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  1. And because the adventure is now done, In Defence of the Animals, stage 10: Obviously the first option would only be there if you tried to drag Girars to Professor Storey all the back in stage 0. Also, yes, that's the end. "Seems like a set-up for a follow-up", you say? Eh...maybe .
  2. In Defence of the Animals, stage 9: Like I said, many things to juggle.
  3. In Defence of the Animals, stage 8: As you can tell from the relative myriad of options here, finding this guy is basically filler. Has to be done, though.
  4. In Defence of the Animals, stage 7: Approval of the history lesson is still pending, mind you.
  5. I would assume her spying device isn't strictly necessary to complete her Y2 adventure, otherwise how could non-Y1 import characters acquire it?
  6. In Defence of the Animals, stage 6: I know I no longer clarify when a given option pauses/stops/proceeds the adventure, but I'm hoping that just reading the text is enough to make that clear. Next stage's intro text should make it clear, if it isn't in this case.
  7. IIRC if you're talking about the Exile, it's magic was self-sustaining, somehow? Something that even modern mages didn't understand? Legate'll have to confirm/deny that one.
  8. In Defence of the Animals, stage 5: If any of you have noticed the general lack of options, it's because there is so much I need to keep in mind and it...well, it limits my options. For instance, this stage? Used to have a Debate option (removed because of what was formally established in stage 3, which wasn't always the case, and reasons) and a Hide option (reasons), there's intentionally an Endurance rather than an Astrology option (reasons, albeit different reasons) and I'm still on the fence about there being an option that goes "sorry, but your ship is in another port as of this date" since that is a thing that'll happen once the ingame calender passes a certain point, but that means that either the adventure dies right there and that has it's own issues or information gained from stage 6's main text will have to come from elsewhere and that's reasons central right there, so...yeah. Little bit of a mess, this one.
  9. In Defence of the Animals, stage 4: For reference, the Quarantine House is an actual location ingame:
  10. In Defence of the Animals, stage 3: It may not be obvious, but there is so much to juggle this adventure...
  11. In Defence of the Animals, stage 2: The one thing worse than an awful pun. An awful double pun. I make no apologies .
  12. In Defence of The Animals, stage 1: I assume a neighbourhood like Frontino would have it's own local newspaper. For whatever it's worth.
  13. In Defence of The Animals, stage 0: New adventure! This one...eh, as professor Storey put it, really. Hopefully I'll get all the little details right .
  14. So I was going through the skill list in the mod tools and encountered this among the unnamed DELETE skills: Is that still a thing, or has that been removed both from the game and the setting?
  15. Pretty sure you're just correct, honestly. I mean I couldn't give you an ingame quote or anything, but I'm pretty sure that tracking things through Astrology is easier if the item in question is "more yours", if that makes sense.
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