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  1. I guess there should be write letters, skills, where the first most basic skill allows you to write one letter, where as the more advanced sones that might requier you to have certain skills might allow you to write two or three letters... Perhaps wit a rhetoric roll or something for the third one... or fourth.. While it helps if a letter is person it also helps you write the next telling them about the same things you've been doing by just writing pretty much the same thing on all the letter just adjusting it slightly to fit the recipient, adding a personal touch to the letter.. Journalism could also be a good skill for writing letters quickly and telling/informing people about things. And one that the school doesn't really reward... Seeing as that's the case, maybe it should have a really nice letter writing skill. Maybe an adventure or event, or a special day during your summer on which it's traditional to send letters to lovedones and friends who can't be there with you... Maybe put your familiar to work helping you add that extra thoughtful touch to each letter while you work on the next one... Assuming your familiar got an appropriate skill to give it an extra flourish, otherwise it might endup a disaster. Dissasters can also be fun.
  2. Also, I noticed that you could spend stress points on different actions. I'm not sure what effect that's supposed to have, is it supposed to increase the likelyhood of success or the power of the action. For example, burning stresspoints on studying or training skills doesn't seem to increase the payout. So, what's it supposed to do? What's the point of spending stresspoints while Researching? Does that really work as intended or is it broken?
  3. If it's that imporant in Year 2.... could we then break things for year 2 by researching lvl 10 on an important topic in year 1? Is it dangerous to research your favrite topics in advance?(year 1) Secondly.. Will research knowledge in some cases be needed rather than pure skill in something? Researching/having researched the background and previous generations experience in something, could possibly help you decipher a situation or find and help you recognize a certain ritual reference or something else. Perhaps you find some enchanted stones with ancient writing. Having researched Gates"something" might help you recognise what they are allowing you to proceed directly rather than canceling your adventure to put in some extra research at the school library's or ask for help. thirdly Possibly gaining additional research levels from adventures where you learn new useful stuff and lore.
  4. Eagerly awaiting Y2!
  5. I would like there to be challenges associated with the classes, or sometimes tutoring, with a mixture of results. Perhaps some experimentation depending on what the Professor had planned for the day. Where you can earn academic points in lab/demo sessions, friendship points in others, or learn something new on another subject, perhaps get an idea for out of class research or adventures. Perhaps allow you to use your skills in class to "accomplish" or fail whatever your goal is. It would probably take a lot of work to make classes more interesting and interactive. Perhaps choose how your character spends the time, excel, study, sneak about, bully, prank, make friends etz...
  6. In some cases it's put on a timeslot or initiated by having an adventure.... I think there were a few associated with triggering the right adventure... (Unless I'm completely wrong) I remember pursuing a few of those duels just for the sake of trying to test them. I'm looking forward to the year 2 duel system which is supposedly improved and made more interesting as more of an integral part of the game... From how I understood the description. I really want to see year 2.
  7. It's a different name, you could see it as a homage to other great fantasy settings, but with a twist of it's own. It's not the same name, they wont be all the same and it's only inspired by. Being inspired by something isn't illegal, people draw inspiration from everywhere in the real world and literature all the time. That's also what entertainment and books are supposed to do, entertain and inspire people.
  8. I think the Legate explained that the language skill where we start getting skills is on a slightly higher level than that of kids who learned the basics. That said I agree that being from a place should give you at least a few skill points in that language. The study of language can be about dialects, accents, historical changes to the language and knowledge of older version for reading books written in older forms of a language. Some of the books and other things you find are centuries old. Not even the professors are fluent with a deep understanding of all the major languages. Sometimes they have things translated for them when their personal skills arn't enough. Some of our students will be nearly godlike in their broad knowledge of all things scholarly compared to the average NPC students that mostly focus on stumbling through school trying to survive their classes and certain personal pet projects and interests. Then again, those super students of ours, are the product of going through the first year over and over again until we learn how to maximise our first year and become the best we could possibly become. Our students eventually become like the main protagonist of "Edge of tomorrow" repeating the same cycle of time till we perfect our course and accomplish the impossible. Just imagine if that keeps up for 5 years, eventually we will have one of the greatest wizards of all time, especially after they spend a few years in the real world gaining experience on top of a maximised academic education in magic.
  9. Half the adventure for me was findign all the stuff and figuring out what you could do and deciding on what I want to do. There are so many ways to improve your playthroughs if you start looking for minmaxing of skills stats and adventures.
  10. I believe Year 2 is well on the way. They've been working on it quite a while now, can't know for sure though But at least Year 1 eventually hit steam so Year 2 might make it there eventually
  11. I think Control + rolling the scroll wheel changes the text size, least it used to in the old UI I think.
  12. Y1 is out on steam Letting friends know I hope Y2 won't take too long now
  13. Year 1 replays and then the wait for Year 2 to get ready for beta and release... Eagerly awaiting any news on Y2
  14. I've backed 3 projects. Star citizen got the most of it, I do want to play a game like that if it all comes together. Otherwise, I can't say I'm big on charity.
  15. That's the thing about Kickstarters and venture capital, you never know what you get. But one thing is almost always certain, there will be delays, often lots of them. And ofcourse, a known product is always the safest investment. The thing about Kickstarter projects is that you can consider them more of a charity to help "people" or a project that might meen a lot to you. But you arn't entitled to a good payout if it succeeds unlike other investment forms where you might get a split of the potential profit or even company.