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  1. Schwarzbart & Rhi; "To Schwarzbart: We need to remember that bit. The easiest place to find old Icanix stories/traditions is in the restricted section of the Venalicium - if you know what you're looking for, anyway. Sometimes you can find these stories out of the Restricted section, in cases where the subject isn't obvious or known by the librarians. As for connections in stories between Gates magic and spirit possession - oh, that's not [redacted]. That's Minetan pop culture - it's the stuff of campfire tales, particularly at the Academagia itself. "Student leans an old, mysterious set of phemes and opens a Gate to show off, and at first nothing seems to happen. But then things start breaking around her dorm, and her personality seems to darken, and then somebody notices her eyes have changed color, etc." Seemingly innocent Gates magic turning around to destroy the caster in one way or another has been the stuff of magical horror for centuries. Nonetheless frowned upon."
  2. y-sama; "All we can really say with confidence is that Avila and Hedi often appear together in very ancient art; there are even a few folk songs that seem to suggest that they were sisters or close cousins, though that's not generally taken literally. (There's also one ancient poem, surviving only in fragments, that seems to suggest that Hedi betrayed Avila at a key moment - though what that moment would have been isn't preserved.) It's fairly clear that they were frequent allies, though. As for Icanix/Icanicix/Icanxix: no, she seems genuinely to have been well-loved for most of her life, though there are all sorts of stories about her having to leave civilization to live in the wild during periods of either madness, haunting or possession (depending on how you read them). In the oldest surviving stories, her work with Gates was generally presented as heroic self-sacrifice rather than a moral failing. Those stories can't really be told in public anymore."
  3. Rhi; Well, all abilities are added in the Mod Tool, just like Y1. It makes the entry easy, at least.
  4. M; "1. In theory, a crime committed anywhere in the Empire is a crime in Mineta. In practice, realistically, a thief from Meril who makes it to the city is unlikely to be pursued or detained; the city guard has too much else on its plate to keep up with fugitive reports from faraway places unless the crimes are really spectacular (or inconvenient for the Captain). Criminals from farther afield are a somewhat different story. Would the Guard get in the way of bounty hunters from the south? Probably not, if the latter were responsible enough to carry paperwork and explain what they're about; religion might play a role here, too. 2. The Captain claims the Imperial power to grant full and unconditional pardons - but he's never actually tested it, because it's not at all clear that the Duke of Thiomenes would accept its validity if that card were played. The Captain and/or the Minetan Council can also offer sanctuary within the city limits, though, and that's pretty much uncontested. A criminal who gets to Mineta and makes a case for clemency can remain free within the city itself. 3. As a rule, convincing proof of innocence (or really spectacular oratory proclaiming innocence), a meritorious show of contrition (usually, but not always, either a gift to or a term of service with the city or one of its temples), or a recognized conservator - a figure of high standing willing to put his/her/their reputation on the line to guarantee the supplicant's good behavior and good intentions. The latter started out, historically, as a form of house arrest, but the terms became much more forgiving over time."
  5. Rhi; (Almost) all Y1 Students have new Clique Abilities. These further depend on whether you have done their Stories.
  6. KK; LOL! Procyon; There's going to be a little overage, so some will be available. But I can't say how much, for how long, though.
  7. Rhi; I don't think so! As for the Tome, I am not sure. I don't think so, though.
  8. lazarus; Brits and Americans, yes.
  9. Ninja; Alas, that is true. Although of course it is significantly more easy to get ahold of them in VB than, say, in the real world. Edit: I had to look it up- the weight of a Dual 61cm launcher, crew and magazine is ~29 tons, whereas a UK 21" Quad launcher, crew and magazine is ~25 tons. You'll have to decide if the 'stealth' and explosive power is worth it.
  10. Ninja; I'm not going to deny that they can explode, but...they are efficient.
  11. KK; Exactly. You can spend R&D time perfecting them, if you wish. Although I imagine everyone will just try to get the Japanese Torpedoes ASAP and call it day.
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