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  1. 5. I don't know about you free, but .... Magic?
  2. When someone (not me!) uses the "Master" Spell on someone else, their relationship deteriorates. Why? I mean the the Spell has to be unnoticeable, otherwise the caster would be killed. So why does the person it is cast on know tjat something happened?
  3. Will you keep the relationships between non-player-student as they were in Year One?
  4. Yeah, the increased/decreased CoS was what I meant.
  5. I'd add something that signifies a new stage of the adventure, e.g. in Carnage on the fields. Sometimes there are options that don't advance the the adventure, like Awareness, rather they make the rolls for the current adventure stage easier.
  6. How does one cast a spell while in motion? Would the Palette move with wizard?
  7. Would those vampires be capable of performing magic? What about other creatures that started out human? Oh and if someone used Gates to summon a wizard from another plane of existence, would that wizard still be able to use his old form of spellcasting? Also, are there things roughly equivalent to the Outer Gates from the Dresden Files? Planes that one should never try to summon a creature from?
  8. Pff, I dont need free to slap you around in a dueling circle! My familiar could do it!
  9. @ Adrian: What was that Pheme sequence again? Fire, Fire, Rend, Unleash or Unleash, Fire, Fire, Rend?
  10. 5. Pamela was clearly killed by a Basilisk (or a similiar Guardian beast) in order to protect a secret chamber...
  11. Cyx

    Hello! (please don't hurt me)

  12. Wait... Arid is in Opposition to 6th Finger?
  13. Cyx

    Beginner's Help

    In character creation, make sure to grab the History: Descended from Heroes backgrounds, it unlocks the Temple of Iuducia, which in turn unlocks Cleanse and Remake, which is by far the most usefull spell ingame. It can easily boost all your attributes to 20! Family: The Secret Heritage is the Background for Gates, so if you want to train that, make sure you have it. In General you should spent maybe two Background points in the Attribute section (to further boost some of them), be sure to get Black Sheep/Traitors and Rivalry, they give precious background point without too many drawbacks. If you want to play with Familiar, get both the Astrology and Zoology class (Astrology gives you Calculate the Familiar Equation, which is definitely the easiest and fastest way to raise your Bond. Just make sure you use The Familiars Gift (not to be confused with Gift of the Familiar) after you leveled Familiar Kinship and Field Medicine to 10). In general, you dont need to visit Incantation class (I'll explain why later), but make sure to Befriend Ana Flavia Bessa if you dont. I usually only use the Befriend the first week. Get to know Ausdauer Mollers first, her ability makes succeeding with Befriend 33% more like, dont forget setting The Great Hall (10%) as the location. Using that method, you can Befriend pretty much all the Attribute-Friends (Neta, Silke, Emilia P.) in the first week (just dont forget Vettor Conta, he unlocks Planning which unlocks a bonus to Intelligence and Insight), make sure to Befriend Zoe Mellis too, she unlocks the best study method. Spend the rest of the first weekend training Planning (to 3) and Theory of Incantation (which is unlocked by Ana Flavia Bessa) once. After your Friendship-Week is over, train Religion at the Temple of Iuducia, Work the Looms (or Fields) will give you the necessary money. Once you have Religion at ten (start of week 3) you use Pray for Money, while using Cleanse and Remake to complete Adventures. Once you have 900 Pims, you can Pay the Tuition for Esteban Contus school of Incantation, which will allow you - with the help of Selective Focus (unlocked by Concentration at nine, you should train that before using Esteban Contus) - to level Incantation to ten in just four days. After that do whatever you want, just make sure to use Zoe Mellis study ability (Use Notes) every week and to use Selective focus to train hard skills. Of course, you dont have to follow any of this, its just what I doduring the first month as I found that it allows me to easily get all the Magic skills (including Mastery and Gates) to ten before Midterm and lets me do most of the adventures at the same time.
  14. One question regarding the Arid Pheme: Is it supposed to act in opposition to pretty much every other enchanting Pheme? Because it seems pretty useless this way. Also, wher can I look up oppositions? Theyre confusing.
  15. Are you sure about that CremePudding?
  16. @ Adrian, I'll have you know that I am the unbeaten champion of all dueling tournaments I have taken part in! I can swim, too. So... bring it on! (*gulp*) Legate, would it be possible to negate the quality of water that makes it "un-breathable"? Or would it be easier to revise yourself to have gills?
  17. I'm using Selective Focus, but I still have to use 40 timeslot to get my Revision up to ten, whereas Incantation only requires 10-20 (and the money for the entance fee). So I was wondering if there were training actions just as good for the other fields of magic.
  18. I used to play Incantation-focused Godina characters (always trying to get that skill to 20) that were good at Athletics too, Battlemages basically, but lately I started to do something similiar to free and try to become "the ultimate wizard" (though I don't hesitate to learn the "Dark Arts"). This playstyle was helped along by discovering Cleanse and Remake and and Esteban Contu's (which makes the Incantation class obsolete). Actually I have a question: How do you guys train Astrology, Revision, Glamour, Negation and Mastery? I use Hives for Mastery, but that inefficent and have no idea how to train the other skills.
  19. Maybe it's Incantation with Astrology Phemes?
  20. Well the Legate is probably working with the dragons anyway and everyone know about CremePuddings and Adrians ... tendencies, Schwarzbart is probably using his weed for recreational purposes, freespace is even quicker to cast Comets Tail than I am, so I figured I'd be in good company.
  21. So Philippe and Joana don't even know about Mastery? .... Mwahahahahaha!
  22. What about a dueling simulator, then?
  23. Would it be realistic to hope for an iOs version for the later Years?
  24. So how present is Mastery in the minds of students/Professors? Would quickly suspect being mastered or would they think they were "influenced by the stars" or that "the gods spoke through them" before blaming those urges on Mastery. Because I had the impression that no one wants to talk about Mastery/Gates, so that most students and Professors simply wouldn't know about it.
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