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  1. @zelefis - Oh that is toooo funny, I thought I looked and didn't even see your post! It's packed. That makes instructions I saw about "unzip it" make a whoooooole lot more sense... Oh, and @wiz650: my computer is old... and slow... and needs to go to work with me each day, thought it'd take me a couple to publish a mod. Official content or nothing, for me! Followup: Quest Complete! Installed 7zip and sure enough, it's unpackable! Now I found out that you can only choose one negative background option (I tried to give back lots of points for two of them and wanted to try both). But I can fix that! Thanks again for your quick answer
  2. I've tried publishing a mod as Official Content so I can test it after only one day rather than two or three, but the Background won't show up. (It also won't show up as a selectable mod, in case it should!) Here's my steps: 1. Opened the Mod Tool 2. Open Mod: AcademagiaModBase2.amm 3. Rename under Properties, Make Mod Changes 4. Close the Mod Tool, Re-Open 5. Transform Mod to Official Content (Saved as AcademagiaModBase2.amo) 6. Close the Mod Tool, Re-Open 7. Publish Official Content (Saved as Academagia.odm) 8. Copy Academagia.odm to OfficialContent folder 9. Boot up Academagia to start testing, but no new Mod in the list and the new Background isn't showing up (Did not select any mods) 10. Copy Academagia.odm to Mods folder 11. Boot up Academagia to start testing, but no new Mod in the list and the new Background isn't showing up
  3. Fabulous, thank you! Another reason to look forward to DC5...
  4. I remember reading that y'all were planning to repost the mod AMO in January. Do you happen to have a planned target date you hope to get that out around? I'm anxious to play with the tool but that's the one piece I can't get! Thanks
  5. Oh gosh no, I mean my savegame! It can be many seconds to finish processing a day but not too bad.
  6. Oh no, the load times is a filesize issue. It's merely that tracking and recording more data results in a larger file, so I'm trying to think of ways to maybe reduce the data stored. Great news on the display options! I've started to do quick skims or just ignore bits of info...
  7. Just an off the top of my head idea... For some reason, my system starts having a problem with my load times getting ridiculously longer as a game goes on. (I assume it's because I'm on Vista and just live with it.) However, I realized that it is much longer in games where I like to have a huge clique (like 11 members). I just did a test game doing nothing but rest and go to class up through the Hunt, and with only one friend it took 3 1/2 minutes to load, vs 5 minutes for an active game with 10 friends at the same date. I think the filesize is exploding because of all the extra space taken up by tracking their actions every day. I don't know if there's a way to opt to not see the details and just streamline the adjustments to the characters' stats, but if so, that would help!
  8. I saw somewhere that a bug with the wedding feast difficulties was fixed, so please take a look at the rest of Pamela's arc. I went to the Vengeance adventure (typo'd as Vengence) with after training Practical Jokes to 10, using Looks Over Substance to roll 10s on Incantation, and Patrol ability to have a 10. Only the Practical Jokes option was red while the others were purple. So I sacrificed a friend to "pass" that one and the next "Studying." had red Awareness and purple Passion as the options. Sacrificed a friend for that one and up came another "Studying.", but this time had a purple Passion and purple Awareness options -- same items but in reversed order and a harder Awareness. Sacrificed a friend for that one and the exact same duplicated mission kept coming up ad nauseum. (I had 9 friends so it went on for a while)
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