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  1. Metis; 1) Likely they would think they were mad, or at least heretical. 2) The Imperial Temple would become involved.
  2. Schwarzbart; Not quite true- several of the more prominent islands have very hot or even molten interiors; it's supposed to be a remnant of the forces that originally tore the islands from Cyve to begin with. The remnants of Monteon are heavily seared with frequent lava flows. And, of course, there are famous places with 'natural' lava which can be accessed from the surface- Oan's home city is one. But, yes, very different access to studying natural geological phenomena.
  3. Rhi; It's comparable to the Renaissance. Classifications have happened, but there's not a significant understanding of how rock is formed.
  4. Parnesius; At Launch, only the oceans can be traversed. But...you never know what surprises may lurk.
  5. No Dev Update yet. When Equipment is Done (tm), it will be out. But I can't say more than that.
  6. Mmm-hmmm. I learned that lesson some time ago.
  7. Nope, although we just talked about it Monday.
  8. I heard about that - it looks very cool.
  9. Parnesius; Yes, you'll see quite a few historical figures. By and large, they are parallel to the Stories, but you'll them popping up now and then.
  10. We have thoroughly enjoyed. And been inspired.
  11. @v_L; Next Dev Update will be Equipment. All I can say about that is that it's simultaneously going much faster than expected...and needing lots of tweaking.
  12. Metis; Mmmm, sorta, in their Adventures- but not a Q&A. At least, not in Y2.
  13. OOOOOOH. Excuse me...to the Internet!
  14. Mmm. I think you would have to ask her.
  15. And now, a word from the Editing Team: "You're quite right that the word "hovercraft" is an anachronism, which is annoying that we missed that. The foundational idea is basically okay: Tsiolovsky did indeed conceptualize a craft floating over projected air (for want of a more technical phrase) in the late `20s. And, more directly inspirational was the Austrians' Luftkissengleitboot, though it never saw action. We also consulted Amazing Stories, and there is no DIY aspect of that magazine at all- we used it here for inspiration (a bit too strongly, we might add.) You *could* say that we're positing that, after the appearance of the Morganas and Belles, nautical technology and innovations became much sexier for nerd culture. In our timeline, American hovercraft research (though more commonly called "Levitation Engines" in pop culture) was kickstarted by the short-lived but significant fear that Morganas were spreading a kind of acidic algae in the ocean waters, making it generally unsafe for traditional boats. But...probably the best thing to do is remove the word 'hovercraft' and rework the inspiration slightly so that Lexington can have her fun. Great comments (and research!)"
  16. Hmmmm! I think we missed that! I'll have to ask.
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