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  1. Rhi; Not sure if you've been following the requests, but the Y2 class list during the Y1 year is what the ask was.
  2. Alright, update from our meeting: No Update on the 13th due to vacation, and Updates will then resume on the 20th.
  3. Free; No, rather that the Class list for Y2 in Y1 would be.
  4. Rhi; I'm not entirely sure, but it's certainly possible- if it was broken and unreported, there's very little chance we would have caught it. Might be something for the Patch.
  5. Draven; Because of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we're skipping. There's an Update for next week, though.
  6. Rhi; I think you could certainly invent cultural groups in the Adventures, yes.
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