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  1. Thank you. That will help.
  2. It's those effects that I am looking for. I just want to have a spell be succesful at the same time as it does nothing. I would modify one of those unreported variable by 0, or something similar. I have no issue with the normal reporting or do I want to hide something, I just want to not have a line saying 'X increased money by 0' or another such thing.
  3. A question to the Devs and the modders out there: Is there / What are the actions/events that do not show their results in the history/results ? I'm trying for my mod to have a spell that succesfully does nothing, but it keeps saying it failed... Any way around that ?
  4. Given what I read on the relevant topics, I understand that the latest Mod Base will not be available until after the Secret Project, but would it be possible to have the AMO avaiable. I promise to make a torrent available with it if bandwith becomes an issue. I did search before asking here, and while I managed to find the tool and Mod Base 3, the AMO remains unavailable everywhere, and I have a nifty idea for a Mod I've been basically salivating to try out. Thanks in advance, Seraviel
  5. Seraviel

    Testing Duels

    I've been trying out duels (I'm up to my at least seventh duel vs Vettor Conta) and I found out a few bugs which make the whole thing incredibly frustating. 1) As already said in the forums, the back button doesn't work, which is deadly if you ever find out that you can cast Reviving Wellness only on your opponent. 2) Spell limits : It seems all spells can only be cast once by the player (and not by the opponent). Example: Vettor managed to get me in a duel 3 times with Minor Bends (-3 to finesse !) while I can't manage to cast it more than once. 3) adding phemes doesn't work. I've tried adding them both defensively (Linked to the above case : getting my finesse back up) and offensively (Increasing my damage, since Vettor has a good 14 vitality, and can even boost that to 16). The options shows but they have no effect, even though it is written that they did. 4) Pace. Pace Pace. Salute. Unintuitive. I got killed in my first try just because I didn't know that and could get any options to come up. 5) A suggestion... Add a category for duel spells. I've had to got through 30+ spells just to find out which spells I could use (After, of course, finding out in the middle of a duel that I couldn't do a specific spell). 6) Second suggestion : More Duel spells. I've gone over a few spells that in all logic should be avaiable for duels... and aren't. There's an astrology spell that give a bonus to all actions against a specific character, and it would have been a great help. Note : Client v1.6.8.0, Publisher v0.63.3.0, Content 1.0 I'm testing duels right now, so if you have things you'd like me to test, just drop a line. Thank you for the game, Seraviel
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