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  1. This really is so much fun!
  2. Rhi; 1) Yes, definitely. They are unwanted neighbors by most of the City. 2) Hmmm. No. 3) I can only refer you to the Lores for this one.
  3. Cooool!
  4. S; Yes, although not as a part of the curriculum of Y2.
  5. S; Glamour can certainly do it- but you often need better knowledge of the Spell being cast in order to fool it.
  6. S; This is pretty complex- there is magic that can disguise what typical finding spells are looking for, yes. They are principally in Negation.
  7. That's a fun one. I'll ask.
  8. Free; I can't say yet. There isn't, in Y2, any kind of attention paid to skill mastery for Spells.
  9. S & R; 1) Strong? No. 2) Not large, no. 2b) I'll ask to see how much they wish to reveal. 3) Definitely! 4) Yes, but as you can imagine they do not last very long.
  10. Free; That would definitely be spoiler-y territory. Rhi; Yes, of course- they are in the Lores, though- no active characters. 1) If they can be afforded, yes. 2) Yes, and situationally- it depends on the city, generally.
  11. Free; That's a fun one- it began with the Wizard of Earthsea, and a D&D campaign that book inspired set in a school of magic. I believe the original campaign must have been in '85. You might say that the background lore and the history have been hammered out until the present day...and will continue to be!
  12. Dmnt; Yesssssss....where could she be?
  13. S; Yep- they were not Proscribed. 2) I cannot say. 3) I also cannot answer this one.