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  1. Hopefully it gets fixed with the next driver release I play lots of renpy games.
  2. hild

    Larger font size

    I was wondering if it was possible to play academagia with the larger font size option since that option helps immensely on surface pro tablets?
  3. I found the issue apparently the Intel drivers released in march causes renpy game problems. I found this out by checking event viewer and finding the problematic file which was the OPENGL32.DLL. . So after rolling back my video drivers Scheherezade worked again.
  4. It may be something with ren'py games since I noticed 7 grand steps was not working on the machine either and it was working earlier so I will try some things out and see whats going on.
  5. I am trying to play the game with a surface pro and whenever I start the game I receive a runtime error.
  6. I actually voted for that game before I knew black chicken made it, now I know I am more excited for the game.
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