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  1. Ah yes, now I understand- sure! The Team will be happy to look at any text you all suggest.
  2. Hmmmm! That's a new one- can you tell me more? Thanks.
  3. Welcome to the Ghost of Christmas Future!
  4. Rhi; Hmmmm. I think I have to refer you to the Lores for this...
  5. Rhi; No, no Presiding or Presidential officials among the Republics.
  6. SN; The Choices are primarily for role-playing (there's no penalty for selecting the 'wrong' option, exactly), although there are some paths that open depending on your answers- generally, these are found in the Nation Stories.
  7. Yeah, if it's up to me, I'd like an option to stir the pot. I'll mention it.
  8. M; Ah! I missed that- they do not breathe, no.
  9. M; Certainly both could be true from a certain point of view, as Rhi notes...;)
  10. Mmmm, juicy, juicy Dev Update. Not just yet, though.
  11. Rhi; No, Schwarzbart is referring to a previous question about what is the Y2 Class List during the current year- something that the Team is likely to release. Schwarzbart; Not yet!
  12. Mmmm. There was some fun (tm) related to Clubs this week.
  13. Rhi; It's not a priority, no- unless we find the source of the critical bug.
  14. Wow, i *heart* that first one!
  15. Rhi; Well, as with any fan-created submission, the Team will review it (and make changes if needed!), so I don't think you need to worry too much about the specifics. It's the intent that matters more. But, it's always more helpful to have something closer to what would be entered in the game, so in that spirit, I'd say it probably deviates a bit too much from what else is out there. True, Brew is not as often used as others, but...that's Y1.
  16. Oh, I missed Rhi's. Rhi; Hmmmm. I can think of a few whose exploits might qualify to define their subsequent deeds, but...Chosen One? No, I don't think so.
  17. While I can't comment on the status of Pella in Y2, I wouldn't say that's entirely over-powered.
  18. Hmmm, likely the Student in question would receive a stern talking to regarding poetry...but that would be it, provided it didn't happen again in public.
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