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  1. Got it!
  2. Hahaha!
  3. Rhi; Ha! When Y2 is announced.
  4. Yeah.
  5. Well, Battle Engine integrated and Done would be pretty triumphant. Recorded!
  6. Got'em all! v_L; It was held as usual on Wednesday, but they're waiting on a few algorithm streamlines before the triumphant reveal. If that takes a longer time, I think they'll publish the status.
  7. Rhi; Yes, and usually it is illegal by local law.
  8. This really is so much fun!
  9. Rhi; 1) Yes, definitely. They are unwanted neighbors by most of the City. 2) Hmmm. No. 3) I can only refer you to the Lores for this one.
  10. Cooool!
  11. S; Yes, although not as a part of the curriculum of Y2.
  12. S; Glamour can certainly do it- but you often need better knowledge of the Spell being cast in order to fool it.
  13. S; This is pretty complex- there is magic that can disguise what typical finding spells are looking for, yes. They are principally in Negation.
  14. That's a fun one. I'll ask.