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    Use Gossip and place one clique member in one slot and then you can see their relationship in the other slot.
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    1 Stress is equal to a +1 on whatever action/ability/spell/etc. you're making a roll for. A direct roll for, mind, not an indirect one like the Adventure action. Charm 2/Befriend 0 has a range of 0-4, add in 4 Stress bonus and it's a range of 4-8. Hence why it's useful for Befriend early on. Sheary's Help, when active (and you have to spend a turn to activate it, look for it among your Abilities), allows you to re-roll every roll once and take the higher result. It makes the bonus that attributes provide on rolls more reliable, since you're less likely to roll low numbers twice in a row than you are rolling low just once. The Gossip Action allows you to do that. It's a little messy, but select Gossip as an action, choose a target, and you'll see your target's relationship with every other student when you go to select a second target. Keep in mind, however, you only get that information if you're Informed of the first student.
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    1. Balanced, with priority given to your class-related attributes if you run low on background points. 2. I'd say no, put the point into Insight instead. Immediate libraries can be put to work, but they're mostly a luxury. Focus on studying in the Venalicium Library early on and you'll unlock them soon enough anyway. 3. Get your Clique together, unlock libraries if you didn't get the background, keep on schedule with your studies, and finish the tutorial part of Oan's adventure. Don't worry about not going on strings of grand adventures or spending a turn Resting every now and then because REs went badly, that's early game Academagia for you. Once you've got a few months of skill points and the odd extra attribute point under your belt you'll be ready for some adventures.
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    Leningrad: How do you hide these under your uniform? Mahan: Can you please not? Leningrad: Not what? Mahan: You’re getting closer to me. Leningrad: I just need to find out if they’re fake or not. Mahan: What!? What do you mean by fa- Leningrad: Luckily I can feel the difference. Mahan: ...oh you better not- eep! Leningrad: Hmm. Interesting. Mahan: Interesting, yes, can you let go of me now? Leningrad: Oh come now Mahan. I’m good but not that good. I need to throughly test them. Mahan: Can you not? Leningrad: Oh, there’s Kongou. Let’s ask her opinion shall we? Mahan: I’m going to kill you. Leningrad: All the reason for me not to let go. Oh Kongou! Kongou: What...are you doing? Mahan: Can you tell Leningrad to please stop and let go of me-eep! Leningrad: I’m trying to tell if it’s just the bikini giving her this bust or if she’s had it all this time and if it is fake or not. Mahan: I can tell you that it is very much real, now can you let me go-ooo! Leningrad: Heh heh. It’s like a squeaky toy. Kongou: *sigh*
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    Belles in bikini's that I have commissioned Melisa with Mahan, Leningrad, and Kongou And from https://www.deviantart.com/cutesexyrobutts
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    I have cerebral palsy,. meaning that since birth I have been unable to walk. I have used a series of wheelchairs since I was around 4 years old. There are many reasons why I like Academagia (including its use of real Latin and its intricate setting and many possible play styles - often focused on developing truly intelligent rather than action-oriented heroes). There are also some reasons why the game may be criticized by others (its treatment of race has attracted some controversy about which I feel unqualified to say much - ditto its treatment of non-heterosexual love, especially before the four newest students were added in). But I am here to write about another aspect that I feel compelled to praise, but has not been mentioned as far as I know: its treatment of physical disabilities of the sort that I have that prevent the person from being able to walk. That is one of many reasons why I like Academagia - it is one of the few pieces of media I know about in which a character who cannot walk (minor, but still a character) exists but is not patronized. She is not treated as a tragic figure because she cannot walk, nor is her inability to walk treated as something that requires a tragic backstory (accident of some sort, terrible crime, etc.). Rather, she is presented as a character with interests that have nothing to do with her disability nor emphasize the mind over the (defective) body (building portable shrines) who happens to require assistance to travel where others would walk. Even her accident in which the player character gets involved is not one that could only befall a person who cannot walk - she trips and drops the portable shrine that she is carrying. I can certainly sympathize with this character's atrophied leg muscles, and would, but for the burden upon the animal, think that being carried by a gorilla is better than using a wheelchair. For this reason I was relieved to learn that the character was not forced to be carried by a gorilla due to lack of wheelchairs but chose it as a way to build the familiar bond. As a player, this otherwise minor incident - which need not even be encountered, as a random event - provides a fascinating perspective into the redemptive power of the most repulsive pillar of magic - mastery. Mastery is established as not merely being about affecting minds, but also as being about affecting brains. In game, this is represented as being able to cause severe strokes to people. However, there seems little reason why more carefully researched, carefully used, mastery could not be used to heal brains - curing cerebral palsy and other brain-related physical disabilities of the sort that occur within this random event. I sincerely hope that a later game in this series involves in some way the use of mastery to cure brain damage - enhancing the game's message, as I see it, that any skill can be used for purposes as good or evil as the person using the skill. On a further note, this random event is one of many reasons why I look forward to Y2's read-back feature - it would allow the player to reread random events and gain better better understanding of how random events develop various characters and the setting.
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    For the Clique thing, I spam Befriend until they join up. Maybe burn a Stress Bonus if it proves necessary, that plus the Garden Gallery should be enough to make getting any second or third friend possible (so long as they're not in a Clique already, of course).
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    According to the Lore, Baron Midian is the son of Baron Midvis of Hattingdon, he was a spoiled child, but forced to do several apprenticeships in his youth, after his father's death, he became the baron of the province.
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    My priority for backgrounds are: - get each attribute to 2 (maybe with the exception of Insight if I know I can get war to 2 in the first week) - get Wealthy, after all in year 2 the wealth of your parents limit how much money you get every other week. - Secret Background / Academy of Thei (or is it Thai?) if I want Gate / Mastery magic - Apprenticeship Page because level 10 Favor from Professor can give skill max increases (because with this background you can get skill max increases with 3-4 actions the skill max increases in other backgrounds are nice but no longer that great) The remaining rest go to flavor
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    I suspect such devices don't have specific names, given that it never came up in Y1 (as far as I can remember). Legate'll have to confirm/deny, though.
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    Higher Charm, relationships and/or Befriend skill, but trying to recruit someone who's already in a Clique is pretty much a lost cause. Like I said, very high penalty.
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    You could do worse than befriending Zoe early and rushing study max bonuses. It's also possible to get Insects informed during Oan's tutorial, since there's an Insects investigation check that you can fail to get informed of the subskill, but whether you actually fail it is pure luck unless you save/load. The color-coding system for the Befriend Action is basically irrelevant, since Befriend has a bunch of extra modifiers that change the odds of success drastically. Such as your target already being in a Clique already, that's a very high penalty to your roll.
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    @waimaozi: Easiest way to learn about planning, without a doubt, is through studying zoology (because the insects subskill, when trained to a certain level, gives a bonus to planning and other things). If the character is not taking zoology, get the character's plot skill to 4. This unlocks the gamers' guild, which trains a character in, among other things, planning. The Mad Hill Obstacle Course, unlocked with a Striving Against the Foe subskill (Compete skill) of 2, increases acrobatics, among other things, through use.
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    If you're not planning on your great-grand children taking that char into Y2 than Pebbles is probably worth it, yes. At least I assume the whole Stress Minimum thing is still broken, otherwise definitely pick Pamela.
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    Pamela is quite weak compared to most. Though she is still a true Familiar, and has at least some potential. Mr. Pebbles is good for little else but screwing things up and providing comic relief.
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    I recall there having been some discussion before on whether CoS% actually works for abilities like Run a Potentially Crippling Training Route, but I don't recall the conclusion. Either way the only way to make those abilities more likely to succeed is stacking CoS%, unless that doesn't work, in which case there's no way to reasonably change them. +10% CoD is not even remotely worth 1 point of Charm, unless you know what you're doing. It's not impossible to overcome, as Rhialto pointed out, but you'd really want to beeline those reductions ASAP and that's not something I'd recommend for a beginner.
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    @waimaozi: For a useful guide to how to maximize percentile based chance of success roles, including use of the Run Potentially Crippling Route, see , where I and @Metis hash out issues. Basically, the best ways to rig such an activity's odds in your favour are to play as an Aranaz or Avila student. Since Avila's core subject includes (through ways to maximize the Numerology subskill), a bonus to fitness, this may be the better college, especially if your character can somehow discover the Heraldry subskill Honor of Mallen Field and train it up a few levels (or to maximum) - this is possible. As for the sky pirates background, it best works with characters with high charm and charm-based classes (rhetoric/glamour). There are ways (temporary and permanent) to reduce the chance of discovery rate - see: https://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Chance_of_Discovery
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    Usefulness, definitely. If you have a 2 in a class' related attribute to start with you should be fine taking that class. Maybe you'll have to do some extra studying on the side if one or two subskills are particularly hard, but that's nothing you probably wouldn't have to do even if you had a 3 or 4 in the class' attribute anyway. As much as you want to take into consideration, really. If you want to limit yourself to making friends with classmates in your college, you can. If you want to nab only the ones with the best Clique abilities and ignore everything else, that's also doable. Harder, but doable. If you want to have no friends at all, also possible, though not something I'd recommend, especially for a beginner. For a first playthrough, I'd say grab one or two people from your own college. Don't worry about their Clique Ability or skills, just read the description of your college mates and nab whoever you think you'd hang out with. There's students with Clique abilities that can completely change the way one plays the game (hi there Zoe ), but it's better to learn how to play the game normally before trying a playthrough where you do something like skip the Venalicium.
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    @waimaozi: I prefer to use the unlocked libraries backgrounds because it means that characters can use them without getting into trouble. Furthermore, when playing as a character who is taking Revision, access to the Library of Mantele from the very beginning makes it easier to justify studying non-class skills from the beginning because one is guaranteed increase in a class-related revision subskill.
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    I find that using Charm in Prose (ability unlocked with 10 Grammar), is an easy way to improve relationships for low charm characters who have at least some skill in Befriend.