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  1. It's currently broken. We have no idea if it's going to be viable to fix it or we just wont be able to mod Academagia 1 until Academagia 2.
  2. Tried to open the new modbase, get this popup: https://imgur.com/a/8VbtZ Clicking yes does nothing. Help!
  3. So uh, well at least Avila has some neat college mates. I think Aaran was probably the best of the new additions, at least that's my opinion.
  4. Please don't bring your moronic political views onto this nice forum for a wizard spreadsheet simulator.
  5. It's worth noting the numbers are a bit different now. Vernin 3.1% Morvidus 2.4% Godina 2.1% Avila/Hedi 1.8% Aranaz 1.6% Durand 1.5% Academagia has sold about 6000 copies on steam, so by these current numbers we're talking like 186 people finishing a game as a Vernin compared to about 90 finishing a game with Durand. Given that people often like to do multiple playthroughs with different colleges we can't REALLY take too much from these relatively small margins.
  6. I don't really get why you would want to make a bad copy of a game you like in the engine of an almost completely unrelated game anyway. You already have the game you like.
  7. How come Flore isn't taking revision if she's already good enough to turn a hairbrush into a scorpion? (And, indeed, starts with a bunch of levels in it).
  8. It's a little purple? The rest of the game is written much more casually, probably best to target your writing in that direction.
  9. Inshallah.
  10. I think it's kind of interesting how it gets framed, in terms of the percentage. I ended up travelling a couple of hours to get to 100%. Previously I had been convinced that 92% would be "good enough". But the percentage really only describes the degree of occlusion and not the quality of the experience. From what I can tell, a 99% eclipse is really only about 10% as good. All of the really good stuff happens when the sun is totally obscured.
  11. The 100% version of the eclipse was unspeakably beautiful. I really don't think there's any comparison at all between the admittedly impressive shadow over the sun you can see with glasses and the unobstructed view at totality. The cold, white ring of fire and petal-like aura were awesome in the traditional sense of the word, they inspired awe. You come away a little shaken I think. I know I'm waxing rhapsodic but it really was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced.
  12. Oh dang, that's a lot more than I thought there would be.
  13. Mineta is kind of like Rome without the benefit of the Catholic church though, an influential little rump state with considerable international prestige but probably very little practical political clout. I very, very much doubt that the outlying Elumian states pay any sort of tribute to Mineta. My guess would be that it's like early modern Europe and most large states are just starting to get into the business of maintaining permanent ambassadorial staff in each other's countries. I would imagine for reasons of prestige almost all of them at least try to send some kind of representative to Mineta. I think Free is right that sending embassies to others would probably be below Mineta's Imperial dignity, but I think they'd probably do it anyway, at least to important states and close neighbours. In our world Hapsburg Austria and the Papal States maintained relations with other countries after all. You need to keep an eye on people. As to the empire retaking its former territory, well... there's a difference between wanting something and being able to do something. It seems difficult to believe that even if a new emperor was appointed, unless there was a truly catastrophic event to unite everyone behind them, that the empire will ever be its former size. Meril is supposedly on the rise, no? What do you think would happen if someone from outside Meril tried to put a pretender on the imperial throne. How would the Meriliens react to this challenge to their growing power?
  14. In fact, that actually brings to mind an area where I don't think there's a character claiming dibs yet (?). You could rework her into a fierce lawyer-in-training type, standing up for the rights of accused students and generally making a nuisance of herself to the professors.