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    I posted a doujinshi of Mahan of Victory Belles which I issued at Comike 93. The dialogue is translated into English by machine translation.R-18. https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=20393382
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    I drew a picture of Mahan.
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    The conclusion to the previous comic
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    Picture I commissioned of Canarias done by ShuraKRGT. I really like the way he does more mature(?) faces. Wouldn't work for all characters but I think it fits Canarias quite well.
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    I commissioned this last month this is by a artist named megaween he drew the first pic followed by the second two variations
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    A commission I asked done by sweetprank
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    A commissions Melisa did for me what do you mean this isn't how Chiyoda's interview went down both marked and unmarked
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    Something I commissioned for Easter, expect more of my commissions Bunnygirls Nautilus and Yavuz done by Benjamin Widdowson
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    Something I also commissioned a month ago by Belisbeth they were cheap at $25 each
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    Something I commissioned from Melisa and a reminder to vote for the Mardi Gras Belle since a commission can take about 2 weeks give or take. The girl with the green hair is Yamakaze and the one with the red is Arashi. I kinda pictured them being very angry Nautilus is a thing and has big boobs so they the made plans for their revenge. As one should know all plans of shipgirls and mice fall to pieces if the enemy is in the tactics room, Arashi from zhan jian shao nyu (Warship Girls) is not here due to diplomacy problem between Kancolle and WSG.
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    Here is a commission done by nashirasauce for Admiral Teofilo Hurtado to celebrate the new year
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    Wicher decided to give the Polish Rectified spirit 96% a shot of the Belles that had just risen on the floor and those who have just started to drink . The next day are capable of fighting Russian and Polish Belles.
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    I drew Bulldog too, it's nothing special:
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    picture of Mahan that I drew a while ago
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    Something that I commissioned for 10 Euros the artist lisoe R.N Axum one with background the other not
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    A commission for the sake of our Canadian captains art is by erickfata
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    Bunnygirls Hood and Velasco I commissioned from Melisa marked and unmarked (Naughty Lass comic unmarked)
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    It may be two weeks late, but Happy Mardi Gras to the Victory Belles Krewe!
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    Here's to hoping this doesn't blow up. So it's been pointed out on Steam that the ingame tutorial is incomplete, the game's learning curve is steep, and the myriad of options available, while great, really doesn't help newcomers figure out just what they're supposed to do. This, I can personally confirm, is entirely on the mark. I figured I'd try and collect and explain some of the basic mechanics that the game doesn't, and hopefully shed some light on them as I go into more detail. If that turns out to be wasted effort than, eh...go read Bobbin Threadbare's LP I suppose, 'cuz I sure as Fish can't help ya'. Anyway: (IMPORTANT) F12 Function: (Advanced) Familiar Training Strategy: (Advanced) The Forbidden Arts (Imagination/Improvisation 101 required): Adventures: Attributes (primary): Attributes (secondary): Character Creation (Mechanics): Character Creation (reference lists): Character Creation (tips on creating a character): Chance of Success/Failure, Chance of Detection, Glory, Parental Approval, Re-Rolls and Skill Substitution: Class Skipping and Detention: Cleanse and Cheesemake Remake (Or: Cheese and Remake): Cliques: Dealing with Bullies: Exams (or: Study and why it's (not) important): Exploring: Merit Race: Pheme Buffing: Random Events: Research: Rolls and Color-Coding: Romance (Or: Why a Lack Thereof?): Skills (Basics and Tips): Stress Bonus:
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    It's just a simple greeting gif
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    Kirov! from @onigiri121223 on Twitter
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    hello guy's any big update this month?
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    I like your idea on having those two air nations duke it out, but I believe that I want to see a little more diversity in the fleets after all. So let's have it go something like this: Hiryu, Nagato, Pola, Canarias, Kirov, Diether Von Roeder, U-29 VS Lexington, Goeben, Swayback Maru, DeRuyter, Belfast, Wicher, Surcouf And regarding the options, Option 1! My respect for seniority outweighs my sarcasm in this instance.
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    This is meta gaming, but since you asked... I generally explore for two locations. The Incantation classroom, if I don't have the course, and the Imperial Palace: Grand Library. The incantation classroom (region Academagia, surprise ) informs you of the 'Theory of Incantation' subskill in turn needed to enroll in Esteban Contu's School of Incantation, the best place to learn Incantation. The Imperial Palace: Grand Library is a good way to unlock the The Library of Longshade (region Imperial Reserve), without the RNG of the Venalicium Library. The Imperial Palace: Grand Library can be found even with a fresh character, but if you want to find it in one go, some save scumming is needed.
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    Wow, I'm glad you finally got a pixiv! I hope to see you post more there!!
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    I do things I can do with my current workmanship, so everything may change, but it may be as it is. Either way, I will draw various things. It is possible to mail my doujins overseas, but it is very difficult to receive the price. Moreover, it is very expensive. I am considering being able to browse with pixiv etc etc.
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    Here are the Christmas Belles commissions enjoy done by the talented Aka Zai https://aka-zai.deviantart.com/ and Melisa Ong Mi Qin https://melisaongmiqin.deviantart.com/ respectively warning both do R18 stuff
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    It is Mahan on the way of drawing
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    Jojo returns in this NSFW Mahan fanart
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    I gave it a bit of thought before deciding on this. As today's Veteran's Day, I thought I'd share the man behind Captain John "Jack" Falshaw from my fanfic. A soldier in the Duke of Wellington's Own Regiment, not much is known about my great grandfather other than from a newspaper scrapping and a picture of him. He went to Canada shortly after the war and it is unsure what happened to him after that. I also happen to have from his son (my grandfather, also named John) his leather dogtags, handmade Christmas card to his sister, handmade leather wallet, record of service paper, and his diary complete with two photos of his wife In the pic, he's the chap with the mustache.
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    HMS Centurion as a radio-controlled target, versus the alternative to using a "robo-ship". I like that they left out BGM out of most of it so you get to hear how windy it is, as well as the splashes and gunfire. ...By the way, Centurion pre-dates World War I and survived long enough to be intentionally scuttled near Omaha Beach, to form a breakwater during the Invasion of Normandy. Hmmmmm......
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    You don't say... I don't know whether to bless or curse Käpt'n Korky for introducing me to Postmodern Jukebox, so I'll see his Seven Nation Army for Blue Monday:
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    I couldn't resist after reading popcorn in the "What could you find on YouTube this day" thread.
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    @Legate of Mineta Most honourable Legate, may I make a suggestion to pin this thread permanently as the first in this sub-forum? It's incredibly useful but always moving around. That's bothersome I think. Best regards, KKorky
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    Let's sea. How many major fleets? Japan, Germany, England, USA, Italy, France, Soviet Union.... did I miss one? No? Seven then? Seven fleets... and seven armies.... hm... I think I just found the Morgana anthem: For the anglophones (mostly the "Common"wealth): For the french (en anglais, excusez-moi) Why Italy, why? The glorious russian version! The japanese get one as well... And for the lack of a german version you get this perfect spanish cover up. Actual spanish versions (yes, more than one....) Also glorious polish version. Well.... kinda! (If it's Jack White, he must be a pole. No questions!) Look! Gdynia!!! And here's, last but not least, the appropiate US/Morgana 1939 edition.... love it! I know you will. This it what "they" sing.... the Nixensong.
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    This is from atsukimasahiro Cute pupper is cute
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    I had been waiting for the Lies episode, but thanks to the D-Day episode they've just put up *hint hint*, I re-checked the 4th Bismark episode. in the comments portion, they note that sponsored series don't get Lies episodes, so I'm posting what they wrote as footnotes:
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    @Shirogane I'll be honest with you: "Ognia!" sounds much to elegant in my ears for such a fierce command. And before I have even figured out how to say "Nieprzyjacel", let alone figured out to pronounce it the right way, said enemy will have blown me into tiny bits. It's just too complicated. Also thank you for sharing those bits and I look forward to the upcoming lists.
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    It's a bug with the Family: Sports background increasing your Fitness (and, in turn, Vitality Max) but not your starting Vitality score. Call it a sports injury you got right before Juvenalia or something. There's plenty of stuff that restores various levels of vitality, but nothing other than Rest that always restores it to full IIRC.
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    Not nearly enough to die for it. All speed north. Make port in a nice Northern port and I bet we can pull this off without putting ourselves on a silver platter for a Morgana submarine. Or as the Captain, err. We. said, borrowing a handy iceberg. Containers to keep beverages warm are a thing.
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    Only what college exclusive adventures you have access to. There might be a few adventures where one college gets an option that other colleges don't or vice-versa, but those instances are very few and far between - I can only remember one example off-hand, of the 100+ adventures I've gone through, so college exclusive adventures aside it's nothing you need worry about.
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    As it is that time of the year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDpYBT0XyvA
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    OOOOH~ I didn't notice there was a tips thread on here due to its age. Well, I posted this on tumblr a few weeks ago, but I'll post it here too: · Play the game on easy mode unless you’re going after the normal and hard difficulty achievements. Save yourself the pain · Sterling’s route is by far the hardest, so I recommend not playing his route first. Relationships and Endings · You have to have at least 30 relationship points with a guy by Christmas to be able to activate his Dream route · You don’t start going out with Nigel or Sterling until after Christmas · Don’t worry if Felix’s dream route doesn’t feel like a dream route, it’s intentional · The 0-9, 10-19, and 20-29 relationship endings cannot be viewed in-game due to needing 30 relationship points to activate the friendship event during Christmas · There are actually 121 endings · The 100 dream endings are drastically different from the others · Approximately, the 0-50ish endings are similar and the 51-99 endings are similar Skills You Should Ignore · Poker is never used. EVER. Just ignore it unless you’re going after achievements · Riding is only used three times, two of which you can use Animal Handling instead. Just ignore it unless you’re going after achievements · Animal handling is only used seven times (which sounds like a lot, but it isn’t), and most of those you can use another skill. Just ignore it unless you’re going after achievements · Since you want your stress to be 0 almost constantly, ignore raising the stress skills and instead use inspiration cards for obstacles where stress skills are the only option Skills You Should Raise · Raise perception, deduction, and problem solving early on in the game. The best way to do this is to choose ‘Look out over the City’ in New York as it raises perception and deduction. There isn’t a good way to raise problem solving in New York until after you beat The Serpent Empire Adventure, which unlocks ‘Search for Other Raeks Artifacts’, which raises problem solving and occult lore Stress · ALWAYS start your caper with 0 stress. Always continue capers with 0 stress. Stress impacts obstacle skills drastically, especially on higher difficulty modes. · For example, if the easy obstacle should need 10 to pass it, but you have 2 stress going in, now it will take 11 to pass it. On normal mode, if it took 25 to pass it, but you have 2 stress going in, it will instead take 27. On hard mode, if it took 60 to pass it, but you have 2 stress going in, it will instead take 63. · Since you want your stress to be 0 almost constantly, ignore raising the stress skills and instead use inspiration cards for obstacles where stress skills are the only option · If you really want to raise stress skills, I’d raise awareness the most and fisticuffs the least Capers · An obstacle being ‘red’ on the caper requirements list in-game doesn’t always mean that you have to pass it. Sometimes if you fail it it just moves on, sometimes it makes you rest and retry, and sometimes the obstacles are perfectly normal and the game is just showing it in red due to an error. · You have to beat The Main Adventure in Peru for The Albino Alligator Adventure to unlock · You DO NOT have to do all of a guy’s capers to get their capers to activate. You just have to follow along with their main adventure. For example, you can view Roland’s main adventure events in Egypt, not do his Egypt caper, view his main adventure events in New York, and then do his Australian caper even though you didn’t do his Egyptian one. HOWEVER, Sterling is the exemption to this (Sterling is usually the exemption to rules). You must finish his Egyptian adventure to unlock some of his main adventure events, you must finish his Indian adventure to unlock some of his main adventure events, and you must finish his Peruvian adventure to unlock some of his main adventure events.
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    I'm more curious if a Belle picks a world leader as it's captain. Again, imagine Iowa picking FDR and now he's not only the president but also a Belle captain
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    Little know facts The ship's bell from the German battlecruiser "Gneisenau". Bell is an exhibit at the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.
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    Gneis has earned herself a permit to join my fleet. As for Scharn...well...after what she did to Rawa?
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    Orion, double or nothing, especially after getting a look at her artwork