonic forces that want nothing more than to wipe out humanity. The Belles choose their captains with no discernible criteria, no matter what they are or where theyre from. There was even tale of a female American Belle captain, and of a German Belle going off with a Russian. Fortunately, Southampton's Belle stayed to her mother country so there was no fear of some foreigner getting their hands on one of His Majesty's ships. The captain was also a rather unsurprising pick, a Lieutenant who was on board for a training exercise when the Morgana fog rolled in. From this distance, John was only able to make out Southamptons white sun hat, though he was sure the daintily appearing Belle was enjoying herself in the sun. Funny how she would probably be better suited as the Belle for HMS Brighton, but that ship hadn't manifested a Belle yet, and she at least was a good enough representative of Southampton itself. Just as he finished his cigarette, tossing the butt into the sea, he looked up only to see Southampton's Belle rigid and staring to the east. Something caught her attention, something that snapped her from her usual cheery disposition, and that wasn't easy to do. Following where she was looking, he found himself gazing at a fog bank. It wasn't close by any stretch of the imagination, but from what the sailors told them, when there's fog, there's almost certainly a Morgana. It didn't take long for the ships to turn towards the south to try and avoid contact. With all these extra bodies on board, the two Town-class cruisers weren't at peak combat efficiency; the best tactic was to avoid conflict as much as possible. It was left to Force H to deal with any such threats. Heading back inside the warship, John took one last look towards the fog bank and thought he could see lightning coming from inside. Morgana or not, a storm wouldn't do well for Force F, and with any luck they would avoid it. Hoping for the best case scenario, he went down into HMS Manchester and to his bunk to see about trying to understand those damned manuals. Nearly an hour passed before the ship lurched, nearly tossing Falshaw out of his bunk in the process. "What the-" he grumbled as he tossed aside the manual he had been reading (rather using as a cover over his eyes so he could take a nap). He groaned as his knee shot with pain, getting down with a short leap. Those bloody sailors are trying to kill me, I just know it. Several other technicians were wondering what was going on, some trying to look out of port holes and others like John scrambling to the deck. As soon as he had made it back on to the foredeck, the fog bank had now nearly closed the distance. From what he could tell, it was well out of sniping distance but for ships it was right in the sweet spot. Again he saw lightning coming from within, except this time he could hear thunder, followed by a whistling sound. The water next to him erupted into a column, making him jump. It was a warship alright in there, a small fleet of Morganas. The thing was though, only a scant few shells landed around them, and they seemed to be deliberately aimed so they wouldn't hit. Most shots were being fired at targets within the fog, and it was unclear who. Another British convoy? A supply train? A group of Belles from Force H out of position? Things were slowly clicking into place for the former sergeant as the warships steamed towards the thunderous fog. The lurching was probably Manchester turning to avoid a shell and towards the fog, and the shells missing around them were probably to get the attention of the British force. At this point running away wasn't an option, so the two cruisers along with the rest of Force F were forced into combat. He just hoped that whatever happened, he'd stick to his plan of being as far from the front line if possible. Maybe the Morganas would be sunk before they arrived on the scene. In any case, he wasnt going to stick around on deck waiting to be shot at. He was going to head back down and wait this skirmish ou- "Oh no you dont!" A hand suddenly grabbed the back of his RAF jacket and began to yank him out. "You need to get onto the bridge, mate." John was spun around, and was looking right into a young womans face. "We need you, Captain." Oh, you've got to be kidding me =========================================================================================================================================== Well here is my foray into Victory Belles fanfiction courtesy of YuriMom. The next chapter will have more dialogue as this was more for setting the scene and getting the ball rolling. Let me know what you think. I decided to end there because it was a decent enough spot to do so, otherwise I would have carried on for longer (chapter 2)
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    February 15, 2017 edit (already added to the list): Felix's Christmas newspaper can only be seen if you start his Christmas caper, yet at the end decide to continue the Dream of Family
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    I'm flooding the board, so I'll just ask here.XD There has been a long going discussion over on the Steam discussion concerning several of the achievements. We tried to solve it on our own, but I think it's about time we just asked the source. Really, we discussed the achievements in general, but I'll focus on a few specific ones this time around. Strange Circles Sparring Partner Bonded with the Bandit Turkey Expert All Adventures! People have had a really hard time trying to get these to activate. One person was able to finally get the first 3 listed above, but then they did not get the Turkey Expert achievement. After a while, we saw that some people were able to get the achievement if the capers were done in a certain order (Main, Two Adventures, Ahmose, Felix, Roland, Nigel), so that person was able to get the Turkey Expert achievement, but then someone else did it in that order and did not get the Turkey Expert achievement. Some people have gotten the Turkey Expert but did not get the Lorelei or Zul achievements (and that should be almost impossible for Lorelei's since she is in all Turkey capers except Roland's). The person who finally got the first four achievements never got the All Adventures! achievement, even though they got all of the other location expert achievements. Basically, is there a certain dialogue choice/way you must pass an obstacle/order of caper play to unlock the any of the achievements above? I can see having some specific dialogue choice for the Zul and Lorelei achievements (as annoying as it is lol), but the other expert achievements didn't seem to have any odd qualifications, so having them for this achievement seems odd. We weren't sure if the achievements were glitchy or if there actually is some unseen requirement.
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    Oh, wow, I am so sorry. I really thought I was posting in the Scheherazade forum. I posted at midnight so I partially blame sleep deprivation XD. Feel free to move this to the Scheherazade forum if you can. EDIT: Yay, you moved it to the right forum