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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Just got home today to actually start troubleshooting. I uninstalled Academagia. Ran the memory test for a few hours (everything checked out fine). Completely uninstalled all versions of .NET and re-installed them. Wiped all temp files from the computer Re-downloaded fresh copy of Academagia + update and re-installed. Just played for an hour with no mishaps. I'm off work tomorrow so I'll get a much longer session and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks again for the help, ~Flying_Squirrel
  2. I'm purchased, downloaded, and updated my game with cp3 from this site. So whatever version that is I have. I have 8gigs of ram, so unless one of the sticks went bad I shouldn't have a problem there. Guess I'll pull a stick out next time I have a minute and see what happens.
  3. I'm at a loss at this point. I can typically play for 10-30 minutes before the game freezes. I can still hear the music but I can't alt+tab, atl+F4, or Ctrl+Alt+Delete my way out of it. Only option is a hard restart. I don't seem to have problems with any other games (2013 Tomb Raider, World of Tanks, ect.), or doing anything else on my computer. I'm playing on what is basically a fresh install of Windows 7, fully updated. If anyone can think of anything that could help, I'd appreciate it.
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