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  1. Hey, I'm sure this has been answered somewhere, but I can't find it. Thought I'd jump in while this thread is hot and ask: How will the Year 2 import deal with Y1 characters that used mods?
  2. Are you guys changing up the art style of the character portraits, or redrawing them to reflect the age difference? (My brain is still in character art mode from drawing Hannah)
  3. Yeah, I've played several times. None of the other characters even remotely approached Hannah. It really is all just luck.
  4. Thanks! Yeah, she is a bit thin, but that's only because I was trying to keep some of the style from the game... and they do look a little older, but I figured that it was the end of year 1... and kids grow up fast. It's probably also because I'm just not very practiced at drawing young'uns. On second thought, it's definitely that second part. On Malthezar: I thought he was girl for most of the game, until I read his background. Very effeminate portrait, so I figured I'd let that influence this a little.
  5. So I just finished the most amazing run I've ever had for a single character. Right off the bat, I went straight for the adventures, and didn't once fail a single roll... even for the dozens of RED options I chose! It was just surreal how lucky I was. Anyway, the result of all that planet-aligning luck is Hannah. She ended her first year with abilities all in the teens, including an intelligence score of 19, and more gear than you can shake stick at! I had so many artifacts and crazy bobbles, that I had to sell most of them... which left her with 9000 spare pims when it was all over. Yowzer! My only regret is that I didn't choose a familiar for her at the start, and I never really developed a bond with Pamela. Hopefully I'll be able to buy a nice familiar over the summer break... (Devs, that's a hint) Anyway, the portrait! In the middle is Hannah, decked to the gills in her magical finery. How she gets away with wearing all of that, especially the sword, no one knows... Custom-tailored uniform made with exotic fabrics... magical glamour-enhancing cape... powerful jewelry. Maybe the professors just like her too much? On the left is everyone's favorite bully, Mr. Merchant, and on the right we see Malthezar who serves as the 'good cop' to Phillips 'bad'. These three form a clique that no one, not even second and third year students, would casually mess with. What I love the most about Academagia, and games like it, is that it facilitates the player's ability to tell their own stories. Well done, folks. I'm definitely looking forward to Year 2... especially now that I've got a character like Hannah with which to steam-roll any and all challenges
  6. That worked! Thanks for the help.
  7. Ah! Here's a possible issue: when I go to create a new a mod file, and point it at the Academagia AMO base file, the background I created is still there. I must have saved it into the AMO base file somehow... and when the toolkit publishes mod files, I assume it's looking for differences between the AMO base and your mod?
  8. I've tried all of these things. Alas, it seems it just isn't meant to be. I really wish I could open the generated .mdm directly so I could debug it. Just to see if the changes are even correctly publishing at all. I assume there are no debug tools available anywhere?
  9. Unfortunately, it doesn't help My background cost has been set to 1 for every build, and it has no prerequisites.
  10. So I'm trying to create a simple mod, where I add a new background option in the "Origin" group. After I downloaded the mod tool, and all the associated files, I loaded everything up. I can see all the pertinent game data, and when I publish my mod, it completes successfully (generating a .mdm that is roughly 3k in size). The only problem: when I load the mod in game, my new background isn't listed anywhere! I made sure to set up my background in the exact same way as other similar backgrounds: Under the background section, background type set to "origin", action type set to "background", one of the effects is set as a default. Am I missing something? Like a reference table somewhere? Please help. Modtool 0.63.3 Academagia 1.0.0.amo
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