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  1. Six Ages: Ride like the Wind. The sequel of King of the Dragon Pass is going the be released the 28th of June on IOS. You can already pre-order it on the App-Store. Done already.
  2. 2) I am sure it's common knowledge that Orsi is adepts of more than one pillars. As for the video the most interesting question is whether an equivalent of wild magic exist... oh wait there is it's called Gates. Maybe someone karaoke'd Monteon out of existence too.
  3. What can I say ? We are just that good. At least we share with other colleges some scraps of our arts.
  4. Since Vernin has no equals it also does not have rivals. There just college that we like less than others.
  5. Choice of Rebels has two major flaws that make it so I cannot recommend it to anyone lurking in this forum: - It's awesome. Like the best of the "Choice of Game" series handsdown at least imo. - It's indie. So after finishing it you'll have to wait literall years before seeing the sequel as it has only been released 6 months ago and the second volume is nowhere near completion if the author even started writing it that is ! So yeah expect the same agony that we all endure here waiting for our next fix every day for years on. So if you want to spare yourself wait ten or so years (probably more) and play it when it's finished/abandonned so there's no pain waiting.
  6. Frankly the fact that you can actually do adventures with npc and get all the benefits for your character is probably not something that was intended and will probably get fixed in the next decades.
  7. - What pillar is shape-shifting usually assiociated with ? - Whare are the understood differences in the setting between shape-shifting magic and curses such as lycanthropy or vampirism ?
  8. No worries just gotta have to make 4 for today to make up for the delay. We are strict but we are fair.
  9. I already have the background music for the video:
  10. Commoners does not mean poor just not noble or clergy for one. Second not a lot of civilian in these times could afford the leisure of preparing for a dragon invasion let alone afford the means of stocking a huge amount of unperishable food and/or weaponry so the point is moot anyway. As for where to preserve it a mill or a barn seems like your best bet. Isolated and relatively protective of humidity. For availablity I thought it was not that rare in Staade and got more difficult the further you are from it. So depends where you are I guess. In any case what dyrhet said. Preparing against Dragon's invasion is akin to preparing again Alien's invasion, chances are whatever you do is kinda useless unless you are some kind of magician prodigy. (ergo not 99.99 % of the Elumnian population)
  11. Gunpowders ? Barrels of them ?
  12. More ! We need at least a chapter a day before Y2 release !
  13. By the way just because that quote is so good it deserves to be quoted again: Svinik-sempai !
  14. There's an old poll if you are curious: And wow Negation won ? From what I remember Mastery was leading all the way. Wonder if the team manipulated the result. But voted Enchant cause y'know Vernin and crafter powa. But otherwise gotta agree that Negation is super cool. Can't beat lolnope pillar. Shame the college suck so much.
  15. Damn only a year since Steam ? That's not good.