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  1. Off the top of my head the wiki, the easiest source is either Dirty Tricks (Finesse/Revision to get the +1 Traps) or Midnight. That or foraging at the Secret Cavern Entrance, but that's a whole mess and a half to get if you don't want to find it through ED 15 Explore...
  2. Dawn of a New Day, stage 12: As before I'm not happy with parts of this stage, but this was the least awful way I could think of to cram in all the information I wanted to. At least without the adventure making no sense. I know, saying that about the last two stages of a 5 adventure long chain isn't an ideal situation, but it's what it is. Also, yes, that is 15K-odd words worth of stage, or 3½ Pig Blood Vault events stacked on top of each other with some more words added to bridge the gaps. Whether that's a sign that my pacing is all kinds of back loaded I'll leave as an exercise to the reader.
  3. Dawn of a New Day, stage 11: I can't honestly say that I'm happy with how this stage turned out, but compared to how it once looked it'd say it's an improvement...kinda? I intended for this to be the point where all the pieces were finally put into place and the great, big mystery was solved (to the extent that it could be), but A: hell if I know how to make that look/read decently, especially when I've got no new information to use beyond Catherine's "rumor", and B: It'd be somewhat redundant with the summary you get next stage anyway. And rest assured, redundancy at this point is...not ideal. You've got enough more than enough words to go through as is.
  4. If all the links in this topic are dead than I assume nowhere, unless someone happens to still have a copy. Mind you that coding a mod like this would be fairly trivial, it'd just take like eight hours to publish because the outdated mod tools are terrible.
  5. Dawn of a New Day, stage 10: Late because I had to redo the options and part of the main text. I definitely did not do all of that yesterday and completely forget to post this the next morning, totally. This is the point where my lack of planning far ahead shows the most, I feel like. All the same this is as sensible as I could make this stage, so...good enough, I suppose.
  6. Dawn of a New Day, stage 9: My only regret this stage is that I couldn't think of more options.
  7. That's the ticket - the introduction has specific exits for the Spirit, Platypus and Doll.
  8. Dawn of a New Day, stage 8: Pardon the rampant copy-pasting, but I have to cut the budget somewhere. There's only so many words I can type before my fingers fall off...
  9. The mod tools doesn't even list it, really, those adventure seem to be hardcoded into the game rather than being calender triggered on Juvenalia like the tutorial is. I do recall that, of all the Familiars, the Doll is definitely one of the ones that has that problem with starting their adventure later.
  10. Dawn of a New Day, stage 7: I'd say "welcome to Words: The Stage", but it's only...around 8.2K words. Oh. Eh...so welcome to Words: The Stage. I hope you don't drown in words enjoy your stay.
  11. Dexter Marchant and the Strange Doll, I believe. Mod tools, to the extend that I can check it, doesn't show any prerequisites other than having the doll Familiar.
  12. Dawn of a New Day, stage 6: This is intended to be a Y1 Bat Bond adventure situation where you've got only one actual stage, but what actual option is available depends on what plan of action you've chosen in this stage. It's a possible stumbling block, for reasons you'll see in the next stage, but since worst case you've got magic to bail you out in this situation I don't think it'll be too big of a problem.
  13. Dawn of a New Day, stage 5: There'll be a third option for at least a bit starting next stage. Don't expect it to last all the way through, though.
  14. There should be an automatic exit that has no prerequisites at all to prevent that. Granted the text makes zero sense for someone without a Familiar, but it should be there regardless.
  15. You get +2 from the Confidence option, the other two only give +1.
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