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  1. Sooo... first years can't clean their clothes? How sad.
  2. But how are they worked into spells? Do I draw the Border, thereby defining the Palette, sketch the Phemes and think really hard of the Ideal of a clean shirt? Or is the Ideal defined by the combination of Phemes? But there are spells that use exactly the same Phemes, those would have to be cast with different Ideals, unless there is a third factor that I'm missing... Or are Ideals defined by the Palette/Border? I'm sorry, but this is very interesting
  3. Weren't ideals part of advanced Glamours? What are they exactly and how does one work them into spells?
  4. How would a first year magic his clothes clean then? A special spell for every stain?
  5. This has probably been asked before, but how much control do we have over our spell, in particular in revision? Can first year turn choose what material and shape the object he is revising will have, or does he have to learn a new spell for each option? Also if it is theoretically possible to negate Death, could one change similiar things via revision?
  6. And now we know that the Legate is the Watcher! He's working with the dragons!
  7. Still, the most dangerous thing about dragons seems to be their ability to will spell into being ... if you cancel that out, they are just big flying lizards; and the technology in Elumia sufficently advanced to kill those without too much effort. Also wouldn't anti-magic fields screws the magic keeping your island/ship/flying fortress suspended? Ninjas everywhere!
  8. Negating magic with magic? That might be possible, but wouldn't that make the dragons a bit ... unthreatening?
  9. It's magic though, of course it is easier. Why bother learning how to defend against hordes of enemies with a sword if you can just hurl a fireball at them? Why learn how to construct a pulley if you can just negate gravity? While some skills are irreplaceable - you have to be aware of enemies to defend against them -, those, too, can be augmented by magic. There is a spell which allows you to channel the gods, why bother training for a race if you can just cast that? We're not talking about elemental magic here, the Academagia magic system is nearly "Harry-Potter"-esque in its limitlessness. And, in my oppinion, that's not a bad thing. Yes, characters focusing on non-magical skills will have a harder time in adventures, but thats okay, because from a role-playing perspective that makes sense. At an elite magic school, a wizard in training will have an easier time than a wannabe-lawyer. I think balancing of magic, as it happens in MMO's would be damaging to this game.
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