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  1. Sooo a minor thing, but something that annoyed me slightly, on Roland's romance path, right at the end in Turkey, I built up my problem solving skills all the way for the first 'task' on his Turkey mission which I passed, then was met with the second task which required courage or self knowledge. As this did not seem to be required on the map since it was not in red I decided to build up for the first task rather than the second, as usually the story carries on anyway but you gain 1 stress or whatever. Well, it would not skip over or even give the option to rest to build up more skills, it just kept repeating the task over and over until I eventually had to go back to my old save and build up self-knowledge instead, ignoring the first task in the story. So what you would need to do there is: 1) make the text red to show that the second task is necessary 2) give the option of a rest to allow the user to build up more skills OR 3) allow the game to skip over that task if they don't have enough skill points Hope this helps and thanks for the game, it's great!
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