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  1. Hello. I purchased Academgia quite some time ago and I am still finding it quite addictive. I must've completed the year five or six times! I try to roleplay my character, but I can't be mean to others and I usually end up focusing on Negation, Enchantment and Incantation. And Comet's Tail. I would also like to thank the developers, most notably Legate of Mineta, for interacting and supporting the community on a consistent basis. In the same vein, thank you for releasing free downloadable content in addition to patches. I have also seen some of the events and stories created by the various members which are of an extremely high standard. I wish I had the ability for that amount creativity and to have the capability to structure sentences to that standard. All of these aspects of the forum convinced me to join, although I'm not certain how much I'll be able to contribute. Finally, I'm sure this has been said tonnes of times, but I'm really looking forward to Year 2.
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