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    If you click the "Skills" option, clicking the badges and then the specific skill you're interested in will automatically direct you to the skill-up or inspiration locations you need to go to! Perhaps this is old had to some people, but I spent a lot of time clicking every option on a map trying to remember who would give me and Escape Artistry Inspiration versus a skill up! (This setup is not ideal for those of us with poor memories ) Also, explore maps carefully. Occasionally you can gain skill points and reduce stress.
  2. I'm actually quite fond of Anna! I think I have a weakness to that, "Seemingly oblivious, but actually quite aware" character. She really charmed me with her incredible poker skills, and love of football. Well, I know it was just a love of men in tight pants, but that just makes it better! I don't know, it does seem to me that Anna is quite intelligent, but maybe not as interested in history as Sadie. I quite like that she's still willing to get sucked into the Archaeology madness too. She seems to be a good friend.
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