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  1. History: Descended From Heroes, specifically.
  2. Any chance of VB launching by May? Because if so the team will have only missed their initial deadline by three years.
  3. It shouldn't be impossible to fix, engine-wise, just some pointers that need to be changed. It's just a question of whether Y1 will see another patch at this point, though I personally do suspect one will be necessary (or at least helpful) to smooth over any issues with Y2 save imports that are on Y1's end. If so the Legate can add this to the list of things to fix.
  4. That sounds like a bug. I really can't imagine that being able to get Diavesque and than turn him down in the adventure is intended. Well, minus the "random legendary item" opportunities, but that I'd also call more bug than feature.
  5. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 13: If it wasn't clear by now, I'm relying on players filling in the time they spend off-screen to fill in the gaps that the adventures don't cover. Although maybe I should work on a series of applicable REs to fill in those gaps a bit more? Hmm...that'd be an easier question to answer after I see what Y2 really looks like, as well as this whole adventure chain. Assuming it even gets added in the first place and everything. In any case, that's the extent of it you'll (likely) see in Y2. More is of course planned, and decisively not planned (bonus points to anything who manages to suss that out, as I belatedly did) but part of the whole thing anyway, maybe. Possibly. We'll see...eventually...
  6. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 12: Here's to hoping this whole "taking sides" thing actually fits with Y2's intended theme(?), even if it comes too late to really do much of anything with until Y3.
  7. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 11: This is indeed the stage where effort went to die, yes.
  8. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 10: Rest assured that this will come up again later. Maybe. In theory.
  9. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 9: Sure hope this whole idea actually works. Although that's a ship that set sail a long time ago anyway.
  10. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 8: And so it begins. Let's see if I manage to not mess this one up.
  11. The Lion seeking Fish, stage 7: That was a nice vacation while it lasted. Now, back to words. Many, many words...
  12. Metis

    Academagia Wiki

    Taking the non-Dedication exit in stage 2.
  13. Metis

    Academagia Wiki

    Quick check reveals that what the wiki currently calls stage 4 is actually stage 4a. Taking Dedication during stage 2 leads to 3b and 4b, which is not on the wiki, but what you get if you take that option.
  14. The Lion Seeking Fish, stage 6: Next stage is when the victory lap ends and things go back to being, for me, an ordinary adventure. I'm sure that I'll end up missing these really basic and simple to type stages sooner rather than later...
  15. As I'm sure I mentioned before, but I feel is worth repeating here: A Y2 news update is going to silence the people clamouring for Y2...for about a week, maybe less. Unless the Team is willing, and able, to do consistent updates I feel like it's better to not do an update in that vein at all.
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