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  1. S; "As a field of study, this is pretty much forbidden to students. So what follows is by definition untrustworthy. Still, in terms of folklore, dragons seem more like the gods of Olympus: a complicated and vast family rather than a collection of distinct breeds. When it’s said that true wyverns are likely related to dragons, incidentally, the thought is actually that they were a kind of Familiar race, possibly created by Gates. But nobody even begins to know for sure."
  2. Rhi; "It would be relatively common knowledge, inasmuch as the player character didn't bat an eye over it in the von Wetgen adventure. Ground wyverns are probably relatively famous, even if few people have ever seen them - they're just draconic enough to be dramatic, but they're not considered inherently evil, and that makes them interesting."
  3. S & Rhi; "The critters in Beatrix's adventure were specifically crimson-tailed ground wyverns - not exactly popular with the people of Elumia, but probably more like an Asian water monitor than a "true" wyvern; on the other hand, what we saw in the Broken Pines adventure was winged, fire-breathing, and much, much, much closer to being outright draconic. That was the type that was thought to have been completely wiped out in ages past."
  4. Rhi; No, in case things are re-opened or dropped.
  5. Rhi; No, it just means you can't control when the term starts.
  6. S; Yep, although some actions/areas are not available at certain Time Slots, of course.
  7. Free; "1. Oh, Alazzo is a talented craftsman, but you'd have to call him... maybe a gifted hobbyist? He excelled as an enchanter when he was in school himself, then didn't do much with it as an adult - certainly professionally - until he was brought on as Regent. He's less rusty now than he was when he first took the job, and is certainly capable of giving intelligent, detailed criticism and commentary, but nobody would mistake him for a mastercraftsman. Note that that isn't something he's embarrassed about; the overwhelming majority of Vernin alumni are in the same boat, or are even less skilled. 2. Rather than directly answer the question, we'll just note that any student who spends a serious amount of time at Schohanwicht will discover that a number of Gates wizards through the years have felt very strongly that Gates wouldn't be illegal at all if Mastery mages hadn't conspired to bring them down. Gates "culture" is hardly monolithic, but for a lot of practitioners there's kind of a romanticized view of themselves as libertarian explorers - whereas Mastery mages just want slaves. The popular association between the two disciplines among the uninitiated is widely seen as grossly unfair, basically. At the same time, you'd be right to say that they would hardly call in the Minetan Guard. ;)"
  8. S; "Yes, Astrology can confuse Astrology. (Technically Astrology should be incapable of delivering false information, but it can be made to give information that’s hard to correctly interpret.) As for Gates: [Redacted]"
  9. "Oh, yeah, Rikildis would've had a field day - but she would've been more focused on chaos in the classroom, prank war ramifications, and how long the player character would be in detention. For Lambert, at least in year one, Mr. Pebbles falls into a blind spot. Lambert likes subtle mysteries and grand conspiracies, and that's not what Mr. Pebbles looks like at a glance. At some point, when he's older, he might start taking Mr. P. very seriously indeed. Professor Badcrumble is... keeping quiet too. Suffice it to say that she's done astrological studies of all the familiars - as well as all the students. It's not meant to be comprehensive or privacy-violating, but if there's a strong likelihood of disaster the school would like to be prepared. So... it's possible steps are being taken behind the scenes. But the player character isn't in on them."
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