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  1. Rhi; No, rather, there are a number factors and nothing totally 'constrains'.
  2. Rhi; Criteria can be a thing in dating, yes, but it's not quite as 0 or 1 as that.
  3. Rhi; Yep- I don't think they're likely to do the spoilers piece meal, though.
  4. S; Yep, it's got a name, but I'll have to look it up.
  5. It is not encouraged, but there is a sort of a tradition around it- nonetheless, if it is found, they will remove it. Some Students simply come by after the cleaning is done and leave it, of course.
  6. M; Very thoroughly, although some things can slip through the cracks, of course.
  7. S; Hmmm. I don't think the db would necessarily be the issue, but Y1 and Y2 engines would have to be 'taught' to know what data/rules to use.
  8. Irene; What Metis said. Otherwise, you are free to do any fan translation you like.
  9. Rhi; I wouldn't imagine it happening any time soon- it takes time, unfortunately.
  10. S; From the Team: "Professor Briardi probably wouldn't object to the research in principle - rune-breaking is a worthy magical pursuit if done in the right places for the right reasons. But she would be hesitant to let one of her students travel to distant islands to examine a site of documented Gates resonance. Just seems like asking for trouble."
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