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  1. Blind Gardener

    Published and lost

    Ah, I see. This happened because I shrunk the modtools window into my toolbar to hide it from view.
  2. Blind Gardener

    Select your famaliar mod

    Well, which five or so would you recommend?
  3. Blind Gardener

    Select your famaliar mod

    Does anyone want a mod wherein the familiars can be selected instead of acquired randomly? I plan to make one.
  4. Blind Gardener

    Cheat Mod

    Looking through the modtools I discover that the research action doesn't accept values. How did you manage to get it to perform 10 steps of research in one fell swoop?!
  5. Blind Gardener

    Published and lost

    So I built myself a quick little mod (A version of the cheat mod that fitted my needs better, no offence to the creator of the cheat mod) and I hit the publish button, and Acedemagia modtool said I successfully published when I checked it in the morning, but I cannot find the published file anywhere. This is rather confusing to me.
  6. Blind Gardener

    Cheat Mod

    I know this is going to sound greedy, but it it possible to get a multiple adventures cheat? (I vaguely recall creating my own cheat mod once with multiple adventures, but I cannot find it, and I had found it unsatisfactory due to the lack of options:cheating for adventures, cheating for events, a 6x study and a 6x sub-skill increaser both of which made things go up by 1 only because I was scared of breaking the game if I made things go up more then that, and no researcher since I didn't know research existed then. Also nothing to affect my familiar.) And possibly one with an event-forcer that forces you to experience an event? For the record: Events are called by "Invoke" "Event: Random event" or "Invoke" "Adventure: Choice of adventure" "Target: Player" Also, in theory it would only take about 45 min to upload the file in, say, starbucks or some internet cafe I think? << Is not sure
  7. Blind Gardener

    Modtool Slowness

    Just curious here but... what is your big O efficiency for mod-tools? Would it be possible to build a version that 'flags' new or changed entries while you work, and only checks them and their references for inconsistencies and differences in order to publish them?
  8. Blind Gardener


    I've been looking through the mod base file, and I have been surprised to see that in many of the "Familiar training" and "Familiar escapade" the target is missing from the expansion orders for some of the sub-entries. This is also true in one of the Heretage ones, under the subclause of "Expand Romance" Is this normal/fine? How does it know what target to asign it to if the target is empty? Or is this related to the "Default" check?
  9. Blind Gardener

    Mod Tools Now Available

    The rapid share links did not work for me... could you maybe mirror them in megaupload? Thanks!