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  1. Congrats on the Steam release! The new character art looks great! Is there any way to get my grabby hands on a steam key? I'd download the new version from BMT, but I bought it ages ago and don't have my password anymore.
  2. Thought I'd just pop my head back in (two years later oh god) to say that the issue was resolved. Turns out the thing affecting font size was my arrow keys, of all things. Probably something wonky on my laptop's end. You know, just in case you were lying awake in bed these two years asking yourself "why? Why?!!"
  3. Nope. The only text that was affected is the text in adventures, events, and in the information on the sidebar (as in, information about lore, about students, etc). The interface itself is completely normal. The game still works fine, so it's not a huge issue--just an aesthetic one, really.
  4. I actually have the opposite problem--by some bizarre mangling of the keyboard on my part (I don't even remember how), the font suddenly became larger. But I can't get it to its original size, even by using Ctrl - or Ctrl 0. Is there something else I could try?
  5. Great to hear about the rivalries! Honestly, they don't even have to be rivals, it would just be nice to see them interact. Things like Sterling and Roland trying to outsnark each other (which is obviously impossible, as the universe would have to explode first), Nigel bursting with fanboyish glee at meeting Ahmose, Felix being the awesome, low-key guy that he is, and so forth. You've got a cast of really vibrant characters, but it would be nice to let them meet each other.
  6. I'm still playing through the game so this is probably a bit premature, but I am loving it so far--especially all the wry humor you managed to pack in (those comments about the contents of Sterling's luggage just about killed me). The amount of content is also very impressive. One thing that did bother me was that sometimes, doing capers can reference to events that you haven't played through yet. For example, I think the Raeks adventure had Sadie freaked out because of a comment Anna made about a mummy, but you could take the caper before you'd even gone to Egypt. This gets a little bit worse later on. Also, if you're in the middle of something that has changed the dynamics of what's going on--say Felix and Sadie getting into a fight--an automatic event sometimes pops up that totally resets things, or assumes that's it been dealt with already, and that seemed a little out of place. I also kind've wish the characters interacted a little more--especially the male ones. I was thinking all along that Sterling and Ahmose would have a very tense dynamic that would've been interesting to see, for example. But there's some fantastic stories in the game--I really like the blending of the historical and the surreal, and especially the 1930's setting that acts as the backdrop. It made for a novel experience.
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