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  1. Rhi; 1) Anything is possible...with enough research/dev time. Let's say that the Team probably won't focus there, at least to start. 2) No, I wouldn't think so, although of course it may require updates as the years come out.
  2. I think it's likely unavoidable that Achievements don't span the years (as cool as that would be!)
  3. We like the idea of rewarding players that have done both, but mechanically...would not be straightforward to do, unfortunately.
  4. Metis; Heh, I think they combined them for that reason, but I'll ask.
  5. Schwarzbart; I bet they'd accept that- let me pass it on.
  6. Rhi & Schwarzbart; The reply! "1) The Razzia (or the Razzian Watch). They've been around, in one capacity or another, since the eighth century; the Captain is increasingly using them as his personal guard, as the mercenary company he came up with is getting older and less focused on his individual well-being. There are probably about 3000 total at the moment. 2) In Minetan usage, a "fechtbuch" is really any kind of martial arts manual that might have been found in the libraries of the great war dukes of Staade in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Fencing manuals are a subcategory. 3) The most common maps are probably "travelers' maps," and those are stylized and wildly imprecise. They tend to be little more than major landmarks connected by the roads a traveler is supposed to take to get from point A to point B - with the length of the road on the map representing the number of days you can expect to travel rather than objective distance - so a path through a swamp will appear to be longer than an old Imperial road, even if in real terms they're the same length. It's really the visual equivalent of "start at the foot of the mountain and take the low road for three days until you see the red temple, then take the west path at the crossroads for four days." And, yes, different printers will have wildly different maps even of the same routes, depending on what they know and what they choose to emphasize. Navigational maps for airships tend to be better about objective measurements, but extremely low-detail about what's actually on the ground; they tend to just highlight hazards and ports. Imperial Survey Maps are the closest to what we know and expect today, and there are licensed sellers of these maps scattered around Mineta - they're not hard to find. (Note that they're not updated annually, but most are at least from the correct century.) But, really, these are only genuinely popular among land-owners and engineers (including military engineers, unsurprisingly). Most people consider them to be impersonal and unhelpful, oddly enough."
  7. Rhi; Interesting- alright, I'll ask. But I think in general the idea is that you use the side panels to display that kind of thing. I'll submit it.
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