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  1. Now, see, I think that dragons are potentially useful allies if properly taught. They just need to learn to obey their...Master.
  2. A little diplomacy will ensure that it has proper windows at least. Besides, adversity builds character (and skills).
  3. I see that Avila gets little love. That's something of a surprise: after all, with Astrology, we always succeed at anything we attempt.
  4. Ah. Still, point stands. That third lock of theirs is a pain in the Botany.
  5. It's pretty easy to take the top rank if you just...take control. Make your collegemates...obey their Master.
  6. I figure Vernin is so common because of the Merit race. I mean, anyone can bring their college up to speed on Merit with enough Mastery targeted towards an expendable member, but... Also, it's a solid college classes-wise - Enchant is up there with Negation in importance. Godina and Morvidus are probably popular (especially among those who aren't initiated into the deep secrets and who play the game the way it was meant to be played ) for RP reasons - Godina is the college for warrior heroes and Morvidus for nature lovers and healers. I can't complain, since I tend to pick Avila ultimately for just that reason. And Durand probably falls because it's a three-lock and because one of its locks is Botany (eww). It also doesn't have as obvious a theme as the other colleges (though there's an internal logic to it). And there isn't a Courage and Hope skill yet.
  7. I try to take the early lead so that the rest of my college is encouraged to strive a bit. Also, during exam months I'm always skipping classes (yeah, so I get a detention or two, skipping exam month classes is worth it), so I often have a bit of free time to work on my college's honor. Finally, later on, through means known to the initiate, I often ensure that my college has at least one individual tirelessly working for the good of everyone. (Even though I'm usually an Avila. "Tyranny Shall Not Prosper," my foot.)
  8. Out of curiosity (since my main is an Avila), what kind of special stuff (like Morvidus' Advanced Familiar Handling) can Avila students look forward to in Year 2? You've already given us some info on another college, so no hiding this one!
  9. Nice. That brings up another question. Are there any spells which exist solely to be pheme platforms, without any raw effect of their own?
  10. 1: In Year 2, will the use of Forbidden Magic in a duel be blatantly obvious? ("No, I didn't cast any Gates magic, that Blood Tarantula just dropped on Philipe all by itself! I'm sure it's just a coincidence that a massive blast of Indiscriminate phemes levelled half the arena at the same time!") 2: Will the dueling geas prevent the opponent, once defeated, from reporting the use of forbidden magic to the regents? 3: Regarding the Indiscriminate pheme: What form does its expression (the damaging effect on the individual and the hapless passerby) take? 4: How easily can the secondary victim figure out what happened and who's responsible? 5: Are there any particular social rules or Regent attitudes towards tossing the pheme into your spells, or do people mostly only care if it soaks them?
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