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  1. TH; We'd better wait until the full Team picks this topic up, but I think there's several factors in play. First, the Belles. Some are very nationalistic, and it's hard to imagine them accepting anyone but the best from their own national ranks to crew in positions of leadership. Others are more practical or open, and some may even like to poke a stick in the eye of the admiralties back home by selecting, shall we say, odd crew. Second, the sticky business of weighing the draw of expensive personnel by ships which won't directly act on behalf of the nation in wartime (compounded by high casualties and need for replacement). That certainly affects some nations more than others, but they'd all have to consider the calculus at some point or another. I think that a national core would have to be maintained for security and prestige reasons... not to mention the ugly economics of expensive ships suddenly being unavailable for their original purpose. Third, the expertise and training that are required to operate a warship (for instance, the Goeben) with many nation specific innovations (and in some cases, secrets.) In most (all?) cases, it wouldn't be possible for anyone but a trained crew to operate the ship at efficiency, although the Belle is likely more than capable of training. And finally...the Story system does not account for the logical inconsistencies of the Captain's nation vs the Belles' nation, and how that would impact the command staff. Nor can it reconcile the Nation Stories with the Belle Stories, except via defined, overlapping characters. Definitely a practical consideration, if not a lore-based one. My bet is that the fourth point is going to be weighted higher overall, although not irreversibly. There's a lot of ways the Story system could grow. My opinion, anyway.
  2. TH; I'll have to leave it to the Team for further comment, but I think the idea is that there's a core that remains national, and everyone else is shanghaied.
  3. Parnesius; As you'll discover, all the Nations have a pretty diverse set of personalities, but overall I'd agree that the UK is fairly upbeat. They have their share of the sullen and serious, though. Glorious is confirmed to be awoken, but not playable (at least, in '39).
  4. Ninja; I'll pass on the condolences from everyone. The crews are quite diverse- the Belles crew with whomever they can get, and although there's no shortage of volunteers, very few have any real length of experience or training. Initially it was expected that the ships would retain their professional national crew. That didn't occur for a number of reasons, especially due to the high rate of casualties at the beginning of the War.
  5. Rhi; "Anything the students have seen is presumably a translation into Renaglian or Bassan (or, worse still, into Renaglian from Bassan from the original); the bulk of Aminþia Que’la's Gates writing was originally in a constructed language called Noechian, ostensibly derived from the language spoken in a city of canals created by the Gods' legion of messengers. It's almost impossible to find samples of it today, for obvious reasons."
  6. Ideas are always welcome, although there is a significant amount of lore for these regions.
  7. Schwarzbart; "Clockworks, automata and spectacularly gear-based systems are more common in the north (particularly the Vilocian-speaking north) and in exotic parts of the Saisyne sphere than in Mineta - but you do have strange machines (albeit often powered by enchantment as well as fire and expanding gasses) around the docks and in certain merchant compounds. The most famous is the Palazzo degli Armeggi, a compound on the eastern side of the docks with a clock tower that tracks both commercial time (as strict accounting of hours and minutes is still sometimes known) and astrological phases and cycles. The building complex is actually primarily a warehouse system, and has an elaborate system of pulleys, rails and self-propelled carts to deliver things and people to where they need to be. It's a wonder, and it does attract and welcome curious visitors, but it's also seen as something of a folly by most of the Minetan citizenry - a lot of trouble to go to just for someone to demonstrate they're so rich they don't even need magic or servants."
  8. While I don't think we can outright state the answer, I think we could say that it's reasonable, yes.
  9. Rhi; Well, King of Dragon Pass and Princess Maker was heavily influential. But Academagia is certainly meant to be broader, in terms of what you can role-play.
  10. Rhi; No, only a few know it; scholars and traders primarily.
  11. Rhi; Yep. But you know, when it will be announced is another question.
  12. Mignonette; There are some fun ships (for example, the mysterious host of the Captain's Association) which...well, you really don't want to bring them into combat. But you could, if you wanted. I suppose there's a challenge there. Chiyoda is another example of that- she doesn't really have a place in the line. We made them playable for '39, but as we go along they'll ultimate have enhanced non-Battle roles to play.
  13. There are a few other Belles we're reserving that would just be fantastic to have in the game. But first. 1939.
  14. She, *alas* is not playable (or else she would be [Redacted]. Not playable *yet*, anyway....:)
  15. Schwarzbart; No, but at the end of Y2 you'll begin to see some drop outs due to this (and other reasons).
  16. Schwarzbart; "For the essential proficiency test, if that's the question, it's no specific spell - it's just a question of whether you can sustain a reasonable stable palette and string two or more phemes together to create a magical effect relative to the class in question."
  17. Rhi; "No. There are Astrological spells that can help you learn or see things in dreams - and that's perceived as a way of petitioning the Gods for advice, and is completely okay. But getting guaranteed dreams, let alone dreams specifically about lounging on a beach somewhere, is beyond what's considered proper magical bounds; dreams can be a medium for contact with the Gods, and it's often unhealthy to try to overwrite it. Any serious experiments on how to do it would be filed away as Mastery. That doesn't meant there aren't serious experiments. "
  18. Rhi; No, no plans- it will depend on the character. Note that magic to change gender exists, and is fairly easy to perform in the case of a transgender person because the magic is not actually in contravention with the Ideal; it is bringing it further into alignment. Metis; Opinions vary, as always, but in general it's viewed with tolerance, and confirmed by the Imperial Temple: "The patron saint of the Frangitti is Decianus Aristander, the first-century Dux Bellorum who retook Colocoro from the First Pretender and renamed the province "Imperia." He was born Deciana, but claimed a masculine toga as a kid, was married as a male with the blessings of the Gods, and from some accounts was given the power of procreation when he led the Eleventh Legion through the Porta Divina (now defunct, it was a Gate left by the Gods allowing passage from Monte Edare, near the Palace of Man, to Monte Vettore - called Mont Simeon now, in eastern Montors). From the sixth century until the breaking of the Porta Divina in the ninth century, there was a pilgrimage route through the gate for people who sought divine affirmation of their gender identities - complete with some substantial temples that received offerings and conducted prayers and auguries. For inheritance purposes, most legal codes require the power of procreation appropriate to the gender when gender specific inheritance is required (the estate will be divided amongst all living males or all daughters who have made the Pilgrimage to Mineta, etc.), primarily due to early shenanigans involving magical transformations (many forced) to control inheritance. That said, magical transformations generally can give the power of procreation if the Ideal is very closely aligned to the gender being Revised. Incidentally, such Revisions are as close to Permanent as possible with magic, because of the alignment of the Ideal. Generally, it's permanent 'enough' for a normal lifespan."
  19. Metis; It's not impossible, if you befriended local mages. It's a bit of training, though, so they'd need to invest time. Often, if you show potential, mages may agree to take you on as an apprentice.
  20. Direct from the Team: "The Enchantment course includes a perfectly workable introduction to pheme-and-palette magic, even if it isn't the focus. Moreover, it's broadly assumed that the player character is already minimally proficient at the start of the first academic year; to do otherwise would've required a "Magically Unlearned" Background that would've had to be worked off - and that never appealed to us, just because it would've closed so very many adventures and random events. It's up to the player to decide where that proficiency came from, but I'd say at a bare minimum that anyone who (presumably for astrological reasons) received an invitation to the Academy would've been directed to the nearest local magical tutor to prepare, if life hadn't already tossed a wand their way."
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