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  1. I have some questions about the control mechanic. Specifically, I have Formally Invited some of my characters friends to cast some spells, and I want them to do so at the Vernalicium. Is there a way to do that, or are all the settings just random?
  2. What about rain, then? Is that all magic?
  3. How high up are the islands floating above the oceans? Are they close to cloud level?
  4. I have a few questions regarding Astrology. First of all, what exactly gets taught in Year one? I've read a few lores, but they are bedtime stories, Bargolis' ramblings, or seemingly unrelated stories about demons that become stars (Well, not entirely unrelated, but I doubt that's part of the curriculum). So what is the current theory on what the planets represent, what do pupils actually learn in class? Just the names and movement of planets? Zodiac signs and their significance? Finding items? How relevant is Astrology in the daily life of an average Minetan, what do they think of it? How often do horoscopes made by a wizard come true? How often do those made by a First Year work? Also, why is it called the Erevard Equation? Who was Erevard, what does he have to do with Arcana (Or Courts, I think they're called?)
  5. That just feels wrong, though. At 13 Skill and 20 Attribute I should get more use out of Astrology than as a total beginner. Maybe change the constellations to have more negative effects at low levels with harder to obtain positive ones that cancel them out?
  6. Honestly, I still don't understand how Astrology works mechanically. Do you actually have a chance to prevent negative effects?
  7. Release the antidote! ^^
  8. Oan's Adventure mentions a Spell - 'Aura of Cemoros' that I can't find in the ModTools. The MC uses it to attract moths that then light up the darkness at his behest. But what does it actually do? Attract critters, or all animals? Is the talking part of it, or was that just the MC being savvy? Also, will Year 2 have Gravity Ball?
  9. Who are the Keepers of Cantarole? Are they the ones manning the Wall?
  10. Was there an update just now? If so, what did it do?
  11. Yeah, that works, but it somewhat defeats the point. I mean it does save the specifics of the action, but much of the convenience the feature could provide is lost. Thanks for the advice, though. Maybe it will be in the next patch, that'd be nice. Edit: Actually, on further testing, it doesn't save the specifics of the Action (things like Train ->Theory of Negation). Well, it does, but only for the day you save it on. So you can save the preset with specifics, change everything back to rest, confirm and when you load the preset in the specifics are still there. But if you then advance to the next day and load in the preset, the specifics are gone again. Would be nice if that could be changed as well.
  12. Ah, well that's a shame. Thank you for the recommendations. How does the Gallery stack up against the Great Hall, in your experience? Also, have you considered publishing this as a steam guide?
  13. I just want to say, fantastic work Metis. I actually didn't know about Elation. Maybe I ought to look into Emotions more. Actually, if I could request a topic, could you maybe do a section on Locations? I know about The Great Hall, but other than that one I'm pretty clueless. Really, I only utilize them through Abilities.
  14. In my latest playthrough, I've found that I rarely actually cast any Spells - there are the obvious exceptions, stuff like Cleanse and Remake and 6th Finger, but almost everyone knows about those. One issue is the sheer volume of spells you learn as you go along. The spell menu itself is difficult to navigate, there's no option to sort spells by what they do and, well, they often do quite similar things. Once you have found your dueling spell, for example, you can just about discard a good twenty other spells. That last one is not inherently bad of course - in fact, I quite the idea of magic as a vast thing, with multiple approaches to pretty much every problem, but combined with the other factors I mentioned, it means that I don't actually have a very firm grasp of the contents of the grimoires I build in each playthrough. So what spells stand out, are worth casting? Or just extremely neat, that's fine too. Cleanse & Remake definitely fits the bill. It's extremely powerful, though it requires some planning or investment to obtain in the early game, where it has the most impact. If you manage that however, you're pretty pretty much set. All Adventures are possible, really, everything is. 6th Finger unless DLC 17 changed things, this spell breaks exam scores. It is an enchantment based spell that buffs enchantment, basically a Von Neumann machine of magic. You just need to stack on whatever Phemes you like. Master is reprehensible, outlawed, extremely difficult to actually cast and effectively supplanted by stuff like Hypnotize or that one Calligraphy thing. Once you have the Spell, however, its effects are immense. Giving you nine timeslots in exchange for the one you needed to cast it, it drastically lengthens your year. Just... leave your morals at the door. The Familiar's Gift is not to be confused with The Gift of the Familiar. The latter is something worse than Mastery and should be banned for all time, the former is an amazingly useful Spell that is effectively Cleanse & Remake, just for your loyal buddy. Somewhat difficult to acquire, but definitely worth it. Obviously, these are standout examples, but I'm curious as to what other spells you actually use. Metis mentioned a spell that gives you rerolls, which sounds very interesting, for example. An honorary mention goes to Calculate the Familiar Equation, which is not actually a Spell but deserves more recognition anyway.
  15. I would be happy to help with testing as well.