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  1. So is the add still on?
  2. Omg I been waiting for ever when will I be able to play this awesome game!!!!!!
  3. What happens if get all seven crowns? Where can find a good sources of lore?
  4. In general of lore how does one become king of dwarfs
  5. Awe what big goal end goal of the first volume aleast? PS I love the serious lore mix with sense of humor.
  6. Sweet! How does rendering and war drum correspond with the main campaign
  7. More I here the more I want to play drives me nuts. how does one become a dwarven ruler or king?
  8. Awe OK. So how are is are character clanless if the ancestors has a clan.
  9. So can forge your own clan but it not in gamebook then how do you make it then?
  10. Where can I get this players guide? Is possible for the player to forge their own cla
  11. what's the lore of this drawfen world. what's the politics of government what's the daily life of dawf like.And what role does our character fit in their society.
  12. Y2?
  13. So it the end of the month which means news!?!?
  14. So it the end of the month which means news!?!?
  15. So it end of month:) which means new!?!?