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  1. Same.
  2. Dmnt; Yep!
  3. Zurichan; I hope we've tackled that topic head-on: there was a massive refactoring effort to replace the back-end, shortly after our first push for Beta. That's still underway, although the most significant part of it (the Battle Engine) is in optimization, testing the iOS port and some UI work. Once that's complete, and the final production Battle Engine is ready, the Team plans to show it in a series of videos. After that point, you should see gameplay Updates fairly frequently as we add the successive bits of the game (some may take longer than others; the Crafting part of the game is actually fairly extensive.) We're dead serious about getting this game out as completely true to the vision of the Kickstarter, and that means as much quality as we can bake in. Sorry for the delay, but over on this side, it's all hands on deck.
  4. v_L; There are *many* bases, but you'll have to lease them in game. You begin with two, however.
  5. A quick note- Hel is the port for Poland (I believe that was announced in the Kickstarter), primarily for story reasons.
  6. Got'em!
  7. Free; They can be devastating, but most that occur are mild and uncommon overall. Public buildings, and those of wealthier families, are intended to last- otherwise, most people tend to rebuild. I'll have to direct you to the Lores for the last part.
  8. Rhialto; 1) No, not really- but very difficult familiars can be exception. 2) Pet specific? Not as far as I know. 3) There has been a lot of research in this area, but as with most research related to Familiars, it's inconclusive.
  9. Alright, the Team is discussing it.
  10. S; That is a great idea, actually- I'll set something up. Any suggestions for a fun title?
  11. Cuuuute!
  12. None yet.
  13. Seal of Approval.
  14. You've missed the all important percentage of the battle!
  15. Got it!
  16. v_L; I can't say, other than there is quite a bit of testing, and some UI work related to air combat. I believe there's another pass related to weather, too, but I don't have an ETA. As soon as can be, I think.
  17. Done!
  18. Rhi; 1) In an Auncesay? No, but of course political theater treads a fine line. 2) You'll have to ask them.
  19. Recorded.
  20. Recorded.
  21. Got'em!
  22. General Patton; That Story has not yet been revealed...;) Also, recorded!
  23. Hmmm, I'll record the votes...even a hypothetical option 11.
  24. Recorded. Also, there may be more than meets the eye...muahahaha.
  25. A group of us had the chance to tour the USS Iowa (and spend a lot of time with her rangefinders!) last year. Not to be missed!