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  1. Any word from them? It's been a month.
  2. that is all
  3. or can i only buy his healing kits once and then he's out of stock for the rest of act 2
  4. its not actually a big HASSLE to draw one up by hand, but i was wondering if there was a sweet official one that just hasnt been released with the book and combat table or something
  5. What does the stuff like the bars of gold or umbral steel actually do? Am I just missing where they're referenced in the supplemental materials or do they come into play in certain adventures?
  6. My suggestion is to hurry and release the full version with the app already!!! It's frustrating me because I just finished ACt 1 and it was super cool, but I'm worried that if I start Act 2 i'll spoil myself for the full book........
  7. edit: nm i just missed it
  8. I think the big one is the combat results table goes from 0-9. I haven't noticed any places besides that where a d10 seems to start at 0, but given how frequently I refer to it it had a disproportionate effect on me.
  9. This question is only tangentially about the combat rules. Sometimes it is clear that when I roll a d10 the range of results is 0-9 rather than 1-10. But it is not made explicit if this is always true. What about for starting copper, skill, or defense calculations? What if I roll a 0 (or a 10) on a d10 combat boon or something like that?
  10. The formatting of the Wardstone is not clear. Does Guard 4 (1) mean it is a consumable item that gives Guard 4 for one round, that it's a repeatable-use item that gives Guard 4 for 1 round whenever used, that it can only be used once per combat, what?
  11. Okay, I have another question now. If I have a non-weapon piece of equipment that has an Attack, Defense, Maneuver, or Gambit effect, do I get the effect in lieu of my weapon's effect or in addition to it when I get that roll on the table?
  12. 1) If I am wielding two weapons - like, say, Thumper and Thurvik - do I apply the Attack, Guard, Maneuver, Defense, Gambit results for EACH of them, or just to one of them? So like as a barehander does Attack give me +3 damage or just +1 or +2, and do I have to decide whcih weapon I'm leading with before the round starts? 2) Do I apply the base damage results like -6/-2 in addition to the result on the table for each round? How does this work with Special Action results that might increase or decrease my initiative?
  13. He probably means Thought Pheme, lol.
  14. Did Dream of Family but only got my dream up to 94... argh I wonder what I missed by not getting it to 100. Wonder if I should do Roland or Ahmose next. Are there any capers pre-meeting Ahmose or Roland that I need to be sure to do to get in good with them?
  15. In I got a crash bug when attempting and failing to use Strength to take away the gun from Zul's man in the adventure about cappadocia.