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  1. I'm in. I've been a fan of Ars Magica since I purchased a copy at Gen Con in 1988. I'd pledge just to get the source books regardless of the game. I'd pledge on the off chance that a fairly successful computer game might produce a few hundred more fans of the tabletop game and thus increase the chances of producing more books for more years. But now that I've put my money behind the project I'm getting a little bit interested in the computer game as well. Here's a thought that I've had from looking at posts on RPG.net and other places over the years. In the computer game, seeing as it uses much of the RPG rules and focuses on the covenant, the game will inevitably have to deal with vis. I've seen many posts where folks describe vis as a boring collection of pawns and rooks. But every pawn of vis in the game has to come from someplace. My request is that the game not forget what the form of the vis is. If the characters slay Rucklin the two headed fire drake and take his heart to power their magic then by god don't tell the player that they're using 6 pawns of ignem vis, tell them that they're using the heart of a fire drake. If the magical protections on their covenant are powered by the collected moans of the ghosts of the lost Roman soldiers, shove that fact in the player's face. Don't let it be forgotten and merely thought of as 4 pawns vim vis. For those fans who come from the computer side of the this project here's an introduction to vis that I wrote for my group several years ago. (upon rereading, it's not as good as I remember it) I should note that the entire discussion about the meaning of vis and the relative value of the different arts is entirely my opinion, it is not dictated in the rules.
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