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  1. isadorbg

    A few in game questions

    Germans ? Ok my bad. 😛
  2. isadorbg

    A few in game questions

    If I am not mistaken the Elumnian referred here is the modern one which is basically Renaglian (aka Italian) not Old Elumnnian..
  3. isadorbg

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    We may never know. All I know is that the game was judged to be a few months away from release 6 years ago and since then we are stuck in that window.
  4. isadorbg

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    I thought it was already confirmed that Aranaz and Vernin will get Orthography and Artifice as a core class respectively and they will replace Calligraphy and Enchant.
  5. isadorbg

    A few in game questions

    College of the Optiones ? Huh ? Directly under the Legate ? Me want that now. 🤩
  6. isadorbg

    Spamming Problem

    mmh Sky pirates assaulting our forums huh ?
  7. isadorbg

    A few in game questions

    Ghosts are undead, no ?
  8. isadorbg

    A few in game questions

    Or it's gotta take even longer for the other years. Half full glass vs half empty yadiyada.
  9. isadorbg

    A few in game questions

    There is a bunch of cool stuff you can do with Negation. You can obfuscate what kind of pillar you use in your spells and your aura or the opposite find what kind of magic another mage is using. You can strike at a Gates user who try to hide away in a different dimension. Altough I don't think the Legate ever said how it is done (negate barrier or somethin ?) It's the best legal pillar to get answers out of someone. (Cause y'know there is a whole pillar which is all about messing with someone's mind) And it can also be used for various healing/aging magic and even (temporary) rescusitation. And I am pretty certain a few if not all of those will get their own skill in the futur.
  10. isadorbg

    Y2's Skill mechanics. (A Theory)

    That was also my impression initially but the Legate already confirmed a long time ago that the core pillars are back as classes for year 2 except Calligraphy and Enchant which are replaced by Orthography and Artifice respectively. And the laters are actually the core. And while I don't think classes will be outstanding in year 2 from the scraps we got from the Legate I do not think it would be to hard to raise them to an acceptable level without much effort (17-18 ?) otherwise what's the point in having classes at all ? Altough I can totally see having multiple class for one pillar in later years. So don't worry too much I am sure it would not be too hard to be an omni in year 2 and it is probably totally doable even in year 3. Plus if the team planned that some NPC like say Bessa can master 2 pillars by Y5 then that means that 4 pillars for the PC should easy peasy. My impression is that the only specialised class in year 2 will be available via extra tutoring or outside classes. Normal classes remain pretty generalistic. It has been confirmed that those skill will interact with the core in some ways altough again no clear idea how for now. I think it is time to mention the class list is not finalised to begin with. Don't worry Free said it ii not even to that level yet.
  11. isadorbg

    A few in game questions

    I believe "Corrode" and one another pheme which name escape me (the one that is suspected to have played a role in the destruction of Monteon) already fit the restricted pheme part and exist in year 1 already.
  12. isadorbg

    Similar Games

    I've played a little but I lost my Ipad If you liked KODP I see no reason why you won't like six ages. It's pretty much a refined sequel of the former. There's some differences but nothing earth shattering. I think there's an auto-save every year but I am not sure if there's a manual one. I "think" so but I cannot say for certain.
  13. isadorbg

    A few in game questions

    I think those question where already ask so from what I remember: 1. Very common. 2. No. 3. Not sure about this one but the answer is probably depends on the country/family involved (as in it's not the same thing to help break the duke betrothal than to break an impoverished one with a burgher)
  14. isadorbg

    Chances of Success Increases Questions

    wow if seven favors allow those three rerolls per attribute to be cast on a single check if needs be then it is pretty good. It makes black or higher checks highly unlikely to be failed and even red and purple stand with a decent chance of success. Plus you have three reroll PER attribute so that's basically three rerolls for a 7 step adventure if it can be done in a single day or two and with some luck.
  15. isadorbg

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    Oh dang I had completely forgotten about that. Damn it's been a while.