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  1. Rhi; I can't comment, but the suggestion is to create a new character, or use an incoming 1st year.
  2. Rhi; The claims are non-specific...;)
  3. "There's clear precedent for that in one of the familiar's spirit walks. The phenomenon itself is broadly associated with Negation, since it involves really complicated bits of metamagic. That said, generally speaking, human beings have generally been most successful at doing it via enchantment - sleeping with strange jewelry or in very unusual houses. Note that some mages claim to be able to accomplish it solely through practice and meditation, though it's not easy to confirm."
  4. I will ask. Edit: Both are considered to be 'very cool'.
  5. Schwarzbart; Actually, we were just talking about that yesterday- not yet, though.
  6. Rhi; It is not that it's easier, but it's easier to make the target 'aware' with the eyes than with the ears.
  7. Well, then they'd know it was a Glamour, but otherwise, yes.
  8. Rhialto; Yes, but the Target must be 'aware' of the Glamour. For reasons of ease, this is most often done by visualization.
  9. Rhi; Skills, yes. Sub skills? Maybe a few more will come or go.
  10. Order of operation? I would assume it is the same.
  11. Rhi; 1) Didn't I answer this one? I thought I did, but perhaps not- the answer is yes. 2) I would think so.
  12. Yes, and [Redacted]. It's possible they will.
  13. Rhi; 1) Yep. 2) Also yep. 3) The number in Y1 is a minimum...;)
  14. You'd better ask @freespace2dotcom on that one.
  15. It's a great suggestion! I think we'll do a few more video interviews, not sure about reels.
  16. Rhi; No- for the reasons Metis mentioned. The launch is likely to be crazy.
  17. Metis; Mmmm. You're right, better give it a few months after to steady before they're ready to talk.
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