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  1. Rhi; Yes- you may find some Lores which talk about that, actually, although they may be subtle.
  2. Hahaha, oh, but the questions you would generate...it's never that simple.
  3. Rhi; For that, you'd have to wait past Year 5 and a *lot* of editing time, but otherwise...;)
  4. Rhi; It depends on the deity, but the Imperial Temple's services might include both of what you describe. I'll see if the Team would like to publish anything related to this, as there are descriptions in the world docs.
  5. Well, you asked if any of the suggestions were too strange or mature- the answer is Nope.
  6. Ninjapacman; Surely, I cannot comment on that.
  7. Ninjapacman; Oh, among them there are two rather prominent ships that make their maiden voyages in '40. I'm sure you know who they are.
  8. TH; Thanks! Actually, some of the '40 Belles were produced a couple of years back. It's going to be real interesting.
  9. I think so, should the Team do another Patch.
  10. Free; Not yet- there was some discussion about whether or not a particular Class would reveal too much. And then the holidays got in the way. We shall see.
  11. Dmnt; I'd say the key change here is lack of any major systems left to develop. But this is not the same as the actual launch date specified, so it's fair to restrain your enthusiasm...for the moment.
  12. Rhi; I don't think anyone is planning to be in today, but I'll let'em know. Regardless: Happy New Year!
  13. Ninja; Yep, that's on our mind as well; expect a push before Beta, and of course before the full Launch. Schwarzbart; Thanks! I can't comment on Y2, as you know, but it hopefully won't be too long after VB.
  14. Rhi; It's always permissible to write! I don't know if the Team would include that, as written, but...you never know.
  15. Rhi; Correct, although I don't off hand recall the name of the Empire/people.
  16. Rhi; Neither, it is indeed an 'international' language, most similar to Arabic.
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