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  1. You can, yes, but with all the spell in know after little more than half a year (Enchant, Astrology, Revision, Glamour and Negation in class, Incantation at Esteban Contu's, Gates at Schohanwicht and Mastery as a side project) I honestly can't find the energy to try that. And Year Two would probably have even more spells, they have to categorize those (Duel/Non duel, Roll/No roll, Damage/No Damage and Hostile/Non hostile for example), so maybe a list of spells that you almost know would be good.
  2. I think all spells that don't have a duel cost specified are inaccessible, Sunshot being an example. I might be wrong, though.
  3. One question concerning the "Master" spell: What does it do exactly? Is it something overt like changing studets into "puppets" (because I can't imagine anyone not noticing that) or does it make that student want to do what you want them to? Also, after the spell ends, does the victim know it was mastered? Because then you would found out really quick.
  4. Yeah, you're most likely missing the Empower Pheme (this was my problem), which can only be unlocked by leveling Field Medicine to 8. Maybe there should be a list of spells that you know, but lack the Phemes to cast? For example the Master spell (Mastery 10) needs the Order Pheme, which is unlocked by Mastery Phemes 11. If the player doesn't know that, it would be easy to think of as a bug. CremePudding - No problem, I was able to figure it out, though someone should add the spell to the Wiki.
  5. So I leveled the Bond using the Calculator, thus raising my Familiar Kinship to 10, too. My problem is that it saying something about a spell I supposedly learned "The Familiar's Gift", but I can't find it anywhere. Help?
  6. I think the Numerology Familiar bond Equation thing might be broken too, as I was able use it sucessfully thrice a week.
  7. @ Adrian: I doubt it, we are wizards after all! If they didn't have magic, they wouldn't be nearly as fearsome.
  8. Well it might actually be more of a capital offense than Mastery, as it seems to be a calling card of dragons. So if you were able to do it, most would think that you were either a dragon in disguise (like the Legate ) or a servant of dragons (like the Watcher?).
  9. Cyx

    Academagia Demo

    Yeah, but most of the people interested in trying a demo would probably start with Year One.
  10. Cyx

    Academagia Demo

    Ah well. Bit of a shame though, as the demo version seems to be running with DLC 4 or 5 (it was released January 2011), because the game has really gotten better since then.
  11. Cyx

    Academagia Demo

    Im trying to get some other people to try this out, so my question is: Does the the DLC work with the demo of the game?
  12. I was reffering to to Revision or Mastery spells, yes. So even though there is no visible manifestation of spells like Positive Alteration of Organic Matter ( a streak of light that you could dodge ) there is stil time for a skilled duelist to negate the spell after it is cast? There would be no sign between the casting and the effect of the spell (unconcious rival) that that could be observed if your rival failed to negate your spell? Because if thats the case, it would make dodging useless the spell your opponent cast doesn't happen to be a fireball. Oh, and one other thing: Why are Palettes a subskill of Enchant?
  13. But in principle it is correct? No streaks of light or anything? The first duelist to to finish his spell has won (assuming they both use the same spell)?
  14. Mastery and Gates @ 1? I don't believe you. ^^

  15. I would assume (not like I know anything about it) that to effectively seal yourself against Mastery, you would have to be deeply immersed in the art. It would probably be similiar to a specific Negation: you have to know what's coming at you, so I don't think it would be overlooked. (This is ignoring the fact that -according to the Wiki- the "Seal Against Mastery" spell in the game only prevents someone else from casting Mastery spells, but maybe this should be in the Suggestions thread...) Oh and I would waste weeks of my life playing an Academagia MMO .
  16. Mastery? Surely not! Wouldn't such a protective spell be forbidden knowledge (and therefore excellent blackmail material )? You know you really hurt my feelings with that insinuation... good thing were all friends here! (Fire, Fire, Rend, Unleash....)
  17. I know! Such a spell could be really dangerous! So it's good that no first year could possibly have such knowledge. Imagine the chaos that could be caused if even a single first year tried to use it in a duel!
  18. So if I were to cast Induce Coma on someone (note that just made that spell up, a spell with the same name may exist, but I have certainly never heard of it ), I would specify the target using the Ideal of "that person that annoys me" and if I am succesful, that person will, uh... fall asleep? There would be no other visible indication that I cast anything? No streak of light or anything? Now that I think of it: wouldn't that make the targetting of my - purely hypothetical - spell, a very delicate matter? I mean, there is probably no "Target: Cosetta Re" Ideal, so if there are several people that annoy me, the spell wouldn't work? Or would all the annoying people feel the effect, but lessened in its intensity?
  19. Did the way Gossip works change? I have the skill at level 9 (-1 due to "Vettor's Methods") and Charm at 4; I must have used it nearly twenty times on various students, but I seem to be unable to raise the relationship by more than one point.
  20. Surprisingly, that makes sense to me . Moving on, how does one define a target for spells? I mean, i always imagined that Incantation spells hit whatever you're pointing your wand at, but is that correct? And how would one specify a target for spells like Wrath of the Comet's tail, Sunshot, or Positive Alteration of human matter?
  21. Well yes, but if you use a specific Negation, you know what you are facing; and I would think that that would make negating the spell both easier and more powerful, but at the same time less useful in duels, where your opponent is likely to use spells you have never heard of. But maybe I am overthinking this.
  22. Well, if you don't know what's flying towards you, a specific Negation wouldn't be of much use, i suppose. Well apparently not .And now I'm confused.
  23. So the first year student do know how to link extra Phemes into a spell, it just won't be explained until Year Three? Moving on, how does Negation work exactly? Does one negate the specific spell coming at them (Negate Spell: Throw Lightning), the general effect of the spell (Negating all lightning based spells), or would Negation in a duel consist of multi-purpose shields of varying quality?
  24. So the game mechanic of adding Phemes only works if the core Phemes of the spell are linked by an Ideal? Would those added Phemes need to be connected the core Phemes somehow, or could one just sketch those anywhere within the Palette?
  25. Ah, so the spells they learn in first year - a cleaning spell for example - are not just made up by Phemes and Border, but parts - like a general cleanliness Ideal - that they learn in class, but they don't understand the concept behind it, meaning they must be careful not to change anything? That would explain why Ideals are never mentioned in Year One. But if that's correct, what would happen if someone just drew up a Border/Palette and sketched Phemes within it without any linking Ideal? Would his creation just blow up in his face?
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