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  1. I don't like spend extra points to keep background we picked to remain functional,that's very very annoying!And it turns these family background to trap options!
  2. What do you mean by control? I thought you can only control yourself?
  3. Aranaz and Vernin always win the merit race because of how NPC works a lot for merits.My character is in Aranaz so it is fine,but is there any advices on winning the merit race on other college like Hedi that barely win any merits?
  4. I think the tutorial need to be imrpoved, it is very too much to start playing and see a tutorial crammed into a small box in the middle of the screen! I also agree it is difficult to read!The lore seems so interesting but once I get later in game there's too many in a list with no indication which belong to which skills and it is very hard to read things I want!
  5. Hi I am Lara I got this game from a friend who got this as a six-months-late b-day present. I don't like the game much at first but I really like the writing,it is so hard to find nice text games without it having to be played with phraser and I hate them
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