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  1. Thanks, That was exactly it. I'm all fixed now, cheers for the quick and clear response!
  2. Hi all, This is a pretty er...embarrassing question. But I can't find the Cleanse and Remake spell. It says I know it but just where abouts is it exactly? It's a spell right? It should be where the spells are shouldn't it? ... maybe I didn't read something properly...
  3. Thanks, glad you like of course the original pictures have a lot more personality but I can't paint that well. As for the boy he was intended to have sort of a young Tom Riddle face! I guess they overlap in their gloominess!
  4. Old thread but thought I may as well tag along the timeline. I mixed up a few portraits for myself and figured I'd share them anyway...pasty as they are. I'm looking forward to the the artist's year two portraits
  5. Ah, spells of course! I cast revision of skills on one of the lower check/roll options and it worked. How dumb that I didn't think of it. I need to find me that adventuring spell (sounds handy) and maybe work on my familiar. Poor guys been seriously neglected. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hi, New player with a question here. I seem to be stuck halfway on a few adventures (the ones I want to finish most) where even though I've maxed out the skills and subskills, I don't seem to pass the checks/rolls. My options remain either red/purple and end up failing me fairly all the time. I've tried working around and getting through on skills OUTSIDE of my characters speciality but as a player I feel like it's a sad waste of resources and time doing so (in game time that is) which is a little frustrating. I mean why show me the option that suits me and then not let me use it? Surely I'm playing incorrectly somehow. What exactly am I doing wrong here?
  7. Thanks for the quick response, now I can cancel my 19% published mod it was flat out pulverizing my computer! For now I'll change the one portrait and cross my fingers for that list. Cheers!
  8. I know this is an old post, but on the off chance someone reads this I had to ask. Is there a way or a method in which I can identify Student Portraits from their Resource file names? I noticed there was a pretty comprehensive list here already but it only goes up to the letter L. And just my luck the character portrait I'm looking to edit in particular is Tabin Furenzti. Letter T. I have Mod tools, but it seems excessive to spend 6+ hours publishing a mod for one image (since I have no interest in altering anything but the portrait). I've already replaced two of the Player Preset Student Portraits which took like two minutes. But for future reference it would be nice if I knew how to read the Resource file names in general. Otherwise, if anyone knows Tabin Furenzti's resource file name straight up, I'd really like to know it too.
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