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  1. GC; Y2 knows what your last Adventure Stage completed is, and thus can figure out a degree of success, if set up that way. The Y1 success/unsuccess was intended, although as a method of guaranteeing that the Player can try again it leaves a lot to be desired.
  2. Rhi; Hmmm. I'll ask as to what can be revealed.
  3. Rhi; It's still 'usable' in Y1, although the circumstances of its use are obscure to say the least. As to Y2, no comment.
  4. As a gamer myself, I know that frustration. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!
  5. God, I was laughing so hard when I first read that Update. As you all know, I *dare not* comment on timeline, but a final roadmap will be in the offing when Equipment & Store Module are complete (it's not in serial, as it turns out, both will be finished at the same time.) I can't say when that will be precisely, but I am hereby authorized to say that VB will be launching in 2020. We have the month intended, internally, but that I cannot say. Unrelated, what's your degree Armnorn?
  6. Yeah, it would need to be misc slots, and probably related to care.
  7. Yes, absolutely. Maybe more than discouraged.
  8. Rhi; Overall, there is vastly superior reporting, including Familiar activities. Sure! That sounds fun.
  9. Unrelated: I love that game! We've certainly had lively debates about this internally, but at least for now, the Team prefers the current direction. It allows us all to focus more on the game.
  10. Rhi; I think by *releasing* Y2, we can reduce such rumors.
  11. Luckspeare; Thanks! We've loved every minute of making it...even the frustrating bits.
  12. Rhi; Oh no, the converter will be the very last thing we work on prior to release.
  13. Rhi; No, I don't think there's anything planned like that. We'll see, though. Luckspeare; Hey there, and welcome to the forums! It's a common refrain, we're well aware of, but...alas, our general experience both as gamers and developers is to show it when you're sure. We'd love to do more consistent reveals, but that's time from the Team we'd prefer to spend other ways. The Academagia side of things is a pretty small set of hours a week. Fair point, though!
  14. Rhi; No, because of your description of the crash, and it's overall size.
  15. Rhi; From the look of it, it *should* be OK. But we will see.
  16. RB; No, there won't be progress until after VB and Academagia Y2 is out, I am afraid. But we're ready to go.
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