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  1. Oh I'm happy to hear that! I will always cherish my well-replayed copy of it. I rarely ever get such a great value for my money for a game but this one is it and more. It has been entertaining me for a good long while now, after all, and it never ceases to do so - it keeps giving me much fun. Sorry for gushing. It seems every time I come on here I just end up gushing about this game My best wishes for the new year. may it be successful for you.
  2. Hi there. I also just came by to say that I still love you Black Chicken Studio and I love Scherehazde. I am not a fan of sequels myself, especially for multi-path games like this...I am better with spin offs, or games set in the same universe using an entirely different set of characters. But I think we had this chat before..many many months ago. Anyway, I recall that back then something was said about game 1 being transferable to game 2 so that there is continuity according to how the player played the first game. That is something that changed my mind then. Therefore, I'll trust Black Chicken Studio and their excellent sense of fun on this one. If you want to make it and if it gets made, I'll definitely support it..I jus worry that the mechanics, which was interesting, fun and refreshing for the first game, may get old. I'd hate to feel that way. As for characters..well I have nothing to say, they will be done well, because you know how to write them. A game rarely ever completely fits my ideas of characters and developments... this was one was exception. But still, I had one favourite path in 1931 and I intend to stick to it. But the gameplay..ah the gameplay was awesome. 1931 is one of the BEST game purchases I ever made, since the game can last and last...It never gets old. However, the fate of games and indie game making groups like this tends to be rather sad.. there were some I liked which simply seem to have ceased to exist..I am happy to see the Black Chicken ship stays strong, though. Keep fighting Black Chicken!! Good luck. I am watching you too, very eagerly. And I hope your next games, including 1932, will bring more success and more traffic to you and to your site. I will check them all out at some point too. All best.
  3. sorry for the typos in the previous message. OH! I haven;t thought of how much that raises the difficulty bar. That is interesting to know- thank you for the insight. Still..the idea is fun so maybe it can be used for something else. Well then, I'm off to play again.
  4. Hey, you remind me of a man. What man? Man with the power. What power? Power of hoodoo. Hoodoo? You do. Do what? Remind me of a man...

  5. I have to agree- I have first played the game two months ago, then had a VERY slow progress with it because of other things. So just some thoughts at this stage of my play through- I have now finished three paths, getting four endings. But I still haven't been able to figure out how to make the most of the capers. I miss a lot of stat bonuses and consequently stat training tends to be slow. The three paths I played I averaged at 70 dream. I went for romance paths to figure out how the game works because I figured I could focus just on the character path and main adventure. In fact I frequently have no time to complete all the side capers. If I do try to solve all the capers, I end up with more stress than stat bonuses since I hurry to get inspirations and raise stats a bit before I get on the capers. That's why I breathe with relief when the rest options are there, they ARE strategically useful to gather inspirations and succesfully get through the rest of the caper. On the other hand, there is a lot more to do than just focus on training stats. And so I am left to wonder whether it's possible at all to complete ALL capers, maximise ALL stats and have a dream at 100. That's what I would want to go for in the final playthrough which will be the family dream. I will have to keep trying. Mind you, I'm still playing using the easy mode. I do like the challenge of trying to achieve just that though, that's where the main advantage of the game mechanics lie, I am more convinced than ever that all this was very well thought-out, and it's really a big plus. It's very rewarding to explore all the options. The capers are mostly fun too and I hate missing out on them. I am making a list of stats required for each on a separate sheet usually, so I think once I have gathered all the info I need will eventually be able to achieve a playthrough as close to perfect as it can get. Really, this game is really absorbing because of this challenge, and I would like to see a similar level of challenge in the next game as well! Though I assume and hope you're going to invent a different game mechanics, something surprising! ;-) As for the stories, I really have to say the game makes me laugh all the time! It's really funny, you take on a few adventure type genres in this game: the mystery/spy, the treasure hunt, the quest for artifactts a la Indiana Jones... the characters are well developed and they feel like characters and not cardboard cut outs. Out of the stories I played through, I remain firm in my preference for Nigel path, since it plays the most like a believeable adventure, and yet still a spoof. Moreover Nigel is a really likeable type, with a a few complexes but generally dependable and likeable nature. The development on that path was really pleasant. I like the intellectual type who has a few suprises up their sleeve (to a semi-comical and semi-romantic effect!) for one thing and for another the issues Nigel has with himself actually hit close to home. He is a lovely character. Sterling path is fun and gives more insights into Ruddy story. The character path that seems a bit overdone for me so far is Roland's. It starts off very well but turns to something a bit too bizarre later on, leading to a totally crazy conclusion, even if it's still a funny spoof at the end of the day ...but that's just it, I found it to be a little anti-climatic in the context of the reality of the game and so I felt it was a bit too discordant with the rest, if this makes sense. That and just . At the same time, however, much as it got a little too crazy, it still was funny. I really do like Sadie herself, she is very vivacious. Really, this is proving to be one of the best game purchases I've ever made. The game is very original and fresh for its genre thanks to your skills in bringing it to life. Hours of fun with it. The reading doesn't get tedious at all and I love how many things there are to do. I have a tendency to dislike visual novel- stat raising games in general because they usually tend to get boring and tedious (because they tend to be limited in variety of things to do.) with this game things never get boring. This is a big game and it's totally fun. Even between July 1 and July 14 at the end of the game I satill have things to do So, to sum up: The setting is fresh, characters well developed and likeable, most of all there is a variety of things to do and a decent challenge to try to tackle. I also really like the random events, they add so much life to the game. I never laugh so much when playing a game, your writing is also very good, you just know how to write in a balanced way: you provide a good balance of the comical and the serious, what is a spoof is also serious, what is not always intended leads to a surprising effect. You add a little romance to it and you really have a full, sparkling and fun adventure. Thanks to this, the game is alive, sparkling and fun. The music also helps to preserve that impression. Trully, I really, really like your style, Black Chicken Studios. I do look forward to the sequel.
  6. Got one ending! After two months and not a perfect score either. I have to fogite out how to train Sadie. But this is rally addicting.

  7. India is inspirational.

  8. Oh good. Gives me time to actually get those 110 endings. Good luck
  9. whaaaat? A sequel in the making already? wow, what news for a newbie to hear. so you're saying it;s going to be something akin to quest for glory series system, where the choices/stats chosen by the player transferred over to the next game? I really liked that because it always add such an element of "customization"- so by the next game the character felt "mine". Does that concern the ending paths as well (because "canon" is so "yesterday")? Sounds like a lot of work, if so, but I'll definitely cheer on, because this one is really a lot of fun. Good luck, hard working Black Chicken Studios. I'll be sure to keep them after I get my ideal game throigh. Until that time I always delete my saves and retry over and over haha. In that case, I challenge myself to complete all paths and endings on each and every of the difficulty modes by the time you complete the sequel. ha! I better hop to it! But as I say I really enjoy character progression and other characters' progression on their respective paths ( I started a second game play on a new path simultaneously, it's a habit from console games which had two save slots) and the ambience in this one it's just so much fun! The game feels very much alive because it's well written with a lot of wit and well executed. Good luck! I'll be looking forward to it as a new fan.
  10. Ok a mini-review here since I;m not sure where else to post it. First of I did tend to play a lot of visual novel-stat raising games with otome elements when I was a bit younger. and recently felt like repeating the experience. I stumbled upon this site by accident several months ago but at the time I couldn't invest in this. So I was curious to try this one out since it looked fairly original. Let me just say...The nomination was a well-earned one. I only managed to get the game very recently and am somewhere in the second travel destination. I just wanted to say that the opinions on this title seem to be very divided because the game is actually fairly complex. I guess some get frustrated with it... And that's why I like it. It offers the fun of exploring the game system. I will eventually crack it haha. For now I am having some challenge in training stats in time for the capers and so that I can in fact do the capers. But I really genuinely love the concept. I think the game gains more with having some many extra challenges; it's not boring like a lot vn-stat raising- games with otome elements tend to be. You add enough random events to maintain some degree of surprise. I also like the execution in terms of visuals and sound. I was really surprised when I tried the demo- and just by the demo I knew I wouldn't regret getting this. I don't buy just any game. I buy games which will offer richer and more comherensive gameplay. This one is one such title I will try academagia someday too. But if it sucks me in like Scheherezade, then that one better wait for some other time. Well done. I also like the characters, they are given more life than in stadard offerings of this type. Nigel is the type I usually prefer and his execution is quite flawless. The writing is really good, as it should be in a project of this kind, they are usually wordy bit not always well written, now this is a pleasure to read through. Sadie herself has a lot of spunk and wit, it's involving to follow her adventures. I like how varied and how numerous the actions are in each individual location in each travel destination. And everything makes coherent sense, has logic. I like how much choice one has with regard to pursuing paths. It's a little gem of a game worth my every penny. Thanks for your hard work, I"m having a great time with it. What's more you're making me interested in playing these kind of games again, and now that's a feat, let me tell you ;-)
  11. I finally got to buy Sheherezade-it;s been on my wishlist forever. Perhaps I should have got it off gamersgate but I can't be bothered- their downloaders are problematic for my computer.

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