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    I don't really know about carols, but one thing I can tell you is that in Spain the streets get their Christmas decorations as early as... last weeks of October... A "common" joke about it is something along the lines of "If they're gonna do it like that, why even bother removing them?"
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    When we sing songs? Uhm, from the day after the sunday which is called "death sunday" (around 5 weeks before Weihnachten) until the 26th, which is 2nd Weihnachtstag.
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    Don't fret. @Lolwut has that covered, if I'm not mistaken. Also I'll reinstall my Christmas pair of Leningrad and Pola then. And for DYM's Mardi Gras thing..... *inhales slowly*.....Köln..... *exhales slowly* if that's not possible I'll second Leberecht Maass.
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    Jojo returns in this NSFW Mahan fanart
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    Truth be told I was just planning to commission only one artist but more fanart and its the Winter Season so I splurged and any excuse for Nautilus and VB fanart in general is a win.
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    I have two artists taking up the commission both, of course, have Nautilus one has Garf Spee the other Nerpa One is Melisaong who has done Pacific work (kancolle fanfiction) and Kancolle art she did the Bucky fanart with the 3 Fubuki's and Bucky Barnes (winter soldier) And the other one I just found Aka Zai (does mostly porn not that mine is NSFW anyway)