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  1. Got'em!
  2. Free; They can be devastating, but most that occur are mild and uncommon overall. Public buildings, and those of wealthier families, are intended to last- otherwise, most people tend to rebuild. I'll have to direct you to the Lores for the last part.
  3. Rhialto; 1) No, not really- but very difficult familiars can be exception. 2) Pet specific? Not as far as I know. 3) There has been a lot of research in this area, but as with most research related to Familiars, it's inconclusive.
  4. Alright, the Team is discussing it.
  5. S; That is a great idea, actually- I'll set something up. Any suggestions for a fun title?
  6. Cuuuute!
  7. None yet.
  8. Seal of Approval.
  9. You've missed the all important percentage of the battle!
  10. Got it!
  11. v_L; I can't say, other than there is quite a bit of testing, and some UI work related to air combat. I believe there's another pass related to weather, too, but I don't have an ETA. As soon as can be, I think.
  12. Done!
  13. Rhi; 1) In an Auncesay? No, but of course political theater treads a fine line. 2) You'll have to ask them.
  14. Recorded.
  15. Recorded.