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  1. Was about to suggest something along the lines of "The (very slow) road towards Y2", but naming it after Rikildis' newspaper is just a straight-up better idea.
  2. 5) How, if at all, does one convert to the New Gods? Say that a student from some far off place with no real religion to speak of comes to the Academagia and wishes to convert, what's needed/what happens/etc.? 6) Is there a fancy(/ier) term for the New Gods religion, or is it just "(worship of) the New Gods"?
  3. Really ? Well, that changes a few things...
  4. New post to mark as new (been a while since I've done that, huh?): Does the Doll Familiar need to breathe? Incidentally I figured it out, the location is called Retolian Playground. EDIT: Oh and also, can Y2 adventures go off of just raw skill or can it not erase/ignore item/spell buffs? Related, can Y2 adventures forbid spellcasting (I vaguely recall that spellcasting during adventures was a thing or something).
  5. Quick check, what was the name of the playground memorial at the Academagia where the staff put automatons in memory of the students that died during their first year? That is an actual location and not just something that came to me in a fever dream, right?
  6. Considering that GoG is a few years too late to cash in on the DLC 17 release hype I don't see Y1 as being worth much to them. Maybe see if Y2 can be put on the table somehow?
  7. So apparently some sort of European something has made it illegal for Wikia to not look too horrendously ugly (by which I mean the somewhat serviceable Monobook skin), so as of some time within the next two days (presumably) the Wikia will go full-blown deskbile for everyone. I'm sure the good people at Wikia are crying themselves to sleep over it so hard that they'll be jovially laughing all the way to the bank until the end of the week. It's actual users...well, I've actually forgotten how ugly it is, so let's flip the switch and see how bad it is. ...Actually not as bad. I was expecting a war crime, but it seems like I only have to finagle something with adblock to get rid of 66% of every page to make it somewhat reasonable. Still, if anyone has any ideas for alternatives for when Year 2 eventually sees the light of day, I'm open to suggestions... EDIT: I am loving this integrated Block Element feature! Just-hell, not even two minutes and viola, the wiki actually looks decently designed and doesn't spam me with the latest nonsense about what irrelevant Star Wars actor did the better backflip in episode Whatever of New Disney Overlord Approved series number I-Don't-Give-A-Rat's! It even fits perfectly on this not-2001 monitor! Maybe there's hope for the future after all.
  8. Just for the record, for those budding Mastery mages (or more likely, Calligraphy students): Impart Understanding. Also, Y2 is supposed to do something with that whole "lack of fine control" aspect of Mastery, IIRC, but it's also supposed to step up it's game about the whole "studying/practising a forbidden school of magic" aspect that Y1 kind of completely dropped the ball on.
  9. There isn't. Control, be it from Mastery or something else, is something that a Y1 PC simply isn't able to be so specific about.
  10. If that video includes a final ETA at the end it had better be just a giant wall of scrawled over dates going back to, what, 2012? Whichever, and ending with something like "THIS date, ACTUALLY for real this time, FINALLY!"
  11. Would commoners have access to bulk amounts of that stuff? I mean it is pretty much the cutting edge of military tech, other than a mage army anyway, so I imagine it'd be too expensive if nothing else...
  12. What kind of weapon supply would even be useful for a Dragon invasion? Tthe kind a civilian could reasonably keep several crates worth in their basement "just in case", I mean?
  13. I'm assuming, Legate can correct me on this, allegedly corrupted save and the seemingly clear Pramidi save, please.
  14. @Legate of Mineta, would the Team be interested in looking over Grue's save?
  15. CoF doesn't care about statistics. If it procs the roll fails, or at least, it should. So it sounds like the Mark is bugged. I mean it wasn't exactly foolproof to begin with, but...