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  1. Generally, the rule with the Seiyuu is if they have a connection to the ship, we prioritize them. At game start (the very first time you log in) you see all the Flags. You may not be able to select from all of them, though. You'll learn more about the cards in Equipment. All Channel gains are test values. You’d never see so many all at once. You’ll see those in their final form in Store. It’s random who leads on the Banter, but weighted to your Flagship fairly heavily. Books! Starters can be obtained in a Campaign, with the exception of the KS exclusive Belles, which are only available via Events, beginning about a year after Launch. Us too! But Done is first.
  2. Dmnt; No- meaning her family has a connection to the ship itself. A member who served aboard her.
  3. S; 1) The actual date is subject to conjecture- if there are any written records, they are with the Dragons. It’s believed it may be anywhere from 3 to 6 thousand years ago. 2) There are oral accounts which have survived as myth and legends. Most of the old libraries and literate societies were destroyed by the Dragons after the Exile. Certainly no lands have fallen except Monteon, during the Cataclysm.
  4. What S wrote is true. You’ll find it varies if you don’t have it, but you can get on track.
  5. Dmnt; Canarias was written by a native speaker, and the actress’ heritage is Spanish (and connected to Canarias herself!) but her pronunciation may need to be thought of. I don’t know myself. M; She’s not default, but if she was unlocked you’d have her as a choice. Selection is alphabetical I believe. P; They vary widely- some demand several Fleets if you want to win in time. Others can safely be accomplished by just one.
  6. S; None. But at least for H2, I wouldn’t expect anything until after Y2. Certaintly after VB at the very least.
  7. S; It is thought not other Pillar has such intrinsic instability- all other randomness has either been proved not to be random, or is theorized not to be. Of course, Gates was originally not as random as it is today...
  8. No Update next week due to Comic Con.
  9. Rhialto; Acceptable? Sure! ...may be editing for inclusion, though...;)
  10. I can neither confirm nor deny.
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