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  1. Rhi; If they have, it would certainly be [Redacted]. But fuel for nightmares, of course.
  2. S; From the Team: "One of the more famous is built into a pavilion at the town hall of Höchstädt-on-the-Buranau in Zoedorf, and it's called "the Dance of the Silver Princes" after a local romantic saga. It has 144 automated dancers (though the majority just bob up and down; only 48 have more complicated patterns), and it runs continuously for just under a month in any given year - from the night of the Festival of Lanterns to Juvenalia. It's about sixty-five years old. If you know the story, you can make out details - the burgomeister being hauled away after failing to poison the youngest prince (who's dancing with his fiancee, freshly restored from her time as a white deer), the party of traveling scholars from the Academy stealing food from the grand feasting table, and the two hunters who had thought they were long-lost siblings discovering that it was actually safe to marry."
  3. S; Yeah, and we need warnings when you are straying into peril, too.
  4. Schwarzbart; Your journey in Y2 can be cut short if you aren't careful, yes. The Adventures are written this way as well.
  5. Rhi; No comment. ...but I am pretty sure that Mr. Pebbles can't easy be gotten rid of...
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