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    Mod Tools

    Thanks! The second link works fine, but the AMO download seems to stop after 4 MB. Am I the only one with that problem?
  2. Cyx

    Mod Tools

    Could someone reupload the mod base and amo files? The links I tried don't seem to work anymore...
  3. A bit late, but ...Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
  4. Expand Random/Self seem target Research topics as well as skills. Is this intended?
  5. Will we interact with Claudia Sfenzo (The Missing Girl) again?
  6. This was probably already mentioned somewhere, but some abilities take place during class (like Compete) and the player shouldn't be punished by teachers for using them. Compete in particular is designed strangely - it's described as paying attention in class, answering questions, etc. - but if you use dont learn anything during that period, even if you usually would.
  7. That means im close, doesn't it?
  8. Is the ability "Ride the Elements" connected to the way dragons cast spells?
  9. I just realised that the coin I got from the ... swamp-lady is supposed to allow me to, err, enter three places. Are those the Academagia, the ... school and the bog? Or will the coin see more use in later years?
  10. There was the idea to develop a fan-made dueling simulator, but nothing became of it if as far as I know.
  11. Cleanse & Remake is found in the spell section, yes (Actions-> Spells). If you can't find it, check your Piety (Religion) level. If the base skill (without any boni) is below seven, you simply haven't learned it yet. If you do have Piety at seven and still can't find it, you either lack one of the necessary Phemes - Righteousness, Humility and Beseech (they unlock at Relgion-Ethics 1, Religion-Piety 4 and Religion-Prayer 5 respectively, which means you might be missing two if you just trained Piety)- or your game is bugged. The easiest way to get C&R is to just train all your Religion skills simultaneously by visiting the Temple of Iuducia, btw.
  12. Not to mention that your Cliquemates would profit each time as well, which means the clique gains uh ... 540 skillsteps in six actions? And the 54 points in Leadership, of course.
  13. Is the player able to do that already? Because I think I remember an event where the PC called back his wand by drawing Phemes without it. Or do differrent Spells require a different "Magicality"?
  14. Maybe that thread should be stickied, it's probably the only one up to date right now.
  15. Cyx

    Gift of the Familiar

    I too would advise against it, seeing as the boni received from training and sacrificing your familiar can easily be matched by investing this training time into research and/or adventures, where attributes are raised alomst every ten seconds. Besides, I love my familiar... Additionally, familiars will almost certainly be usefull more in second year, so the cons far outweight the pros.
  16. To equip book you need to go to your inventory, one of the three buttons above the planned week. Just right-click a book and go back to planning your week. You should benefit from the boni the item provides the very next day. You really don't need anything but The Secret Hertage to study Gates. It unlocks an action called Follow your parents instructions, which unlocks an adventure-chain starting with The house in the Bog, which eventually unlocks the ability to train Gates. For Mastery, your best bet is learning languages with Professor Sido. Having Bassan at six unlocks a new adventure, in which can get a book that informs you of all Mastery skill if you have equipped for a day. After that, just use the train action (though you have to make sure you have the Selective Focus ability unlocked, otherwise it takes ages). ... Of course you didn't hear this from me. If I am questioned, I wont remember a thing, no one will be able to link any of my Pheme traces to Mastery or Gates and anyone who becomes too curious might just suddenly decide to drop the investigation. You understand?
  17. Cyx


    I remember running across several events set in a Potions class, mostly preventing brewing mishaps. While the events were pretty good, Potions is not an eligible class. Was this fixed? Or is the student taking classes we are not told about? I'm not saying that the events should be removed, a note in CC would probably work as well. Something about it being required to learn maybe?
  18. Cyx

    Newbie Questions

    The best way to unlock Mastery is actually learning a new language. It is not that instinctual, but if you train Bassan to 6 (which is pretty easy using the Market or studying with Professor Sido), a teacher will ask to translate a strange letter, which starts an adventure in which you can be informed about all Mastery Skills (My advice: Burn them all!). For Gates, just take the Background as it unlocks the most efficent way to train the Skill and saves you loads of timeslots (remember to use Selective Focus (Concentration 8) though). If you have trouble with Incantation Spells, do yourself a favor and study at Esteban Contus. To do that you need to have Theory of Incantation at 1, so befriend Ana Flavia Bessa. It also requires a lot of money to enter, but you can get that via Religion (you should take the Family of Heroes Background for that). Religion is actually a must have skill because it unlocks Cleanse and Remake, the single most usefull Spell in the game. Dont take the Incantation class, its not worth it. Another usefull school of Magic is Enchanting, because 6th Finger, which unlocks at Magical Appraisal 2, is the a close second to Cleanse and Remake. Train Planning early on (Vettor Conta's) Friendship Bonus unlocks it, as it gives +1 to both Intelligence and Insight. If you trouble befriending people, try to go for Ausdauer Mollers first, as she unlocks an Action that makes forming a clique much easier. That my advice for the first few ingame month, feel free to use or disregard it.
  19. I really hope that there won't be some kind of magical ressource. Maybe the Spell the Professors were casting requires concentration or its some kind of ritual (do we have that here? Because thats what I always imgined C&R to be) that taxes the body, but would really like it if it was the skill and willpower of the wizard, not their magical mana reserves, that set them apart.
  20. Nope, didn't know that. Thanks for the link!
  21. Thats no joke. It was fun!
  22. Leoshi would never send me cursed contraband! (I think...)
  23. Hey! I didn't get a spoon!
  24. Adventures are supposed to be that hard. There are two ways that I know of to get past those skill checks: 1. You train your Familiar in these Skills and raise your own Attributes. If you Bond is at 10, your Familiar will then grant you a five Bonus to these Skills, and higher Attributes mean a better roll range. 2. Spells. I would recommend taking this option, as it is much easier and time efficent. Either cast "the adventuring Spell" (also known as Cleanse and Remake), raising all your Attributes for better rolls, or you cast an easy Spell that you fill up with Phemes for the required Skill. Hope this helps!
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