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  1. Metis

    Idea Pool

    And only most of the adventure, If you want to split hairs about it. The last stage was also the Team's work, IIRC I didn't have it done by the time the DLC 16 deadline hit.
  2. Metis

    Idea Pool

    My recommendation for where to start would be to hold out hope that Y2 and it's mod tools can do what the Y1 mod tools can't, because as things stand meaningfully adding a new set of skills to the game would be hard if not impossible. You could, in theory, add skills to the game, but getting those skills to do anything in, say, events/adventures would be the borderline impossible part.
  3. Metis

    A few in game questions

    How tall are the various mountains surrounding Mineta? Would it be considered an achievement to climb to the top of one, or is that not noteworthy even when you can't literally fly up to the top?
  4. Is it a blanket penalty or does the game account for students who'd care more or less about college loyalty? I can't imagine Neso Ulleri objecting to an Avila students as much as Tulia Faspalla would object to an Aranaz student.
  5. Metis

    A few in game questions

    There isn't? So that's a Y1 feature that got removed in Y2?
  6. Metis

    What Triggers are for Y2?

    Y1 doesn't seem to have a condition for relationship max, but you can always have relationship 11+ be a trigger.
  7. That's one option. Another option would be to have multiple stage 1s, or stage 0s I suppose. Schwarzbart's idea is better in terms of compressing adventure stages, though.
  8. Nor am I. You can easily have two version of the opening stage, one limited to Durand students and the other limited to non-Durand students, with the opening text changed to reflect which version you've got access to. In fact changing the entire opening text is actually easier than just changing two words in some respect, because at least in Y1, multiple versions of the same stage is the only option to have different text, so you'd need to go the whole nine yards to change just two words.
  9. Easily doable in Y1, so I have to assume it's possible in Y2 as well.
  10. Unless I'm mistaken it's a shorthand for "good game", and it means a change has caused something to be lost or otherwise rendered unwinnable.
  11. Point of order, but despite it's description Bereft is an Ability, not an Emotion. It's description reads as follows: As for your questions, 1. See above (spoiler, the answer's no). 2. IIRC using Gift of the Familiar to get rid of Mr. Pebbles is considered an exploit, and shouldn't be possible. 3. I imagine there's more to that course than just "this is how you better handle your Familiar", but if not, Bereft would be GG for that class. 4. See 1 (minus the spoiler). 5. Evil or insane, I'd imagine. Otherwise please explain to me how someone who unnecessarily eats the soul of their Familiar can be considered a rational, good person.
  12. Metis

    Paying to Copy Edit Y2

    If the Team was looking for part-timers I suspect they'd have reached out to us, as they did for the DLC 17 beta.
  13. Metis

    A few in game questions

    ...Accused by who? Vikings? Mongolians? Like, seriously, what group with a common language could make such a claim with any sort of straight face?
  14. Metis

    A few in game questions

    Does the draconic language have a real world analogue, and if so, how long will it take you to press Enter and then type [redacted] what is it?
  15. Metis

    A few in game questions

    Is golf a known sport?