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  1. Of course Briardi is polemical because as we know she is a maleficar in disguise. She does hide it well tbf to her. Beware courtesy amirite ? Maybe Aranaz are into something for a change.
  2. As free said as long as the team has not confirmed that Y1 is done: Not but for real this time. AND we get that class list Which will get anytime now. Relatively speaking of course ! AND the Y2 modtools which will get Sⁿ ! I don't even anticipate Y2 anytime close.
  3. Ooooh it works. Thanks for sharing your secret for Free, Free ! ( Silly Aranaz and then they wonder why they always lose the competition race, ha !)
  4. Mmh... I've seen that before. Oh wait ! Btw the answer is yes kinda. As for the reason why there is no holes in year 1 Mastery and Gates that's probably because year 1 engines was not designed to represent such things. Oh wait you want the lore excu... hmm I mean explanation. Well it's probably has to do with with the fact that year 1 stuff is kind of basic and that documented knowledge even of the fobbiden ones (forbidden section *cough*) covers what a skill level of 10/11 entails.
  5. 3) this question was asked before and the answer is yes, all portraits have permutations to account for all colleges and there are new portraits too apparently.
  6. You missed Rhialto quetions Legate. (question 1 and 2)
  7. Depends... Have you been nice this year ?
  8. Considering that Etiphien was a nobleman, I don't see what she whould find insulting about her ancestor origins. And where do you get that the Chard are descended from mercenaries ? I think that in the case of Catherine she would probably take it badly to admit that her blood is not as old some families living in Mineta are.
  9. Conjecturing here but if Glammour is like illusions magic in other settings aka if your powerfull enough the illusions become real then just making you look younger will do the trick. Astrology is covered by the weird magic that old hag of a legate used no doubt. Incantations is a bit tricky but I guess you could incant new organs and cells instead of rejunevating them with Revisions. New is better some say. Of course Enchant makes everything better because well... Vernin obviously.
  10. I am sure there was. 3) What is the longest and shortest tenure of the Legate's office ? 4) Were their cases where a former Legate become one again ? exemple ? 5) have there been some (surely extraordinary) cases where a Legate held a Regent seat at the same time ? 6) Do you have any infamous exemples of Legate showing a strong bias to a particular college to share with us ?.
  11. Nothing surprising here. Vernin is objectively the best college afterall. What I want to know tough is whose the junior to whom. Heck it's not impossible that both were in the academagia around the same times which may explain the familiarity.
  12. Of course he was! This was not the brightest question from free if I may say so !
  13. Oh well. Was worth the try.
  14. Is BCS bring out year 2 before the end of the year can I start a new game?