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  1. Rhi; I wouldn't imagine it happening any time soon- it takes time, unfortunately.
  2. S; From the Team: "Professor Briardi probably wouldn't object to the research in principle - rune-breaking is a worthy magical pursuit if done in the right places for the right reasons. But she would be hesitant to let one of her students travel to distant islands to examine a site of documented Gates resonance. Just seems like asking for trouble."
  3. Free and S; "1) It's said that, at various points in their old ages, the former students each enjoyed one day when all their aches and pains were simply gone, and when they slept they had healing dreams of childhood adventures. That said, no, it doesn't appear that any of them reported any unusual sensations when the spell failed. As to why it failed: the handful of forensic astrologers who have investigated the incident over the years broadly agree that a student's familiar (possibly a chipmunk) discovered what was going on and found a way to interfere with Erato's work - probably with the help of an enchanted mirror. 2) There's a Baron Summerland in Thewkes whose paternal grandmother claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of "the Mariner King," and had both exotic jewelry and really weird astrological portents to back up her claims to connection to the old line. The Summerland family added an orca to their family crest in the current baron's father's generation. Not much can be said about the mysterious Mariner King himself - he appears to have been a Gates mage, and he left a cluster of rune-marked stones (since defaced) around a saltwater lake in western Mall Borough."
  4. Rhi; The Team hasn't said, so I better not. But as always, I'll carry your words back.
  5. M; "Yes. It's a stylized orca - for which no contemporaneous references exist, but which survives in distorted form in folk legend and a preserved set of bones. It's understood that they were almost as big as dragons, traveled in cooperative groups, and occasionally took human form to intermarry with human royalty and/or exceptional sailors back before the islands divorced the sea. They were noble, fiercely loyal, and good omens."
  6. Rhi; "Oh, we suspect that Sima has a pretty good idea about Lambert's more... out-of-school interests. She wouldn't lightly call attention to them, though, and she wouldn't be in a hurry to confirm anyone else's suspicions - both because she actually respects Lambert and because he might know things about her that she wouldn't want shared. ;-)"
  7. S; And there are many problems with Glamours here, too.
  8. Free; "There are stories of mages having hundreds of spells maintained simultaneously - but whether this is braggadocio or fact is unknown. Even the Academy doesn't have authenticated records of this kind; it's not a field of endeavor that lends itself well to competition, and most of the wizards powerful enough to maintain scores or more spells at a time simply don't like to advertise the catalogue of magics at their command."
  9. S; +/- on the numpad is the general way to increase the font, but some of the elements can't be increased this way, unfortunately.
  10. Rhi; Mmm, you'd have to ask them, I suppose.
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