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  1. That did it. Thank you so much for your help. FYI - I did have a Cache directory. Runs fine now. I'll make sure I check that the next time I patch and have this problem. You probably should recommend that your devs put together a patch program to clean up all these files as part of your updates that come down with Impulse too since I'm sure that this problem will happen in a future DLC.
  2. Yes, I removed each file from the program directory as directed. And yes, I have no problem playing the game if I don't try to load the DLC. It crashes immediately when I try to load the DLC (after I check it and click on the next button). I have also tried to uninstalled and reinstalled the game straight from Impulse too. The new version downloaded from Impulse has the same problem if I try to run it.
  3. I followed all those steps. I removed each file and directory in the patch. I then moved the files and directory from the patch directly into the program directory. Runs fine w/o the DLC. Crashes immediately with those two errors when I try to load the DLC under Windows 7 64-bit. I got the program off of Impulse and it is installed in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Indie Games\Academagia - The Making of Mages". I looked for a log file in the C: drive. None was created. I even took the step of re-enabling UAC (which I hate and disable immediately), rebooted my computer and started the game again. It doesn't appear to be an elevation problem since I get no elevation prompts (and I had UAC disabled to start with).
  4. I've just tried the latest DLC and it won't load under Windows 7 64-bit. The normal content loads and runs, but the DLC won't load. I've made the application 'Run As Administrator' and I've right clicked and run it was administrator. If I try to load the DLC Hope's Shield Endures, I get two application crash popups: System error occured. Application will be terminated. One after the other, then it application closes down. I have been able to load DLC's in the past, so I don't know what changed after the patches. I haven't played in a bit, but wanted to try the new content and can not.
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