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  1. It seems i didn't use that email to get it so I don't know if I bought it with another email or one of the other services that no longer work. Thanks anyway for the help
  2. I really can't remember, i'm not sure if it was via BMT Micro or through one of the other stores. Can i use the old email address somewhere to check where i bought it? I'm sure it wasn't on gamersgate or beamdog.
  3. Hello, i bought the game a long time ago and decided to play it again but i remembered the email account i used to buy the game no longer exists. What should i do to receive a new download link? And about the future realease on Steam, will old buyers receive a steam key? Thanks.
  4. It seems i choose a right time to check this game again. I posted 2-3 years ago about Academagia and Steam (http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2571) so it's nice to see the game will be on Steam, specially because the email account i used to buy the game no longer exists.
  5. I have 400 games on Steam, i never had a problem and the reasons why Valve can kill your account are very well defined and most of them are illegal or at least really suspicious like buying a game in the US and paying in €, buying a game through Steam that is not available in your region, etc. I have the client always open because i use steam chat to talk with friends instead of other programs and also keeps my games updated and it's really easy to play multiplayer games with friends. If i want to play a game in a second computer i only have to download it no matter where i am and in some games it will sync your savegames. I'm not saying Steam is perfect but there is a reason why Steam is the most important gaming platform on PC and why on peak hours theres more than 5 million people connected playing games.
  6. I try to keep informed about new games from developers i like, that have published interesting games that i liked or indie studios in general. It's normal that Greenlight didn't work for Scheherazade because i didn't even know that Black Chicken Studios released a new game and also didn't know that they did a kickstarter for a new one. Greenlight it's a good tool to publish your game through Steam but the people has to know that the game is there so they can vote. I'm not saying that advertising it's the solution to everything but it would certainly help.
  7. I bought Academagia a long time ago but i never bothered registering here at the forums. I remember that i read before that the developers tried submitting the game to Steam but it was denied. That was before and now it's widely know that it was pure luck if an indie game got to Steam. Any idea if Black Chicken Studios has tried it again now that Greenlight it's working? Some games that were previously denied now are going to be on Steam thanks to the new system. Personally i would buy the game again just to have it on Steam.
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