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  1. Jackrabbit

    Stress and Obstacles Difficultly

    I'm trying to write a guide of the capers and the obstacles checks, but I can't quite track the relationship between the stress levels and the difficulty. Anyone has an idea of the formula, at least approximate? Failing that, a reliable way to adjust stress so I could do my own testing will be immensely helpful as well!
  2. Jackrabbit

    DLC 16: The New and the Returned

    Whoa, it's here, I'm downloading it! Someone hold me, I'm scared! Thanks for all your hard work, providing us with new content. We'll be sure to shut up for like at least a week now.
  3. Jackrabbit

    Dlc 16?

    As the (awful) song goes, it's Friday. How's it coming along?
  4. Jackrabbit

    Dlc 16?

    Hold your lore-appropriate-horse-equivalent, it's still entirely possible some unforseend delay will move the DLC to the shifting dunes of Next Week.
  5. Jackrabbit

    Dlc 16?

    Wait, is this a freemium game? Can I pay to skip the wait? Or do I need to collect stars to reduce waiting times?
  6. Jackrabbit

    Dlc 16?

    So it's now Monday in many parts of the world. Can we get un update on the next delay, please? (The books are now open, so place your bets, folks! I'll give you good odds on "next week", or you can try for the dark horse, " another couple if days".)
  7. Jackrabbit

    Dlc 16?

    Damn, not the magic 8 ball too! There's no room to interpretation with it's doom prophecies. This is starting to look like a jam tomorrow situation.
  8. Jackrabbit

    Dlc 16?

    That's why it's cruel. It mocks our pain, and our struggle to maintain composure in the face of repeated delays! It's the Academagia version of a Half-Life 3 announcement.
  9. Jackrabbit

    Dlc 16?

    This is a cruel version of April Fools, you guys.
  10. Jackrabbit

    Dlc 16?

  11. Jackrabbit

    Dlc 16?

    Assuming this DLC will come out before Y2. I am beginning to suspect it is merely a red herring to divert our attention from the slow development of Y2. In a a couple of months, it will turn someone in the team took off to the Netherlands with all the data, or something like that ;P.
  12. Jackrabbit

    Dlc 16?

    Eh, what's another week to wait, after all those months? If it means more content to coast us over to the mythical Year 2, I'm all for it. That said, I'll have to pay special attention to that adventure, to make sure it was worth the delay *pulls out grades sheet*. I hope it's not the trademarked Academagia Soon? I'm not that young anymore, you know.
  13. Jackrabbit

    Second Year

    I sorta doubted we would see Year 2 before Q3 2014, but then I found out Ender's Game is actually coming out this year, without spending another decade in production hell. I am now a believer! This is the year of miracles, and anything can happen!
  14. Jackrabbit

    Holdfast is now Live on Kickstarter!

    Posted on Broken Forum, home to LPs of piegon-dating sims. Someone is bound to throw money at a game that combines orcs and dwarves with THUNDER DICE!
  15. Jackrabbit

    Full Length Art

    I was wondering, is there any concept art showing a the characters fully, or something along the lines? It's just that my friend asked me "what kind of shoes do you think Sadie wears?" and now I can't stop thinking about it. Also she wondered if Felix wears trainers, but that sounds rather anachronistic to me. Probably. ... /Checks the Wikipedia artical for "Trainers". So, em, any characters art that can be shared?