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  1. Only what college exclusive adventures you have access to. There might be a few adventures where one college gets an option that other colleges don't or vice-versa, but those instances are very few and far between - I can only remember one example off-hand, of the 100+ adventures I've gone through, so college exclusive adventures aside it's nothing you need worry about.
  2. Nothing that drastic. Aranaz just has a bad reputation for being untrustworthy and putting their ambitions, collective or individual, ahead of the concerns/feelings/whatever of others. Some definitely are that way (Rikildis' response to getting a bad grade is amazing, in a bad way), others aren't, at least visibly.
  3. Your choice of College changes what college-exclusive adventures are open to you and which mandatory classes you have, primarily. A student who dabbles in forbidden magic can be from Durand as much as Hedi, or any of the others. RP-wise there's things that you'd keep in mind depending on what College you're in, but mechanically you're no more or less likely to be caught trespassing (or what have you) whether your Regent is Briardi or von Rupprecht.
  4. You have to go through character creation and get into the game proper, yes. IIRC you no longer have to get to the calender screen, although Gera's letter and any Familiar intro adventure you got (only Pamela, the Platypus and the Doll get one IIRC) wouldn't be hard to go through.
  5. There's no list that I know of. F12 is the only key you really need to know about anyway (check the quick overview of basic mechanics topic 'bout that). Probably. Anyway, did you check the menu and see if the Turn Off Music option is checked? If it's not I don't know what else would cause the music to vanish.
  6. There's an option to (un)mute the music in the Menu screen, once you've actually started/loaded a game. Beyond that I'm not sure what would cause the audio to be disabled. Actually, one of the F keys might mute/unmute the music? I haven't gone through all of them, but I know at least two of them serve dark and nefarious mysterious purposes.
  7. It's an Action, same as Rest. Unlock it (Schoolyard Education 8) and spend a turn to use it.
  8. Declare Vendetta on someone you have a very low (like -8 or lower) relationship with, than trigger their Duel adventure (look for an adventure called "Gentleman's Duel" or "Something-or-'nother Rules").
  9. If the Team could do something to update the Y1 modtools I assume they'd have done so around the time the Windows XP/main text block issue came up. There is, therefore, only one solution to this problem... Get to releasing Y2 so that it's mod tools can be released .
  10. That's the plan, yes.
  11. On 5, Mastery does work on Dragons, it's just too difficult for most people to get the spells to stick. King Kaizo the Lesser (IIRC), namesake of the now defunct College Kazus, is famed for having dominated a(n admittedly young) Dragon.
  12. IIRC, they're elective. If you've got the skill to pass an entrance exam, maybe have a good relationship with a relevant professor/regent in some cases, you can take elective classes outside your College focus. During adventures, if one of your Clique mates has a better chance at succeeding at a roll than you do, you'll use their attribute/skill levels instead of your own. Pro tip: As a Morvidus student you'd naturally take Revision. And From Novice to Master is a buff spell that you can cast on someone else. With Joana and From Novice to Master, all Strength-based subskill checks during adventures are doable, just a question of one or two, worst case three turns spend buffing. Considering that Strength is more than likely going to end up being a dumpstat on a professor/brewer type PC that's a pretty big degree of flexibility. Incidentally, since you'd be in Dialectic, you could even (ab)use Oleapia’s Shrine to get the full value out of Teach (Intelligence/Dialectic v.25 for the full +1 SS×3, but donating 10 Pims at the shrine is worth +8 to the Dialectic parent skill for 5 days) and literally teach your Clique mates the skills you need them to give you a hand with during adventures. Probably not worth it from a time standpoint, but it's a funny idea.
  13. Personally I think you ought to consider doing that. Morvidus gives you access to The Shop and Pelia's Influence (permanent +1 Revision, Alchemical Tools, Analyze and Brew), which admittedly isn't what I'd call a "big, exclusive, brew-centric quest", but I think it'd be more interesting than just going with the obvious choice of Vernin. Sad to say a recently destitute kid of graverobbers wouldn't fit well in Vernin anyway, as it's the stereotypical aristocrat's/rich kid's college. As for class load you'd have Revision/Zoology locked in, a scientist definitely needs Dialectic, and a brewer definitely needs Arithmetic/Botany/Enchant, so...that's a full class load right there. As for Clique mates in that situation? The practical "birds of a feather" options I think are Girars (giant boost to the Cooking skillset, if at the cost of putting up with him), Hector (boost to your Familiar, dislikes Religion), Vettor (boost Practical Jokes) and Uliva (if you take the Spy background, Serpentine Tactics would be quite fitting). Oddball options are Eliana (could be helpful RE: Botany, but has hints of Religion affinity as well) or Joana (could get +2 relationship from Negated if you want to go that angle with going "less silly wand waving", and grabbing Joana/Philippe as Clique mates is one way to say "don't ever bother me").
  14. Alternatively, select the option that you're buying the game as a gift and have BMT send the relevant download codes/links/voodoo magic/what have you directly to your friend's E-mail. He can back-up and burn to disks what he wants from there.
  15. That sure is a(nother) piece of geographical knowledge I didn't know about before, though forgive me if I fail to see the relevance of it.