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  1. Ooooh...yeah that could be wildly unbalanced. Even if you gave the blood hound the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch to try to even things up how would it pull the pin?
  2. Hrm, I thought that number was other cliques relationship to your clique...I'm sure I've seen a number other than 0 there. <checks DLC16 save> Yup, I do have clique with a score other than 0. I don't think I took an timeslot to bump it up though but it's been a long time. IIRC the clique relationship number was for Clique on Clique rivalries but I think that feature is more of a artifact for possible future years. From a scan through of the wiki there are a few actions\abilities that will target a clique but I have no idea how that relationship number got nudged. I wish we could see the relationship numbers of students we're informed of because I'd hazard a guess that it is the lowest relationship number of your clique member with that of the other clique and vice versa (which would explain why anything but a 0 is rarely seen). Or it could just be a bug .
  3. I don't think I saw a mention of detention and how to avoid it or get out of it. It's a bit inter-related with skipping classes as well, and considering this a time management game, a basic strategy guide on how to avoid the drags (or fix them) concerning stress, vitality, or bullying issues might be helpful.
  4. I seem to remember Theory of Incantation giving me trouble as well at times. Observation is just so common in a lot of adventures that I can't see how it would be hard to be informed of it by the early game (just do an adventure and fail the roll...assuming it doesn't end the adventure). On CoS, yeah the mechanics are fairly opaque, but iirc I monkeyed around with it somewhere between DLC 14-15 by doing one run with as many global percentile increases as I could and one without. The one without just seemed a bit harder to get off the ground and I suspect they're more valuable as your attributes and skills get into the teens and twenties range (outpacing the bonus from a flat +1 or 2). Granted it could have just been worse luck on the one without and the CoS %+ increase doesn't work well but I suspect it does;-).
  5. Yup, it's helpful but just chiming in with a few suggestions from my own experience. I remember my first start resulted in a lot of time in the infirmary because of a combination of bullying and not being able to manage the stress. Even for a new player I'd always recommend Apprentice: Page for Elegant Service to obtain Favors and getting information on a student is always useful no matter skill level (and it's a pain in the butt discovering that you have to be informed on the target before using certain abilities, and it's always helpful to know where you have to be at to counter bullying). Likewise on backgrounds that provide a general percentile bonus...always useful no matter what. I'm not sure anymore if having a high relationship by sucking up to the profs helps with CoD and\or detention but if it does that's just icing on the cake. For a newbie, I'm of the opinion if they are not prepping for or doing Adventures they are missing a huge portion of the game (a study worm builds for latter runs). Pointing out Cleanse and Remake and Seven Favors are great earlier game tools for completing adventures (and bumping success odds), it's just that given the low requirement to discover the Temple of Iudocia (Theology 1) makes Family: Religious background easy to pass up (just use the ability Pray at the Temple of Rostra twice to discover Durand's Prayer Grove, then do any action\ability at Durand's to inform about all the Religion skills, and use a 4th time slot to Train Theology once to discover the Temple of Iudocia...easily achieved by the third day of the first week). On a related note, using location passives to inform on entire suites of subskills is something I would have liked to have known as a noob myself. Likewise, getting informed on the Observation skill (given how common that roll is in events and adventures) has never been a noticeable for a newbie I'd recommend spending the background point elsewhere unless a RP choice. Unlocking skills to 11 is something that is a bit more intermediate (as is Mastery & Gates), but even neophytes might hit upon by the midpoint of their first game. While spellcasting itself is pretty much an intermediate skill level thing except for a handful of spells, a primer explanation on how to build a spell with phemes might be helpful. Clique building in the early part of the game is something I'd double highlight to someone new to the game even if they only plan on maintaining a small clique. Hermit runs, while easily doable, just miss out on quick and easy boni;-).
  6. It's been a while since I did my DLC 16 run through (with the class skipping bug patched iirc for that game), but from looking over that end save calendar and from memory I have a suggestion or two. I view the 'Adventure' action of the game as its meat & potatoes so my build was geared towards doing\unlocking as many adventures as possible (incidentally with that run I got all but Joana's student adventure done since I did Philippe's, the college specific adventures but iirc did weasel into one outside of Aranaz, I think I snagged at least one or maybe two outside Class adventures in as well, did the Trio's adventure for the main quest, and swapped familiars a number of times to do 7 of the familiar/master adventures as well but not any of the familiar only adventures). Offhand I'm sure I didn't focus on attributes but instead looked for anything that gave either a generic percentile bump to Chance of Success [CoS] or helped decrease the odds for Chance of Detection [CoD]. Any attribute bumps in character creation were incidental like Luck with Astrology:The Comet. Past that I don't think I took anything just for a skill point, to inform a skill, or that granted a flat bonus to a subset of rolls (like a +1 to all hostile type actions or dueling) just for itself. IIRC unlocking the Temple of Iudocia wasn't too hard (checking...yup unlocked with Religion-Theology 1...and you can get that by Religion/Prayer 2 which discovers Durand's Prayer Grove which should get you to Theology) so I'd probably give Family: Religious a pass except for rp purposes. Observation and most of the Blackmail skills also were not too hard to be informed about so I'd lean towards not taking a background strictly to open it up in character creation. Money as well wasn't too hard to come by if needed. I found Elegant Service from under the Apprenticeship: Page background a real workhorse ability for most of the game. Getting a 10 relationship with a professor allows you to trade it in with the Favor action...which is in turn useful to unlock certain skills to 11 or to obtain other goodies. It also informs you about one student which is a requirement for certain spells and actions iirc (and it'll easily ensure that you are informed about the entire student body by game's end). I'm not entirely sure but iirc I also think high professor relationships also help you avoid detection or at least help get you out of detention a little earlier. From looking at the calendar, the first phase of the game I would spend building your clique (sniping them before someone beats you to it or they form their own cliques) and building a baseline to increase odds of success for the early events and the mentor chain adventure. After building a foundation, obtaining Cleanse and Remake shouldn't be too hard and that should allow carry you into mid-game as mentioned and you probably won't need the crutch for the second half of the game. Endgame of course is round out what your goal for the character was...unlocking skills to 11 (in my DLC 16 building Zoology to 11 in order to unlock more adventures via Exchange Familiar and improving student relationships to do those as well), finishing key adventures, or maxing out your pillars. As a side note if you go the Mastery route I found the background Academy: Safaviore Officer's School for the Train at the Safaviore ability or History: Famous Campaigners for Study Battles as I think those are one of the few routes to War/Manner of a Champion that is not entirely random (just a random bump of 1 or 2 War skills). Manner of a Champion 6 gives the Train your Company action which you can then train your clique in and then Master them into training everyone in the clique one random skill.
  7. Cool. I'm an adventure completionist so I'll probably do another run after they get the clique bug sorted out.
  8. See title . I haven't seen it posted in any organized detail anywhere but given the DLC title I'm curious if it extends out the Year One calendar or something (granted I forget the cutoff for Year 2...Kaliri 28?)?
  9. What is DLC 17 supposed to add to Mastery? (I have a Mastery run, without using the class skipping bug that I'll probably use for Y2 unless DLC adds a bit of content.)
  10. Magic Jar with a Disguise Self spell as a old skool D&D why-wizards-are-awesome escapade . Even before I started using that trick, with my focus on doing Adventure actions with my priors I spent a bit of time building each into a bit of a socialite (to unlock student adventures) as well as on clique building. While you lose control of what adventures you do with the Mastery adventure by proxy method, by about midgame you can stop using 'Cleanse & Remake' given the stat bumps handed out by adventures and spend that action for one of your clique mates to 'Train your company' or for your House to bump merit. Managing to complete all the student adventures leads to a generally wildly popular PC. [Fires up last playthrough] Let's see....twenty-nine relationships (students and profs) at less than 10 ...ah one 2 (Joanna), three 5s, two 6s, ten 7s (6 of those are Profs), five 8s, and eight 9s. On the flip side twenty relationships greater than ten...thirteen 11s (heh) and seven 12s. The remaining student body are at 10s as are all but six of the profs. If/when we see a Y2 (I'm optimistic we'll see it eventually...just not this year given the speed of Scheherazade's steam rollout and the 'To-Do list'), I'm interested to see if it's a playable mess or even what happens when converted with all the student adventures completed.
  11. Your character gets the rewards but what adventures you do (or rather they choose) is random. It uses your PCs stats, not the mind-controlled target. I like to think of it as 'possession' with a glamour disguise to make your puppet look like your PC;-).
  12. In all my playthroughs, even the 'nicest' characters I've made for a run manages to pick up quite a few 'forbidden' things (rather than destroy them...if rooms were inspected any of my characters generally have a large enough Museum to the Dark Arts stuffed in their closest to have them sentenced to death several times over) and arts as well as collect secrets and at least one secret society membership (joining rather than rejecting). Schoolwork also takes a backseat to Adventures for a any of my characters, while I've developed some maxed out omni-disciplinarians (dialed to 11) and top-test takers, if the choice is either a bump in a key score (scholastic or otherwise) or getting the necessary oddball skill to finish an adventure...I'm a knee-jerk completionist. I don't think I've made a character that finished a year that hasn't had the Page background... I usually miss 'Elegant Service' too much in the early game for sucking up to the profs to make a PC without it. Likewise, Mastery or Calligraphy for mind control seems a required part of the toolbox for any of my characters for all but a few of my (earlier) characters to mind control your clique into improving their internal clique relationships, win the merit race, or other things 'for their own good'. Granted it's also very useful way make a bully self-destruct....or ride them into the ground by using them to take the adventure action by proxy (I have 2 playtrhoughs were I have all the adventures done except for class and house specific ones and about 20 to 40% of the familiar unlocked adventures done using that exploit...I did mention I was a completionist).
  13. Well, they've pretty much greenlight going truant during the exam months. Unless my character's absenteeism meter gets too hot I don't think I have a playthrough where I haven't pretty much blown off every class except the exams for those months. Granted, I cool things down for two weeks before those months start. Overall balancing attendance vs. hooky is a bit of guesswork, but I think it's clear designer intent is that running the risk of detention yields the greater rewards in the time management game. I'm pretty sure I don't have a playthrough where I skipped every afternoon class, but I'm pretty sure almost all of them have a reasonably high absence rate (3-4 classes a week range except during 2 week 'cooldown' periods). Skipping class detention is still pretty arcane to me... I usually take the Background Friendships: Instructor but I have no idea if that "permanent 1% reduction the school will take action against you..." is a normal -1% CoD or not (either way it's still useful to my general playstyle). I also don't know if the weekend periods count towards a cooling off period for the instructors but I like to activate short term abilities and primary pheme carrying spells on Fridays (for weekend adventuring or selective focus to grind up a multi SS skill) and it just seems from my perspective that when I have a character on the detention radar they get snagged more often if I skip on a Monday or Tuesday. I also like to build up a high relationship score with the entire faculty since I'm reasonably sure that does affect CoD... just not sure it affects skipping classes. I does feel like I skip more classes scot-free towards the end of the year (when most if not all of the prof relationship scores are maxed out) then towards the beginning. I don't think I have a completed playthrough without the Page Background...the utility of Elegant Service is hard to pass up especially if you plan on going down a Mastery route.
  14. Oh, was just worried the old files would be non-importable. I'd be surprised if the hooky penalty is so crippling to make a character nonplayable.
  15. Wait, Y2 won't properly import a character that hasn't been played under patch 128? Are there issues with older playthroughs (like I think around DLC 12 or so)?