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  1. Schwarzbart; Suggested! And, sort of implemented. You can't do all in a Region, but there are now certain Shops which are close to one another, and these combine.
  2. I can't continue my old character, but I'm looking forward to playing a new one!
  3. Schwarzbart; Can be. Sometimes, it fits pretty well, or they like the idea a lot.
  4. Rhialto; Because the Team is very, very, very deep in the Lore, as you know.
  5. Awwwwwwwww! She is very thoughtful.
  6. Rhi; in general we can’t comment...but as usual you are quite perceptive.
  7. KK; Oh, alpha testing has been going on for some time, but as always, there are *degrees* of testing.
  8. If you'll allow me to resurrect the thread, there will be no Update this week in lieu of an all hands test. Updates will resume as normal next week.
  9. Overheard from among the Team: "I never knew a sailor that didn't complain about the food."
  10. Rhi; It's more than 360 with the holidays, iirc. I don't recall the exact number off hand. The year is similar to an Earth year, which means it does not divide cleanly. ...and yes, there are many familiar faces that appeared in the tabletop game.
  11. Rhi; A fascinating question, but of course severely [Redacted].
  12. Rhi; No, go right ahead- the implementation may be different, of course.
  13. Rhi; No, although a Library does something like this.
  14. S; None yet- but I'll mention it again at the Team meet.
  15. Rhi; Yes- you may find some Lores which talk about that, actually, although they may be subtle.
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