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    Skip Mode

    Well, I kinda 'fixed' it in a quite boring way, but it's fixed so.. I played Roland's path all the way again (using the Skip All text function) and it's now working properly. I guess it was something to do with my last playthrough.. I really don't know, but I can now play another path with skip mode so it's all okay! Time for Sterling's path!
  2. KaitSrz

    Skip Mode

    Thank you so much for the quick response! Well - that's what I find strange. Even hitting tab - it just won't skip text. It's basically like if I had never played the game at all, though all my saves are there.. I'm guessing it's a bug? But if I start a new game, read some lines and start again, the game skips only those lines. Weird.
  3. KaitSrz

    Skip Mode

    Hello! So I've recently started playing the game and I have just finished Roland's path - I'm loving this game so far! So, the thing is.. I want to start again and try another path, but I started a new game and noticed it won't skip text at all. Am I supposed to read everything all over again or am I just doing something wrong? Could it be a bug? Not that it would be so much trouble to read it again, but I'd like to know if I could skip it. Thank you in advance!~ Oh, and congratulations on such an awesome game!
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