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  1. Hmmm, likely the Student in question would receive a stern talking to regarding poetry...but that would be it, provided it didn't happen again in public.
  2. T_H; Personally, I *think* AR is trying to do something else with her talk about emotions...;)
  3. Metis; 1) Likely they would think they were mad, or at least heretical. 2) The Imperial Temple would become involved.
  4. Schwarzbart; Not quite true- several of the more prominent islands have very hot or even molten interiors; it's supposed to be a remnant of the forces that originally tore the islands from Cyve to begin with. The remnants of Monteon are heavily seared with frequent lava flows. And, of course, there are famous places with 'natural' lava which can be accessed from the surface- Oan's home city is one. But, yes, very different access to studying natural geological phenomena.
  5. Rhi; It's comparable to the Renaissance. Classifications have happened, but there's not a significant understanding of how rock is formed.
  6. Parnesius; At Launch, only the oceans can be traversed. But...you never know what surprises may lurk.
  7. No Dev Update yet. When Equipment is Done (tm), it will be out. But I can't say more than that.
  8. Mmm-hmmm. I learned that lesson some time ago.
  9. Nope, although we just talked about it Monday.
  10. Dreyer in particular.
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