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  1. you could try sending it to TotalBiscuit thats cheap advertising that can bring a lot of new players since his audience is into intresting indie games(although with the current UI it might be wise to weigh the options)
  2. Sure and i understand that currently your working on Y2. But after you finish that(or maybe before) it might be a good idea to research your next course of action, maybe prepare a poll, research other options because im not the only one that thinks that academagia suffers greatly from the way it is presented and other less ambitious games are actually more renown just because someone put a bit more work into its presention(http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showthread.php?72093-Long-Live-the-Queen)
  3. Well in the end the decision is one for the developers to make so were just rambling here but just for the sake of the argument to adress a few of your doubts. 1. 6000$ may be a lot when you think about your daily expenses but thats peanuts when you run a business or employ ppl 2. Im fairly certain you could do it a lot cheaper in my coutry (Poland), depending on what you want the whole thing would cost 2000$-3000$(and thats a coutious estimate) total 3. I assume that there are already programmers on the team that could work on it 4. If youve got some friends that are IT students they might be willing to do the job for even less since they gain expirience they beef up their cv and posibly get extra credit or use the stuff they create for their thesis or some other study related project 5.If you get greenlight on steam were not talking about few hundred new buyers but several thousand at least Well as i said it costs me nothing to say this and its really not my place, but i would like to see someone that created a great product to achieve commercial success, because that means more and better stuff for me in the future;D
  4. I think it might be easier than you think. Making a engine for a text based game with no animations, IT student that knows whats hes doing could create it in 1-2 months with a little help from a graphic designer. And considering that there are tools for it, some of them open source it shouldnt be that expensive. While the payoff could be substantial for the developers and we would get a better gaming expirience in the process. I know that talk is cheap but looking into such options doesnt cost much as well just a little bit of time and research.I could easily see this game greenlight on steam which could be quite profitable. ---------------------------------------------------- take for example http://textadventures.co.uk/ you can create your own text game in a matter of moments now i know that you would probably need something more sophisticated but not all that much, and it just shows that there are ways and programs out there that are free to use and could with a little bit of adjustig do the job just fine
  5. Of course you did it was your sweat and blood, and you seem like some passionate guys(nobody else would go into so much detail in the lore section etc:P). I know something about the blinders myself, thats why you sometimes need a fresh set of eyes. @Schwarzbart I think that this team has something of real value but in the current state for me its a little bit like looking at a picasso through a keyhole, if this engine/technology doesnt allow for easy remodeling then maybe they should consider changing it. Once a good engine with a proper UI is created and ppl can realy enjoy the game many possiblities open up (steam green light maybe-i mean stuff like long live the queen had a success there and thats a dwarf when you compare it to academagia, just with an more freindly UI). Maybe some web technologies are worth looking into, i mean i can easily imagine playing academagia through your browser. The posibilities are there. This game has a great potential - it could become really popular. Me personally id like to see it recieve the popular acclamation it deserves and for that it needs to be more accesible witch means better UI. So to answer your question i would prefere for the first year to get a better UI - that scales is cleared better organized and overall more user friendly. And then id like to have the second year based on that same engine but possibly with new features etc. A good engine is like a foudation on which you can build.
  6. np great game you have here, but unless you can improve its UI, make it more accessible most ppl wont enjoy it since it requires a lot of dedication and time to fully enjoy this marvel
  7. 2 year will have a diffrent UI? why not have the same(better UI) for both? also i didnt mean that the calendar should be scrubbed i think the the whole UI should be overhauled: the 3 window system thats in place right now(first windows with attributes/skills etc the main screen where they adventures and events appear/calendar etc and the 3rd window with relationships/clique/familiar etc) is unfocused and impacts gameplay for me and i believe many new players I think that the first window could be removed to expand the space, its information could be displayed differently - the inventory button at the top could open a new screen with skills stats and inventory, or possibly a new button could be created for stats sklills and attributes arrange in a fassion that would clearly show which attributes affect each skill The third window could be eliminated as well, its information combined(for example clique and relations, possibly familiar as well) and transfered to new buttons. When one would click such a button the information could be diplayed side by side allowing for easyer access and analisys all in one screen(a lot more space) and one screen would be a lot more accesible for new players and more convinient for old ones(just think about how ofthen you whitch between windows or how much information you have to memorize to avoid it) With such new UI and possibly expanding the space the game uses on the screen the game would be much more accesible and that means more players bigger success and more money, my general impression after playing the game for a week is that its a gem that requires some polish, if someone were to reorganize the UI it could be really popular and possibly a cult classic. As for the weekly calendar let it stay for reference in a corner but make the decisions for the day separate from it. Puting the decisions for the day in the middle of the screen would allow for bigger fonts better menues and more information(thats actually usefull - for example the temorary buffs to skills that you are currently affected by and how long will the last etc)
  8. Great game i enjoy a lot but it could really benefit from better UI. 1. Game has plenty of information yet on my monitor it uses maybe half of the space and i dont really see any options to expand it change the resolution etc expanding the space used by the UI would allow you to present the information in a much more pleasant way, the screen would be less crowded 2. The game throws tons of information which for a new player is overwhelming and makes it hard to differenciate between whats usefull and whats not, for example the spells/action/ability menu is very tiresome to operate when you start playing if you could maybe, make it bigger organize the actions by what they actually do(example: organize the options into groups that grow a particular skill/atribue or subskill - so that if i want to grow the listen subskill i see all the options in one spot so that i can way them against each other easily, there may then have a spell/action/ability indicator in front, there could also be a division based on wether increasing the skill would be temporary or permanent). That organization would make more sense to me rather than the arbitrary spell/action/ability and i belive it would be more intuitive for new players. 3. reorganizing the attributes and skills and research menu so that new players can see the direct correlation between attributes and skills 4.the stress/vitality/encumbrance/concealment stats are important all the time so it would be nice if those stats were displayed somewhere where they could be always visible 5. The daily report is cluttered with unnecesary information i mean knowing which class my friends attended is not an information i need most of the time puting that sort of information under an expandable button would clear up a lot of ui(same goes for gaining merit points - just show how many points a collage got showning who got them is not necessary most of the time) 6. While seeing activities for the entire week is nice i usually play a day at a time(i take the weekly schedule into account but assign tasks for tthe day) focusing the UI on the single day with the weekly information in the corner would make it a lot more clear and more pleasant to operate
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