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  1. I'm very late to this thread, but I wanted to say thank you for expanding character events. That was one of my original criticisms with the game was how little interaction with fellow students we seemed to have. (Although that might just be me not having tripped the right flags to fire the events)
  2. Kickstarter has been hit and miss with me, but I don't regret my time with it. I've had more failed projects than successes, but i've had one (maybe two) run off with the money. Overall though some really great games came out of kickstarter that make it all worth it. So I thought i'd make a list of some successful kickstarter games that have released. Some you will probably recognize, but a few smaller gems too I think people might like. Project successes (in no particular order) that I am happy about: Warmachine: Tactics- Not as fleshed out as hoped, but an honest to god turn based adaption of the war machine universe is a dream come true. Kingdom (TTRPG)- A tabletop rpg game from Lame Mage studios, the makers of the GMless tabletop game microscope. This game is an excercise in world building, and tasks the players (2-5, no GM) with creating and guiding a colony through its troubled history. The Fall- One of my favorites here, its a side scrolling adventure game where you play as an AI named ARID who is tasked with protecting her unconscious human pilot by operating his suit and bringing him to safety. Has some wonky puzzles, but the story is fantastic and even has a sequel now. Kingdom Come Deliverance- Probably doesn't need an introduction, but a first person historical RPG that leans more toward historical accuracy than fun gameplay, but I enjoyed the story and the combat mechanics were interesting. Looking forward to the DLC incoming. Consortium- Oh boy so this is a weird one, but since we like games like acadamagia this will probably fit right in. So in this game you play as, well you. In the "present day? you sign up with International Games (The game devs of consortium) who have developed a satellite that will beam your consciousness through space and time to wake up in an alternate dimension in the body of someone else. You wake up on the plane in the alternate future of the year 2042, and almost as soon as you wake up a murder happens and the fun begins. There is way too much to unpack here, there is an ARG, the entire game happens in "real time" where events move forward with or without you, and there are so many decisions to make its not funny. Its not a perfect game, but it is so unique that you just have to try it. The development approach is that of an "immersive sim" just in a super condensced format as the entire game is localized to a single airplane. Has a sequel in development. Massive Chalice- From Double Fine, the makers of Psychonauts and Brutal legend. This was a project led by a subset of the studio separate from the development of Broken Age. In this game you play as an immortal king, summoned to lead generations of heroes into battle to stop a growing demonic threat that is killing the planet. The game is turn based and plays like a medieval XCOM. You can influence and marry heroes to change the stats of entire bloodlines of heroes in order to fight the threat. It's a pretty flawed game (you will only get like one or two plays with a single hero before they die of old age), but it has a beautiful art style and I had a blast with it. Not to mention the massive chalice was a hilarious and fun character. Void Destroyer- A fun arcadey space sim. It's an rts/flight sim that has you leading a flotilla ambushed and damaged to victory. Pretty simple, but being able to directly pilot eveything from fighters to capital ships is a blast. Has a sequel. Satellite Reign- A spiritual successor to syndicate, you lead a cybernetic squad of goons through corporate espionage and warfare. RTS gameplay in a beautiful cyberpunk city, open ended objectives with no hand holding. Wasn't my cup of tea, but an interesting game for those who don't mind open ended games with little guidance. Chroma Squad- A game where you get to play as a manger to a Power Rangers style tv show. A simple TBS game that uses the bouncy nature of sentai combat to have surprisingly mobile combat. Everything is themed after running a studio, so your team starts with cardboard armor and you upgrade as you go. Pretty simple, but if you like Sentai its a treat. Rimworld- Oh Rimworld, what do I say about you? Here you manage a gaggle of survivors from a crash landing and create a colony. Hilarity ensues. Often compared as a simpler and prettier dwarf fortress. I highly recommend it. Rainworld- Play as a slugcat on an alien world that must hunt for food so it can hibernate before the deadly rains come. Gameplay is physics based, and full of fantastical monster looking to eat you. Difficult as hell. Recommended if you don't get frustrated easily. Hero Generations- Another game with a generations theme. A turn based exploration game. The goal here is to cultivate a hero through the generations capable of taking on the big bad demon lord. You start in the same town each generation, and must do your best to level up, gather treasure, and survive to marry and start the next run. pretty simple, but a fun concept. Nefarious- Ever played mario, or megaman, or metroid and wanted to play as one of those huge bosses for once? Well in nefarious YOU play as the big bad boss and must go forth to capture all the princesses in the world for your evil plan. Normal gameplay is a simple platformer, but with the twist that in every boss battle YOU play as the boss fighting the hero. Delightfully hammy and full of charm. I recommend this one for sure. The Flame in the Flood- A procedural generated survival game. You must travel a post apocalyptic world down a river with nothing but your rickety raft and trusty dog for company. Survive everything from dangerous animals, sickness, and starvation. It has a interesting art style but the highlight has to be the music. BONUS SHOUT OUT: So one of the games I was following had a failed kickstarter, but is still in development. The game is called Flagship, and it is a space strategy game played entirely in first person. It looks like a wonderful game and a first person ship command game is my jam. Be sure to check out their website to follow progress.
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