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  1. BeautyPoo

    How many copies did Academagia sell?

    Academagia MMO remind me of Wizard 101...
  2. BeautyPoo

    The Ars Magica: Years of Conquest Kickstarter!

    OMG Ars Magica!!!! Really too bad I am financially struggling 2 much to join the kickstarter in time and I despaired,then I remember I can actually buy the game after it comes out when I am in a less sticky situation!
  3. BeautyPoo


    This is weird........ Self-Mastery sounds too Zen for this lol
  4. BeautyPoo

    The Old Man

    You know the recipe can might be useful in years future like if we got hit by some aging spell
  5. BeautyPoo

    ~ Suggestions & Improvement ~

    Is Giars a vegan-vegetarian or the vanilla kind?
  6. BeautyPoo

    how to unlock Rally

    As topic...Two "years" and I still not seen the subskill! How to unlock it?
  7. BeautyPoo

    How to deal with a BIG cat

    I am not fully sure but there is a Sasha familiar in the game already,maybe you can give the tiger another name or make it unnamed to avoid confusion
  8. BeautyPoo

    Need a way to discover and grind Wit

    Alice's Tavern is unlocked by School Survivl 1,eating a meal cost 10 pims and give a step to Wit
  9. BeautyPoo

    A few in game questions

    How is Academagia viewed by other schools?Any particular rival schools actually?>
  10. BeautyPoo

    Induce Constipation

    This spell must be dedicated to me!?
  11. BeautyPoo

    A few in game questions

    I know I know! Because the instructor look very harmless.Like the one that teach incantation! And then everyone assume the whole school is like that!
  12. BeautyPoo

    The hassle of the year 1654 (part 1)

    I have not played enough of the game 2 tell if anythings wrong.Mage-ninja is a bit weird. A good read regardless!(I don't mean so bad it's good kind of good!)
  13. BeautyPoo

    Craziest student

    Who can be thought of as the most insane student? I just got the DLC and decide to delete my current save and start a new student! And I am trying to find a insane to be in same clique with my super-average-sane new character:)
  14. BeautyPoo

    Imperial market, year 2 suggestion

    I agree! Playing Romance of the 3 Kingdoms have this problem too,it take a whole day just to "exit" or "enter" a city,and then entering your home take another day lol,even if its only a problem favour-wise! It is a bigger problem in this game though,because time is more precious in this game!I have 90 years to spend in RoTK,1 year in Academagia,but RoTK cost 1 day to shop and Academagia 1/3 day to shop! Although shopping is rare and not so important in Academagia!
  15. BeautyPoo

    Forbidden Magic

    The word spectacular keep makes me replace it with "flashy" in my mind^o^! Like some additional sparkle & fireworks that do none added to negation vs Mastery