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    I drew a picture of Mahan.
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    Wicher decided to give the Polish Rectified spirit 96% a shot of the Belles that had just risen on the floor and those who have just started to drink . The next day are capable of fighting Russian and Polish Belles.
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    I drew Bulldog too, it's nothing special:
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    picture of Mahan that I drew a while ago
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    It's just a simple greeting gif
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    Kirov! from @onigiri121223 on Twitter
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    I gave it a bit of thought before deciding on this. As today's Veteran's Day, I thought I'd share the man behind Captain John "Jack" Falshaw from my fanfic. A soldier in the Duke of Wellington's Own Regiment, not much is known about my great grandfather other than from a newspaper scrapping and a picture of him. He went to Canada shortly after the war and it is unsure what happened to him after that. I also happen to have from his son (my grandfather, also named John) his leather dogtags, handmade Christmas card to his sister, handmade leather wallet, record of service paper, and his diary complete with two photos of his wife In the pic, he's the chap with the mustache.
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    HMS Centurion as a radio-controlled target, versus the alternative to using a "robo-ship". I like that they left out BGM out of most of it so you get to hear how windy it is, as well as the splashes and gunfire. ...By the way, Centurion pre-dates World War I and survived long enough to be intentionally scuttled near Omaha Beach, to form a breakwater during the Invasion of Normandy. Hmmmmm......
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    You don't say... I don't know whether to bless or curse Käpt'n Korky for introducing me to Postmodern Jukebox, so I'll see his Seven Nation Army for Blue Monday:
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    I couldn't resist after reading popcorn in the "What could you find on YouTube this day" thread.
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    @Legate of Mineta Most honourable Legate, may I make a suggestion to pin this thread permanently as the first in this sub-forum? It's incredibly useful but always moving around. That's bothersome I think. Best regards, KKorky
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    Let's sea. How many major fleets? Japan, Germany, England, USA, Italy, France, Soviet Union.... did I miss one? No? Seven then? Seven fleets... and seven armies.... hm... I think I just found the Morgana anthem: For the anglophones (mostly the "Common"wealth): For the french (en anglais, excusez-moi) Why Italy, why? The glorious russian version! The japanese get one as well... And for the lack of a german version you get this perfect spanish cover up. Actual spanish versions (yes, more than one....) Also glorious polish version. Well.... kinda! (If it's Jack White, he must be a pole. No questions!) Look! Gdynia!!! And here's, last but not least, the appropiate US/Morgana 1939 edition.... love it! I know you will. This it what "they" sing.... the Nixensong.
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    This is from atsukimasahiro Cute pupper is cute
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    Here's to hoping this doesn't blow up. So it's been pointed out on Steam that the ingame tutorial is incomplete, the game's learning curve is steep, and the myriad of options available, while great, really doesn't help newcomers figure out just what they're supposed to do. This, I can personally confirm, is entirely on the mark. I figured I'd try and collect and explain some of the basic mechanics that the game doesn't, and hopefully shed some light on them as I go into more detail. If that turns out to be wasted effort than, eh...go read Bobbin Threadbare's LP I suppose, 'cuz I sure as Fish can't help ya'. Anyway: (IMPORTANT) F12 Function: (Advanced) Familiar Training Strategy: (Advanced) The Forbidden Arts (Imagination/Improvisation 101 required): Adventures: Attributes (primary): Attributes (secondary): Character Creation (Mechanics): Character Creation (reference lists): Character Creation (tips on creating a character): Chance of Success/Failure, Chance of Detection, Glory, Parental Approval, Re-Rolls and Skill Substitution: Class Skipping and Detention: Cleanse and Cheesemake Remake (Or: Cheese and Remake): Cliques: Dealing with Bullies: Exams (or: Study and why it's (not) important): Exploring: Merit Race: Pheme Buffing: Random Events: Research: Rolls and Color-Coding: Romance (Or: Why a Lack Thereof?): Skills (Basics and Tips): Stress Bonus:
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    I had been waiting for the Lies episode, but thanks to the D-Day episode they've just put up *hint hint*, I re-checked the 4th Bismark episode. in the comments portion, they note that sponsored series don't get Lies episodes, so I'm posting what they wrote as footnotes:
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    I don't really know about carols, but one thing I can tell you is that in Spain the streets get their Christmas decorations as early as... last weeks of October... A "common" joke about it is something along the lines of "If they're gonna do it like that, why even bother removing them?"
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    Jojo returns in this NSFW Mahan fanart
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    How often does the emotional connection that drives a Belle to select her Captain lead to romantic entanglement? Is jealousy an issue when a Captain has multiple Belles in his service? Be interesting to hear about this one from a Belle I'd think. La Motte-Picquet perhaps? Been enjoying more Belles turning up besides some of the fan favorites in the various updates.
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    ORP Piorun vs. Bismarck 22 May 1941 Author: Adama Werka Polish painter, graphic artist, maritime historian. The picture was based on the reports of the sailors witnesses of Polish destroyer ORP Piorun.
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    Mid-October, as mentioned by Legate last time the beta was discussed.
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    Mieczysław Fogg & Orkiestra Syrena Trekord dir. by Henryk Wars - Nic o tobie nie wiem... (I Know Nothing About You) Muz. Henryk Wars - Tekst Emanuel Schlechter, slowfoks z filmu "Włóczęgi" (Slow-fox from movie: The Wanderers), Syrena-Electro, August 1939 This is one of the last records manufactured by Syrena Record Company in Warsaw. In a few weeks the Summer is ended and the Apocalypse will begin.
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    I'm more curious if a Belle picks a world leader as it's captain. Again, imagine Iowa picking FDR and now he's not only the president but also a Belle captain
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    Pure? I dunno about that. I think she knows exactly what she's saying. There's a school of sarcasm/shaming that involves being incredibly polite and well mannered, I considered Hiryu's "apology" for the damage to the golf ball to be very much be part of that.
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    How could a sea-going Belle get a land-locked captain? Well, Shanghai is not just a city in China...
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    The thought occurs to you because Panay mentioned it just a little while ago. As far as the rest, I would suggest a book called "Those Angry Years". Don't underestimate the intensity of US isolationist thought in the pre-Pearl Harbor years. In 1939 the US didn't have allies as such. We were positively allergic to "foreign entanglements" because of how WWI started. That's why despite coming up with the idea the US never joined the League of Nations. I can sympathize with the desire to wax poetic about Japan, but don't forget that the Rape of Nanjing has already happened. The whole fabricated incident at the Marco Polo Bridge has already happened. The abuse of thier mandates in the western Pacific has already happened. Japan had already chosen thier path by 1939. While it is true that Roosevelt was the ultimate pragmatist, he was also very much a Sinophile. It's hard to imagine a scenario where "That Man in the White House" doesn't let Japan stew in thier own juice until they at least withdraw back to Manchuria if not all the way back across the Yalu.
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    Well it's nice that more team members have been added. But could we get a KS update that goes more in depth into the issues and what's being done to solve them. Also what they plan to work on and where the october eta comes from? it feels like it's been a while since there was an update discussing all the technical stuff the team was working on and it would be nice if we could get another one for more transparency.
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    I'm getting my popcorn ready for later years, to go with ships that were named for reasons directly associated with battles/events that the player might be able to avoid/ prevent (I'm looking at you, The Sullivans. You too, Shangri-la).
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    What does the general public of each nation think of the Belles?
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    I'm back! been on to XCTC and had to move to new house, finally I got some time to draw Hood sure is glorious
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    Really . Polish fireworks are very good. Just no one can handle them but us Poles . Besides, we have the best group of fireworks in Europe. Every year this group opens the biggest festivals in Europe even in Germany [youtube] [/youtube]
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    It's a bow in whatever media you were looking the constellation up in. In the strictest sense, constellations are stick-figures most of the time, so it's up to the artist that adds the details on what those might be. I've seen plenty of interpretations where Orion is wielding a club, so a sword is fine too, to me. I did find the almost non-existent belt she has to be odd though...
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    When you tie your shoelaces together you form a knot. A knot is what you form when you tie off a rope or a string, whether to an object or another string or rope...or even to itself or within itself. When I pull out an extension cord and string it out, I without fail form a knot somewhere in the middle despite it having no such knot when I wound it up. It's black magic I swear.
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    It does, The Unseen Arrival.
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    The German memorial of Sédan erected for their fallen soldiers of 1870 still stands today, having survived both World Wars. I wish more people would show the same kind of respect to the French soldiers who fell during WW2. Verdun will be a mandatory ship for me. Thank you for including her, may we never forget her sacrifices...
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    Also by only posting the board that has Belles with shown art, you're not showing all the options, regardless if you think they "exist" or not. In this regard, you're actually manipulating the votes towards what you want instead of letting people vote for what they want. It's like showing people they have only one party to vote for when there's actually two
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    Orion, double or nothing, especially after getting a look at her artwork
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    A strange question for me to ask after almost 7 years of playing this game off and on, getting better all the while. But these are my general strategies: I focus primarily upon study-level raising, then upon raising skill levels in my PC's subjects, then in Research/Revision (or both; in any case, this is not difficult, since all of my PCs use and have access to the Venalicium, the Library of Stars, and the Library of Mantale), and then a few other skills that are appropriate for my character. This leaves me with little time to do many adventures or build up a clique; I consider my game to be very full if I can complete more than 8 adventures: The Main Adventure, a class-mate's adventure, Scenes from Dialectic Class, Oan's Adventure, The Thing about the Venalicium Library, the Edge of Nowhere, and A Day in Mineta are the core adventures that I finish. I really enjoy the adventures, so I have some questions: 1. Will this type of playstyle pay dividends in Y2 in so far as it will allow for greater competence in subjects and accordingly more time for adventuring? 2. Will the class mates' adventures have sequels in Y2? if any will not, which ones (so that I can avoid them)? 3. Will building up a research level to 10 in Y1 have benefits in Y2? 4. Will the Southside Pitts Gang (if that be the correct gang name) have a roll in Y2? I find the adventures with that gang to be interesting, and criminal gangs can spawn so many stories. Finally, if you think that I am not playing the game correctly, please feel free to tell me.
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    Well Vernin is the college of the Gifted afterall. Plus it's kinda hard to compete when the parents see our installations especially our dormitories (the first thing they check I assure you). The other colleges thus logically get the scraps that unfortunately do not meet the requirements to join the most esteemed college.
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    Oh that bit of the end adventure isn't Pebbles leaving the PC behind or vice versa, it's just that Pebbles doesn't get a special "look for your Familiar" that's specific to a given kind of Familiar because he's too annoying for the PC to deal with.
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    I really think that the team need to be pleaded with on the class list. It's important that we get access to it before long. That isn't something that should be released in the last second. The class information will be important for our choices going forward, and the longer we have to wait the less time we have to set up final saves. Yes, we have pretty good saves, BUT they all were made with Y1 in context, As far as Y2 was concerned if we did something useful, it's more of a coincidence than any great planning..
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    I have access to Aaran's clique ability Luck for Health, and what he does during the day but nothing else. I don't know if I have Ana's ability or not. I also had the Familiar name bug, where it asks me to name Pamela, my actual familiar, and then my clique. In the first step of Time to be Counted it says (?) rather than a student's name. Its one of the boys, but I'm not sure who its suppose to be. It happens when you fail the Cryptology option.
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    The random encounters/events truly helps keep the game fresh and less predictable.
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    Ohhhhh hey dude i don't have account for that Ps.. What a shitty app is this can use it properly
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    At least early on, racking up stress seems like a good thing. Stress level controls how quickly you can train the stress related skills, and you can get upto 90-100 stress fairly easily (if you're trying to get stress) about halfway through Egypt. This means you can cap or 90+ all of the stress skills a little ways past Egypt (of course, drop the stress immediately after you're done). Your skills control how good your inspirations are, and lot of the top level inspirations end up influencing a lot of skills (plus they provide a high general bonus). So by having very high stress related skills, you can get very good inspirations quickly, which let you get through the adventures effectively.
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    Short version: There's an implication that the chantry version is more or less accurate, except that the Golden City was already corrupt by the time Tevinter mages made it there. Shesh... they really did make an effort to make their monotheism look as revolting as possible... Long version - http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Darkspawn I'd be willing to bet that whatever information appears on the subject will make it into this page. That is, if I'd ever be willing to bet anything. That's the courtesy of the internet (one of them anyway...) - you don't have to pay for excruciatingly boring games and their milking DLC in order to legally learn their plot at least at "retell" level.
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    How do you imagine the airships? I was thinking a bit of your 1400th ships, just floating perhaps with small propellers to add an extra oomph in the addition to the sails. How much would a ticket cost from one of the further islands? (not too important really, but I got kind of curious ) Are there any signs after spells are cast? Residue, magical/pheme leftovers, or... something My next question may be a bit racial, but are all summoned monsters (through gates or other) violent and/or 'evil'. (I feel blue eyed using a term like evil but heck, everything going against my players general health and/or future is evil!)
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    Downloadable Content It is common these days - seeing in big AAA titles like Dragon Age or Mass Effect. Another examples are Fallout 3 or Oblivion. Think about as a "partiall Add-on", which you get through a download. They are often sold for a few bucks and add some Stuff like items etc. Since Legate said it will be free - you can think of it as a content patch. But don't get misslead, in general you often have to pay for it. Yourself have to choose if its worth for you or not Lets see what the upcoming "content Patch" (~ at least you named him so) will contain tomorrow. Hopefully they can really handle the fontsize like they mentioned it
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    Since the game appears to run full screen, it might be possible to optionally adjust the moniutor resolution. Most monitors made in the last few years can accept this.