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  1. Anyone know if Academagia Is going to to come out in Mac Format?
  2. Torolf: You're right July 12 is the end of his campaign so that's more like 6 weeks but he does say estimated delivery I'm July. I've actually met Maelorum's Author twice, he's pretty dedicated and on the ball, and in this case it's not a whole new book, it's a reprint with a few changes and as far as I know his add ons are not totally from scratch, he's mostly just finishing up stuff he's been doing for years and he says he'll be sending out some progress surveys during the campaign, so maybe he's going to actually start some print runs before the end. I don't know a lot about how all that works, but I've dropped a lot of coin for birthday presents because I'm confident he'll deliver pretty close to his estimated dates, I'm guessing we,ll get the book middle of August. If not, well, when's your birthday? ( I suppose we could just ask him, but that would be too easy!)
  3. Couldn't figure out which add ons to get so thanks to eBay, I've got them all! Well, I don't know about you guys but I'm not waiting until Dec. for a new game! After checking out Maelorum due to the cross promotion, I think we should go over there and get the book and the goodies, their coming out in about 5 weeks, and that'll be a great way top pass the time until December!
  4. Should I tell you now that I'm joking, or just let that hang out there for awhile! Got to keep it lively!
  5. @ Legate. It was mentioned at some point that to receive the hard copy on time and play through, then receive printed version of the digital media would have some upside: starting over with the printed version would be a whole new experience, almost like 2 games for the price of one! Those who want digital could go ahead, those like me and however many others would pay pretty well for the print! Just a thought.... @Torolf due to some interference caused by real life, I can't complete my survey till Monday and I have 2 or 3 hundred dollars in options to pick, maybe we could work something out if you want another create your own:-)
  6. @ Torolf Absolutely, let me know, if I don't have it, I'll get it!
  7. @Schwarzbart Short answer, Add ons. Actually, my main pledge is Master of the Hall, but between gifts for my twins, and shopping WAY ahead of time for the endless 6th grade birthday party's I'll be buying gifts for next year anyway ( and perhaps some obsessive Enthusiasm) I dumped enough gold in there to get pretty much any mix match I want. I've Just got such a crazy weekend coming up I won't be able to complete the survey until Monday! Because my kids and most of their friends liked Maelorum so much I'm confident that Holdfast Softcovers w/book mark will be top- notch birthday presents for at least 7 or 8 kids, I just didn't Worry about the money ( to a point) and just enjoyed battling Torolf for * Goal Crowns*! So Monday I'll just print the list and pick everything I want and order the rest as Softcovers for presents! By the way, IMO your lively forum and competition for Goal crowns had a lot to do with how you raised so much cash! THAT WAS TRULY A BLAST! Now, I'm off to Maelorum to handle all the birthdays that come before Christmas!
  8. Well, I'll be looking forward to it! Get me a message when the time comes, so I know which one to check out! ( hope I have the right add on for your story..hint,hint)
  9. Cool, thanks for the reminder, if you've seen them, you know the kids reactions were pretty impressive, and I think at some point soon I'll sort of reiterate and bring them forward. If you know anyone with a copy of Maelorum check it out, you'll become way enthusiastic! While not above the reach of 11 year olds with very high reading levels, it doesn't feel at all like a kids book! Still, when you feel like it Maelorum can always use an energy boost! Congratulations on your idea!! Care to share in a non-spoiler kind of way? I won't have time to cook mine up until next week, but I'm hoping.....:-)
  10. HEY, See where it says Newbie? That means I don't know what I'm doing here yet! But speaking of Torolf, He Looked ( and tasted) more like a cat too me)! And, I suppose " HammerHand" doesn't quite work for something Tigerish does it? I'll have to work on that! Maybe HammerClaw? I'll get back to you on that one ( At Dinnertime!)
  11. Actually, I'm more of a cat person, you know, the big sneaky ones with giant claws with poison dripping from fangs, eats Wolf meat for breakfast!
  12. Torolf Good Morning!- OK, fine then! BUT Maelorum needs love and enthusiasm as much as money! Speaking of content: there's a printed quest at the 9 k stretch Goal and Volume 2 is a definite Go! He hasn't said when the Campaign and release will be but there is for sure going to be a Vol. 2! I love content as well, but there is a LOT to be said for quality, and in Maelorum you can play through 3 times being a different character each time and then when the cards and stretch goal quest are used together you can play through again as a different character, sort of like 4 games in one, but in the same world. Trust me, it'll. be cool. What ever adventure you do I'm sure it'll be fun! I'm not 100% on doing the Orc campaign, but still leaning in that direction. ( yeah my coffers have taken quite a beating but Talk Is Cheap;-)
  13. Forgot to mention, I already have 2 Mealorum goal crowns as well! So I'll,understand if you ah, chicken out! ( not that I'm competitive or anything:-)
  14. Torolf all's fair in love and goal snatching! How about we battle again over the Maelorum stretch goals? Sharpen your axe it's going to be An Epic siege! Already having a copy, I can promise you Maelorum will be brutal, but worth it! That book does not disappoint! I'll take a look at Academagia.... But I don't know Maelorum's tough to beat for shear enjoyment and with the new cards added to the 3 already existing play throughs, it's like 3 books in one! You might contact BCS, I'll bet you could sweet talk them into an extra create your own, never hurts to ask! I'm doing the create in the Orc campaign! Hope to see you on the fields of glory!
  15. First, nice to be here, looks like good company! And A big WOO-HOO to us making the 30k Mark! Hello, to Erik, boy you sure get around! Just to get the word out, it looks like ( but double check) if you Pledge $50+ at Maelorum, you will still get the Holdfast component that was part of the cross promotion, How cool is That! Holdfast is going to be Awesome when it gets here! But check out Maelorum, their the ones that got me over to Holdfast I'm the 1 st place and that book is REALLY GOOD! Also, gives me something to do while I wait for the holdfast to get here! I'm doing a create an adventure, probably for the Orc Campaign! Any of you all who are selecting this picked yours yet? It was a total blast being apart of the Holdfast Campaign and competing to be THE ONE who placed the pledge that made the stretch Goal, I got THREE of them! Looks like the Maelorum Campaign will be fun too!
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