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  1. Once again the War College has allowed me to share the results before the Update. You *may* not be able to tell, but we're getting tingly again. "Pilots, as indispensable as are, don't want to integrate nicely with the Fleet Air Arm. The War College is cracking down on these 'aces', 'flyboys' and 'helldivers', but they have been genuinely stubborn. Their aircraft have proven far more accommodating, thankfully. Fighters tangle with one another in a dogfight, breaking off when unengaged to bring down enemy bombers. Dive Bombers and Glide Bombers make their deadly dives- one more accurate and safer from the tepid anti-air of '39 than the other. Torpedo Bombers follow after, hoping to reap the benefits of any suppressive effects previous attacks have had, and while a Belle underway can easily dodge their payloads, Anvil attacks can cause devastating damage to even the most agile target. Two changes have arisen during integration: Level Bombers will not be integrated for the '39 client as...well, frankly, they may be able to hit a pickle barrel at altitude, but if that barrel is under way...they just take up space. These beautiful, massive aircraft are too lovely not to return, but they won't be present at start. Similarly, while Fighters with bombs can Glide Bomb, Strafing will *probably* not be integrated for '39. This type of attack is very useful if you have air superiority, but it will almost certainly have to wait for after launch due targeting issues. Pilot Experience is the barrier to complete the transformation of the Battle engine. Once this is overcome, the integration of the overall client can resume. At best speed, the Team will hold the next Beta vote in mid-April, and Updates will continue as normal. The War College is preparing a little surprise for the fans, once the Battle engine is ready, and we'd like you to vote for [redacted until the Update]."
  2. RA; Pilot Experience, yes. They are working on that now, but the solution may take some time to unravel. Planes work quite a bit differently than other forms of 'equipment'.
  3. Rhi; When the Team's ready, I'll be first to let you know. Y2 Adventures are similar to Y1 in basic structure, but there are a few other modes of success and failure. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to discuss them in detail, but suffice to say that it is easier to cast spells and use items inside of an Adventure.
  4. lazarusdw; I am forbidden! But this is going out with the Update, and it's not Redacted there, so you'll find out very soon.
  5. RA; Awww.
  6. That is very interesting. U-boats, on the other hand, can't be very cheery, can they?
  7. Otherwise you have to rely on the torpedo protection systems?
  8. Got it!
  9. Alright Captains, let's have your votes!
  10. I hear summer's down south are fantastic!
  11. Got it!
  12. Recorded, including the change!
  13. Got'em!
  14. Haha! Done.
  15. Got'em!
  16. Mignonette; I cannot spoil the thunder, alas.
  17. lazarus; Depending on the results, you may very well be right.
  18. v_L; I can't say *too* much, but a video approaches. I don't know the timing of that, though.
  19. Recorded.
  20. Got'em!
  21. LH; I believe it is, yes.
  22. Questions! @Legate of Mineta 1. So, Schohanwicht can memory-wipe people. Does this mean that they have access to/knowledge of mastery? [Redacted]! 2. Are Miya and Malthezar citizens? If not, can they not race horses at Chyte? They are not citizens. 3. Speaking of horseracing, are Morvidus students more likely than members of the other colleges to be involved in that sport? Mmmm...no, not more likely. It may be more likely in Vernin, in fact. 4. Is there any process within the Empire of Man for registering new phemes and ensuring that they are not gates/mastery phemes? Not a formal process, no. 5. For how long has the Purple Academy of Thei been operating in its current, astrologically focused, very small size? As Schwarzbart wrote. 6. Which legal pillar of magic uses enchanted items the most? That's an interesting question- I would think it's fairly even across them all. 7. Has there ever been a movement to get alchemy established as its own pillar? As Schwarzbart wrote. 8. Is arithmetic essential for being a skilled or even competent alchemist? Yes, I would certainly say so! 9. When mastery was legal, did glamour magic have a poor reputation on the ground that glamour merely interferes with five senses, whereas mastery, by interfering with the mind, can create even more powerful illusions? As Schwarzbart and isadorbg have written. 10. The lore reveals that revision magic was originally seen as a subset of glamour magic. Did this classification ever lead to rivalry/tension between Morvidus and Hedi colleges? Yes. 11. Is it known whether Dragons recognized pillars of magic that humans have never recognized? Although things could have changed, the origins of the Pillars are how the Dragons classified magic. 12. Is already clear what SS change their main skill in Year 2 and can you give us a overview about the class SS affected by this? No SS will end up changing their Parent (I believe!), but there is a mechanic where a Sub Skill might have multiple Parents.
  23. Got it!
  24. Hear, hear.