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  1. Great, welcome back!
  2. Yeah, I did that just a week ago. *shiver*
  3. Yes.
  4. Thanks, I'll let them know.
  5. Metis; If such a plan existed, it would be... [Redacted]
  6. 108echoes; Hmmm- I'll raise this with the Team- that's a long time. What is your e-mail handle? Thanks!
  7. Schwarzbart; 1) 2) They should, if they don't already. I guess it depends on if you keep it a secret, and how serious it is?
  8. Free; For that, you'd have to ask her. Rhialto; Certainly they have, and fairly recently, too. It's usually a matter of whose opposing interests were checked, in regards to its legality...;)
  9. Metis; Yeah. Rhialto; It can certainly be an ecclesiastical crime, yes. The specific crime is levied Against the Natural Order of Elumia.
  10. Rhi; 1) Unknown...;) 2) Absolutely. 3) It can, and is fairly commonly used for this purpose amongst the Nobility. 4) Amongst the Nobility, not uncommon. Most view it as tempting the gods, however. 5) Definitely.
  11. Ninja; On that I do not know.
  12. Ninjapacman; No, more like you have the option to attend more than the main party if you have unlocked those Belles.
  13. v_L; The party takes place regardless if you have unlocked Mississippi, but you do need the individual Belles for their scenes, if you want to experience those.
  14. Rhialto; 1) Yes, much more so. But games-houses and taverns, especially in the larger cities, make them free or affordable. 2) Exerting pressure can be done via Negation, although it's difficult to say if that is 'gravity' per se.
  15. What S wrote- it is indeed known. It's long since overtaken by other, more magical games, but it is still widely played.
  16. Excellent.
  17. Schwarzbart; The same.
  18. For me, I'm whiling away the time creating a new Ars Magica character to play in Schwarzbart's solo game. Hard to find the time, though. Too many options.
  19. Rhi; Definitely not impossible.
  20. Rhialto; You never know what may come! But, as you may have noticed, the Team works at a steady pace and delivers when it's ready to go. That's the way of it, and though we may all regret the lengthy times, we always do deliver. As to the Steam thread, we've been here, right on this forum, the whole time. And we're not going anywhere, either.
  21. Ooooh, that's a good idea! We'll have to think of something unique.
  22. Rhi; 1) That depends on the Instructor...and they are very keen to avoid Students knowing that information. 2) Revision does not create new matter, although Incantation does. However, it's more complex than that. It is possible to revise an elephant so that it is small or larger, and this is not considered to be the loss or creation of new material. It has to do with Ideals.
  23. Free; 1) [Redacted]! 2) Parts of the Glamour might lose their 'sense'. Glamoured food might become bland, or transparent, etc. 3) I think that must be a mistake, but I'll ask. As to her response, all the Instructors are well rounded...or are supposed to be.