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  1. Rhi; 1) [Redacted] 2) Yes.
  2. Rhi; No...it is mostly underground. It doesn't have a specific real-world equivalent.
  3. Rhi; 1) Kind of- Sung is. 2) Yes.
  4. Hee hee hee!
  5. Rhi; Oh no, not at all- but there are some advantages, since the reader is presumably already prepared to use their imagination.
  6. No, it was primarily do to breakthroughs in Glamours, which made them a bit easier to cast and did away with some of the physical needs the spells had.
  7. Rhi; It was much more common in the past, but it is still often seen these days.
  8. Hmmm. I'll raise it up again, but that seems strange- it's a pretty simple fix.
  9. Rhi; More the second part of the question was [Redacted]. 1 & 2) Definitely, both are present in aspects of the worship of the New Gods. 3) It would be legal in civil law, but likely illegal in canon law. 4) You'd have to ask them.
  10. Free; I'm not sure *that* question has ever made the rounds. I'll ask.
  11. Captains, the Naval War College is interested in what you would like to see in two Fleets of 7, battling it out. The only two rules are: 1) Your choices must be among the revealed Belles. 2) You must select 1 Carrier and 1 Submarine in each Fleet. ...bonus points if you explain why you would like these 14. The War College will tabulate all the votes and you will see the results when the Battle Engine completes integration!
  12. Rhi; That must remain [Redacted].
  13. lazarus; I believe I already have you recorded- are these the same as before, or have they changed?
  14. Great suggestions!
  15. Just a quick bump for the last call for the first of the Fleet Exercises. The Team plans to mash some of these up, so if you have more pairings to suggest- now's the time!
  16. Hahaha! Yes, Spoilers. I'll certainly ask.
  17. Free; No, but that sounds...educational.
  18. Rhi; There is time to work on the Bond, yes.
  19. Rhi; 1) [Redacted] 2) Kinda. 3) Oh yes. 4) Not yet, but there is an update for Schwarzbart! Schwarzbart; Generally speaking, it would be "Esteri" for a group, and "Estero/Estera" for the individual masculine and feminine.
  20. Rhi; I'll ask to see.
  21. Rhialto; Correct.
  22. Rhi; 1) Where it is, yes. 2) The best ones do, definitely. Almost indispensable, if your audience is wealthy.
  23. Rhi; 1) No, not at all! 2) Nope.
  24. Rhi; From your lips to God's ears.
  25. SC; Oh, you're going to love Y2, then. Unfortunately, there isn't a way in Y1.