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    O Captain, My Captain!
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    In so far lieu of a valentines update today, have some Kenobi I commissioned.
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    @ArcticuKitsu Happy Canada Day to you then, too!
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    List all the belles in Victory Belles that we know they are in the game. The list will be updated in the future and help the person creating fanfics writers and readers. United States Destroyer: USS Stewart (DD-224) USS Mahan (DD-364) USS Somers (DD-381) USS Henley (DD-391) Light cruisers: USS Boise (CL-47) Heavy cruiser: USS Salt Lake City (CA-25) USS Houston (CA-30) USS Augusta (CA-31) USS New Orleans (CA-32) USS Wichita (CA-45) Battleship: USS Nevada (BB-36) USS Arizona (BB-39) USS Mississippi (BB-41) Aircraft carrier: USS Lexington (CV-2) Submarine: USS Nautilus (SS-168) Japan Destroyer: Fubuki Nenohi Light cruiser: Kitakami Tenryū Heavy cruiser: Kumano Takao Aoba Battleship: Kongō Nagato Aircraft carrier: Kaga Hiryū Seaplane tender: Chiyoda Submarine: I-8 British Commonwealth Destroyer: HMS Nubian (F36) HMS Bulldog (H91) HMCS Saguenay (D79) Light cruisers: HMS Belfast (C35) HMS Achilles (70) HMS Orion (85) HMAS Perth (D29) Heavy cruiser: HMS Exeter (68) Battlecruiser: HMS Hood (51) Aircraft carrier: HMS Ark Royal (91) Submarine: HMS Salmon (N65) Armed merchant cruiser: HMS Rawalpindi Germany Destroyer: Z1 Leberecht Maass Z10 Hans Lody Z17 Diether von Roeder Z18 Hans Lüdemann Z20 Karl Galster Light cruiser: Nürnberg Köln Heavy cruiser: Admiral Graf Spee Battlecruiser: Scharnhorst Gneisenau Submarine: U-29 French Destroyer: Le Triomphant Maillé-Brézé Verdun Light cruisers: La Motte-Picquet Heavy cruiser: Algérie Battleship: Dunkerque Aircraft carrier: Béarn Submarine: Surcouf Italy Destroyer: Espero Lampo Camicia Nera (CN) Light cruisers: D’Aosta Heavy cruiser: Pola Battleship: Conte di Cavour Submarine: Axum Soviet Union Destroyer: Voykov Leningrad Moskva Light cruisers: Profintern Heavy cruiser: Kirov Battleship: Parizhskaya Kommuna Submarine: Shch-205 "Nerpa" S-3 "Sushka" Spain Destroyer: Velasco Heavy cruiser: Canarias Turkey Battlecruiser: TCG Yavuz Netherlands Light cruisers: HNLMS De Ruyter Poland Destroyer: ORP Wicher 79 of 128+? known Belles which are in the game.
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    Both I believe since it was through PC Gamer that they announced the game. In other news. Bannerlord is released in Early Access.
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    You can't upload direct to the forum instead you need to upload it at a external file host and post the link here.
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    I added Хьюстон Direct matches: none INPF1: Almost all teams left points on the field, with Algerie and returnee Kongou as exceptions. While Kongou climbed in front of Perth and Augusta that way, Algerie wasn't so lucky and Moskva made 4 points and thus got in front of her. In the pretty broad danger zone (Kumano and below) duds were had left and right with the notable exception of returnee Lexington. She scored 3 points. I also finally applied the secondary sort of fewer matches = better, so those 3 points catapulted her right out of the relegation zone. INPF2: The top 4 Walküren all went flawless, but Hood and Exeter again scored twice. so the only hope is the cropping at the end of the season will draw them closer. I still haven't decided how to manage the vast differences in matches at the end of the season. There were also a lot of draws this matchday in the 2nd division. The whole Kriegsmarine i.e. Axum managed to use her point to push past Kaga, making the dormant Walküren now the end of the table entirely. Apart from that nothing changed at all. Still dormant Walküren: SL City, Kumano and Tenryuu in INPF 1 (3 out of 20) Kaga, Nagato, Aoba, Takao, Nevada and Kitakami in INPF 2 (6 out of 18)
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    That reminds me! because of my unintended break from the forums, I never did get this posted here!
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    I believe those first two questions were actually explained in the update... the latter is a good question though. Would a mk 14 torpedo fired by belles not have to worry about a 70% dud rate and ridiculously high chance of circular runs? On that matter, were a belle like Hood to acquire a different gun, say Nagato’s 405mm guns... would she have to rely on resupply from Japan or is she capable of hypothetically firing more easily acquired british 16” shells from the gun?
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    I added Perth and Nürnberg. Nürnberg was possibly the most excessive read so far. Just compare this with this AND that. Yeah.....good thing I could stop in 1939. Direct matches: none INPF1: CdC and Belfast won their match each and distanced themselves from Leni a bit more. The pursuers of Leni on the other hand scored accumulated 0 points and stay where they are. Perth scored again and is now firmly in the midfield, going up and Verdun at least managed to follow her this week. Everyone else is firmly asleep. INPF2: In the second league, the big event is, the Kriegsmarines return into action and starting the "big awakening" together with Dunkerque. But while Dunkerque and very surprisingly Nürnberg start with a win, AGS and Scharnhorst lose their matches (too busy with an argument about an duel?). Gneisenau manages to score at least one point. Exeter can widen the gap to Hood and P-K is now in striking distance to AGS. Axum was embolded and won two matches in a row. Catapulting her past poor Kitakami. Nürnberg also profited massively rank wise from her win. Most Walküren are now active again, the remaining have to wait at least a month to rejoin. Reactivated Walküren: AGS, Nürnberg, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst are back. Dunkerque, as well after a one matchday break.
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    That weird feeling when you listen to some country music for one of the first times in a decade or more.
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    Any chance of VB launching by May? Because if so the team will have only missed their initial deadline by three years.
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    Did you clear both Academagia catch before you did start the new game? (I personal suspect that the catch also became corrupted during your game with the familiar selection mod) Also did you run the game with the familiar selection mod with or without the official content also enabled? If I remember right familiar selection "mod" contain a dated version of the official content and you really ask for trouble if you run 2 ore more official content at the same time. (a real mod is only a few Kilobyte big while a total conversion that contain the official content is some Megabyte big)
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    I take it he's at -4 because of Bitter Hatred and you being in Morvidus as well? If so, just take it. You took the negative background, let it have a negative effect. It's not impossible to rush something to get him back to positive relationship anyway.
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    Although Philippe is bad I would try it if I want the familiar, one problem with Philippe is his familiar (2 point of dmg)! So you have to spend some actions to get him from -4 to 0 or 1 as soon as possible but with luck he not taking actions against you till that is done.
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    That'll likely be the case with the adventure as written, the problem is that I'd rather not deny such PCs access to the adventure because they chose to be a vegetarian during character creation. It's a positive background, not a negative one, so picking it should be rewarded, not punished. Present the player with an otherwise non-obstacle because they have to stick to their principles, acceptable, but outright denying them access to an adventure not so much. Of course having a separate adventure for such a PC, for one singular background, is a lot of effort spend typing and thinking. Rest assured that the full extent to which vegetarians would object to this particular adventure goes all the way to stage...13, literally to the very end of it. So that's a lot that'd have to be redone and checked.
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    The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 2: This adventure is indeed not going to comply with students who have the Vegetarian background, FYI. Of course on the one side I don't want it to be randomly unavailable, but on the other side I also don't want to write basically a second side to this adventure just to accommodate a singular background.
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    Ohh, That's more than acceptable. At least it will give us ideas and more understanding without holding you all to commiting to anything. It does mean we're getting closer to that mythical release, doesn't it? Hehe.... I still think that Rhialto is a little too optimistic and we're going to wait a while longer than next year with all that still needs to be done. ...Still, I expect that when progress finally does strike it will come sudden and unexpected.
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    Why would drinking straws need their own itemslots when there are hand, and misc itemslots?
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    according to this German "News" the wreck of the Kreuzer SMS Scharnhorst from the 1st WW was found 180km away from the Falkland Islands. (because I usually not follow this kind of news I don't know how up to date this news is, but at last it was posted only 1 day ago at this webpage) https://www.wissenschaft.de/geschichte-archaeologie/wrack-des-kreuzers-sms-scharnhorst-entdeckt/
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    New updates are Chiyoda and Gneisenau 🥰 Direct action this week: Ленинград 3-0 Москва́ ; pretty much what you'd expect when checking the table. Verdun 0-1 La Motte-Picquet ; same as above. Also you might count Conte vs. [redacted] where one of [redacted] teams kicked Contes back side quite firmly. Btw I have a very clear vision under which circumstances which team will represent [redacted]. INPF1: So yeah, Conte lost for the first time since the INPF-League started or after 19 undefeated matches. Leningrad catches up by beating her sister, which now drops out for a while. Tenryuu goes dormant in INPF-League in relative safety, but in the real world her club got relegated to J2-League as last place in J1s 2019 season. Condolences to all Tenryuu fans. Paradoxically this could boost her chances here. Chiyodas team is vice-champion and as such qualified for AFC Champions League. Omedettou!! The two French did the opposite thing: LMP won both matches and Verdun lost both matches. Köln got its match cancelled, because a local rival had a "unsuitable field".... Pola lost yet again, but Perth won, equalling in points with Pola now. INPF2: Exeter picked up speed again and won both her matches. While AGS stumbled and fell on her nose a bit. Allowing Bearn to catch up to her. And for her last seasons match, Kitakami scored a point. But now for the anticipated news..... AXUM finally joins the fray and with a win!! Congratulazione! (Okay, she lost her second match, but who cares?) Dormant teams: INPF1: Moskva left for winter break, so until March she will go into hibernation. So doe Kongou, Chiyoda and Tenryuu, but because their season ended. More teams will follow soon. There are already more teams dormant than active. INPF2: Kitakami is the only one here, bute as above, more will follow soon.
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    Off the top of my head the wiki, the easiest source is either Dirty Tricks (Finesse/Revision to get the +1 Traps) or Midnight. That or foraging at the Secret Cavern Entrance, but that's a whole mess and a half to get if you don't want to find it through ED 15 Explore...
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    Geeze, I really forgot to update teams for a while now. Have Москва́ and Парижскую коммуну Action this week was only indirect. Well... Moskva played with herself and won.... but that doesn't really count, does it? INPF1: Our most noble Conte slipped a bit this week with only 4 points in 2 matches, while Leningrad got the full 6. Belfast won, but missed one match opportunity. It was postponed until further notice. None of the bottom 3 scored, so every USN fan can take a deep breath. Remember USN Belles are dormant for a while. So it looks like the table moved, but it did not really since all movement was push down of USN Belles. INPF2: For an INPF2 it was quiet. Most notable in the upper regions AGS snuck closer to Exeter and Bearn managed to surpass Hood. Biggest surprise however was Scharnhorst getting 6 points out of two matches which shoots her up the table quite a bit. Didn't see that coming. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Axum had her first match yesterday, but the courier with the match results takes a while from East Africa, so I get the results only next week. I hope. (srsly google lists the league finally nut can't produce results younger than 48hrs) Doesn't matter. Nürnberg and Kitakami wait for her......
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    Here we go again after another national team break. In which btw all European INPF League countries and I believe even "misplaced" ships like Pola (today in Croatia) qualified for the Euro-Cup next year. Yay! (Correct me if I'm wrong) But on to the league. Direct matches: INPF1: As expected most dormant ships loose at least one position or will soon. While the top remains de facto unmoved, Belfast did not excel the best she could and Algerie looks farther back than she is, since she is also 4 matches short of the others at the top. At the bottom of the table Köln and Tenryuu managed to score for a change, so they climb a little, but everyone below Verdun is in severe danger of relegation. But then the season will only reach half time, when the other Japanese ships and their teams fall dormant in December. So all can change. INPF2: Good news: Axum should be game by now. Bad news: I might not know until December, because I found a way to follow, but they update with a small delay of a week or two... Anticipation rising. For the already competing ships ...WTF Exeter! 4 matches! You're supposed to be a third league team! And what a run! Damn.....see you then Graf Spee. Now Spee probably regrets losing Copa Libertadores to a Brasilian team double. Over all the top half of the table did quite well for themselves. The lower half not so much. Nagato and Kitakami failed to score completely. Kitakami will fight on for two matches, but with little hope. Her team will drop from J3 league to JFL, but since that's a national league and easy to follow she will also rejoin us next year. So if you like Kitakami, get out your tissues. Scharnhort dropped quite a bit, but will probably correct that soon, since she is now stuck directly behind a bunch of dormant ships. New Dormant: Nagato, Kaga, Aoba and Takao since J2 has ended. Aoba before Kaga ended up pretty much in the middle and Nagato below. Tako was nearly relegated, but they'll all stay in J2 and will come back in spring. Curiously only J2, but not J1 or J3 ended yet.
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    You get +2 from the Confidence option, the other two only give +1.
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    @Schwarzbart Thank ye for the reply. Game looks fun though I’m already struggling to figure out what to do my first go through. Already want to do all the classes! If I was a real mage trainee, my head would have exploded by now simply cause I’d have to not do some things. (Only Magic Schools do I go full Hermione Granger.) I am also aware of Y2 not being out yet via research, yes. Sad but it looks like it’s being worked on at least. Will be happy to simply enjoy what I can! Thank you again! @Legate of Mineta *bows before you* Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to enjoying the world you helped shape. @Rhialto Thank you for the link. I have read and appreciate the food for thought you’ve given. Much appreciated! Always nice to see another resident writer as well, as I’ve spied your other works too.
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    @Rhialto you also have to make sure that it not conflict with the Y2 adventure to join the summer class between Y2 and Y3. You can find my adventure writing for Y2 and some of my other ideas regarding this cave in this thread (there you also find out about the test I talked in the posting before):
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    Conventional Wisdom is that the Train action that everyone starts with is a terrible waste of time. What are better ways to improve a skill? Obviously, Sphinx, Contu's, and Iudocia represent the gold standard in skill training. The next best I found was Library of Longshade or Thoughtful Study which are a long way short of those top three. Here's what I have come up with so far and some related questions. Anyone know a more efficient way to train Natural Philosophy up to 2 to get Thoughtful Action in the early game? -Family: Graverobbers (+1 Anatomy, Archaeology, and Biology) and/or -https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Academagia:_Infirmary_Library (+1 random from each Negation/Brew/Natural Philosophy useable every other day) from completing the https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Upset_Stomach quest which you mostly want to fail because you get more skill gains that way What’s a good way to Boost Bassan to get access to Culiman's Shack? Anyone know how to unlock https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Lost_Well_of_Knowledge? Wiki claim of “with a compass” seems unlikely. Anyone brave enough to check and see how https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Question_Knowledge_(Action) really works? Wiki claims you lose 1 random skill level in exchange for 5 steps in a chosen skill which is so terrible I have a hard time believing someone actually spent the time to code it. Are there any good ways to raise zoology besides taking the class? You need zoology to be able to train your familiar to not be totally useless. Efficient training 4 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Esteban_Contu%27s_School_of_Incantation - all incantation subskills, unlocked by Incantation - Theory of Incantation 1 and paying 900 pims https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Palace:_Emperor_Sphinx%27s_Room extensively consult with the sphinx - 1 chosen, 2 random, 1 malice - unlocked by several ways, including Filing 9 or Library Knowledge 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Temple_of_Iudocia - -5pims, 1 piety, 1 prayer, 1 oratory, 1 theology - unlocked by Theology 1 or take History: Descended From Heroes at chargen then Work the Looms (niche but easiest way to unlock cleanse and remake spam) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Godina_Park:_The_Crystal_Bridge (weaker than it looks since most characters will have several of these maxed as classes or through Esteban Contu’s) - 1 astrology, 1 Glamour, 1 Incantation, 1 Negation, 1 Revision - unlocked by History - The History of Magic or by buying https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/A_Guide_to_Statues_from_the_Early_Empire_(Item) for 250pims from https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Haejar_Enthifal_Cortath,_Pages_19-22_(Shop) which is unlocked by History - The Early Empire 1 which makes this a nice way to cover the most commonly used magic skills for early game 3 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Palace:_Emperor_Sphinx%27s_Room Match Wits with the Emperor Sphinx - 1 chosen, 2 random - unlocked by several ways, including Filing 9 or Library Knowledge 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_Longshade Study at the Library of Longshade - 1 chosen, 1 random, 1 concentration - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 3 & Insight/Filing Roll v. 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Culiman%27s_Shack - 3 random - unlocked by Language - Bassan 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Venalicium_Library:_Linguistic_Section - 1 Library Knowledge, 2 random languages - unlocked by language parent skill 1 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Lost_Well_of_Knowledge 1 forms, 1 language subskill, 1 random - unlocked by ? https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Stenephan_Pastis%27_Court:_Observation_Galley - 1 wit, 1 law subskill, 1 random - unlocked by Law - Civil Law 1 (situational but wit is a good skill) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_Manetele Study at the Library of Manetele - 1 chosen, 1 forge subskill, 1 revision subskill (most characters will probably take revision as a class so maybe this should be in the 2 skill step category) - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 9 2 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Thoughtful_Study_(Action) - 1 chosen, 1 random - unlocked by Natural Philosophy 2 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Extrapolation_of_Evidence_(Ability) 1 observation, 2 random but Insight/Sleuthing Rolls v. 6 and 13 respectively - unlocked by Dialectic - Study Level 8 (need observation a lot and sleuthing isn’t bad but that second roll is really high so it’s more like 2 skill gains when its useful) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Work_Until_You_Drop_%28Action%29 - 1 chosen, 1 test taking, 1 study, +1 stress. This is roughly comparable to the Venalicium, depending on how you rate stress and relationship points, but requires a background to unlock https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_the_Mantle_of_Stars - Study at the Library of the Mantle of Stars - 1 chosen, 1 Astrology subskill by 2 - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 6 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Impart_Understanding_(Spell) 1 chosen, 1 glamour methods, also increases all clique members by 1 step for chosen - unlocked by Calligraphy - Illustration 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/From_Nothing,_Knowledge_(Spell) 2 random - Incantation - Incantation Methods 10 1 skill step or equivalent Train - 1 chosen - start with this Joie de Vivre - 1 random - start with this https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Filing_Fugue_(Action) - 1 research subskill, +10 pims, -1 stress or 1 random - unlocked by https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Club! Study skills Zoe Mellis Clique ability - +2 chosen study, 1 chosen (2 steps), 1/week https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Venalicium_Library - Study at the Venalicium, 1 chosen study, 1 Research subskill, 1 Relationship (stronger than it looks since you want the research subskills anyways)- unlocked at start https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Judge_the_Instructor%27s_Taste_(Ability) - 1 study, 2 random from Wit/Flattery/Storytelling/Syntax/Dispassion/Playfulness but needs a nsight/Character Study roll v. 5 - unlocked by test taking 2. Probably not worth it unless you have all the libraries unlocked (main thing you need research skill for) Bunch of actions locked behind high test taking subskill and so useless
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    I'd say +2, maybe +1 and +1 Poisons (describe it as Pelia unintentionally teaching that through "here's how you don't do this process, or else you end up with this" if necessary) since Poisons is such a hard skill to learn relative to Alchemical Tools/Analyse/Chemistry. Of course who knows whether that'll still be the case in Y2, certainly not me .
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    If anyone noted, there was a break in the calendar, so I could rest a week. 🤔 But I could start a INPF nations ranking..... or not. Direct matches this week were: Augusta 1-0 Lexington (no Deja Vu, but the Yanks have started their playoff phase and by coincidence Augusta and Lex had the last conference match and the first play-off match against each other. Since its a one leg pla-off, LEX is done for this year.) Nagato 1-0 Aoba I added Algérie and Scharnhorst in the club descriptions. INPF1 La bella d'Italia cruises on at the top, while beneath her, Belfast made a three victory in a row stroke and forced her way back on second. Forced, because she has one match more than the Ladys around her and in theory even Augusta, Kongou and Algérie can get past her. For the same reasons Lexi is out for now, some of the Northern American Walküren didn't gain anything. Their league finishes off and they're done until the new season starts in February again. So US fans need a bit of nerves since their Ladys will be falling a bit soon. I predict none of them will be Winter champion. The most "busy" Walküren were Köln and Kumano, our women team ships. Köln lost two consecutive matches and Kumano won two consecutive matches. Which sent Köln down quite a bit, but Kumano into a very safe place from her perilousstate last week. Oh and Perth scored for the first time. INPF2 Arizona let AGS come even closer and Exeter forced herself right behind the two. It mirrors a it Belfasts tour de force with the same problem. The only other ship keeping contact to the leading group is Bearn, because Hood had a terrible time with two lost matches. Other big losers are Canarias, she lost the most places and Kitakami also gained zero out of two matches and remains on the last place with actual matches. Axum gets until November, if she has no matches by November 15th I can find, she's out for now.
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    n my opinion, Canadians have a better chance of appearing in Azur Lane. You had a larger fleet than the Indians and Australians and New Zealanders. The Polish navy will appear probably the last in the game. Many times the Polish Navy cooperated with the Canadian Navy during World War II.
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    I would assume her spying device isn't strictly necessary to complete her Y2 adventure, otherwise how could non-Y1 import characters acquire it?
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    So I was going through the skill list in the mod tools and encountered this among the unnamed DELETE skills: Is that still a thing, or has that been removed both from the game and the setting?
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    Excellent! Happy to hear you guys had a nice read. Something simple like that goes a long way to the point I'm now hyped up again & proud to be Canadian again. Need more of that, thanks! Hope any lurking Canadians feel warm and fuzzy. They're out there, just need to be tuned into the right frequency. Just seeing that kind gesture made me so happy!~ Happy, just like that song. Well, that actually went amusingly well from the looks of things. Haven't seen any mention of Canadians on the Azur Lane Subreddit which makes me sad. I kept refreshing every few hours just to see if anybody noticed it. Nope! Canadians are forgotten & overlooked, unless on Twitter & from myself. I had a nice laugh. I was about to get outright triggered to instead gain a nice chuckle. THIS TWEET nearly had me boiling.... Why? They were about to release USN skins for July 4th while missing an golden opportunity to give Foxhound & Fortune some Canadian themed skin in some manner. Instead, I'm seeing Americans being triggered so that has me laughing. Irony here, irony there..... Games have been known in adding festive aesthetics & appearances to make them semi-themed to what they're selling, yet not quite. Seen a lot of semi-false advertising on PSN stores that I'm somewhat immune to this. Someone PLEASE take advantage of the next July 1st..... I don't care who..... Azur Lane, Victory Belles,.... Maybe even the declining 'KanColle'.... This is fun to observe. ---------- Also, Happy Independence Day! Be safe and use common sense when celebrating! Americans tend to be wild so do stay safe.
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    My favorite of the colleges is probably Aranaz, mostly for roleplaying reasons. Also, Aranaz has some really interesting characters in it. To be fair, I don’t usually do the college specific adventures, so I don’t have much to say on that front.
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    For reference The Quest for the Tipsy Fairy mentions that Acting Regent Valeria Kratz, Professor Badcrumble's predecessor, is famous for trying to "bring back" corporal punishment. If it's still practised than it'd have to at least be an exception, rather than a rule.
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    While not exactly relevant to the update itself, when I looked up USS Panay, I also found the actual island of Panay, and with it I found something rather uncanny. This is the island of Panay: Now, compare its general shape to... this: Coincidence? I THINK NOT SO!!!!
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    think there 1 or 2 more exotic familiar where because the adventure start at the intro it can't be done when you get the familiar later in the game. (To lazy to look in the mod tools right now who they are)
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    Does that mean Y2 will definitely release before 2025? Free, you might be able to add to your old sig again .
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    Quoting wikipedia there... That's effectively 14 years. So the Team still has a little time to burn, yet, if they're trying to go for a record...
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    @Rhialto as far I can see you can register also without a Social Media account but still $19.99 ahead payment when they not even post a screenshot about the game on their own webpage leave a very bad taste.
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    I would like to point out that Sima is a surname in Chinese, so this is likely a more Sanskrit or Persian naming used as a first name. "Sima Yi" is "Sima Yi" in Dynasty Warrior or misc. Three Kingdoms game because those games usually follow the surname, first name format, the norm of Chinese -- if people were to have English name, we will make it like "Daniel Sima Yi" or with a two characters Chinese first name with spacing between them, is something like "Janice Sima Yi Xing". Ironically, the Sima family is more famous as the late emerging force(who raised from inside the infamous Wei and successfully coup-ed against the Cao family) and eventual winner of the Three Kingdoms era than the War of the Eight Princes and latter stuffs. I used to absolutely hate them because I was a Shu fanboy in my youth.
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    https://rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/lets-play-scroll-of-taiwu-again.126902/ I found it.
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    This is more self-promotion from me. If anyone wants to see what's Scroll of Taiwu is about, I have started a let's play on rpgcodex just a few days ago. Feel free to read (and vote) if you are interested in the game.
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    A surprising number of people in Europe seem to know this one: What is heaven? What is hell?
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    Why do italian tanks have a rear view mirror? Ich wollte grad einen guten Russenwitz erzählen, aber jemand Stalingrad. - German joke with wordplay on how Stalingrad sounds in german. Der Führer war ein armes Schwein, er hatte keinen Führerschein. The Führer was a poor pig, he had no driving license. (obvious wordplay I guess and true.) A long one hides here:
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