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  1. Let's just put it this way: 1. Since Gates is forbidden, Gates users have taken great care to (literally) hide the whereabouts of the school--thus the Portal Key. 2. You cannot attend the school without first being invited, and you must show you are gifted in Gates to receive that invite--thus the Invitation Letter. Therefore, you must have the Portal Key to even get to the school's Location, and you must have the Invitation Letter to access all the school has to offer. Lucien, as far as I know, you're the first person to get the letter. Did you get it through the Mysterious Package, or through other means? ETA: The Portal Key gives you access to two more forbidden Gates Locations, so you can use it, even if you can't access the school.
  2. Cosplay photos FTW!, but only if you're cosplaying as the NPCs (and I assume that's what you meant).
  3. BattleMace tournaments? Sounds like a location to me! Nice work, mecharm!
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