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  1. You are indeed only supposed to use the latest Summer's Blush.
  2. Does Academagia use the (wrestling) term "heel" in the same context that it's used IRL, and if it doesn't, what term does it use?
  3. Better grab a few if the offer hasn't, because there'll undoubtedly be other people who'll be asking for one. *Innocent whistle*
  4. So after all of the delays that Y2 went through before getting released the Team thinks it can keep up with monthly DLC deadlines? That's just plain adorable .
  5. What's Y2 look like in terms of college-exclusive adventures, at least currently? Any particular college on the low side?
  6. Could you post the crash rapport, preferably in a spoiler? There should be a file called Academagia.log in the same folder where the cache folder(s) are located, if your game crashed that file should have a log of exactly why it did.
  7. Not giving me the impression that classes have been made less useless in Y2, Legate .
  8. Y2's Brew class only teaches up to the Y1 skill limit?
  9. Given how long Y2 has been in development already I'm pretty sure the answer is "too long".
  10. Not really. There's so few areas that have base 0% CoD that it's not even worth listing the exceptions, honestly.
  11. Take Dance Lessons with Professor Badcrumble if you have access to the relevant adventure, Wayfinder's Courtesy if you have access to Seeking Friends in Hidden Places, visiting the spirits in The Cold Room if you have access to that relevant adventure, Imperial Palace: Dining Hall if you can find it, or taking lessons at Avendra’s Studio. Tuition for that last one will run you 200 Pims.
  12. Aibti. And in a sense, I suppose? It's a story that's intended to be figured out (or not, who knows if the Team will go with it after all) later, I believe, though I believe part of it is foreshadowed in this one. And by that I mean "indirectly spelled out", because someone, not naming any names, does not know how to do foreshadowing. I wouldn't call it casual, but it just seemed like the perfect opportunity to use an otherwise basically unused skill. Hence the Mastery option as well, chronic lack of opportunities to use it that's one of the things to be corrected in Y2.
  13. Since it's done anyway, Wrapping up in Rapture, stage 6: As I said, a doozy. It took some tries to think of something that could possibly work for the Plot exit. And Stage 7: And that's that, pretty short for one of my adventures but whatever works (and considering that like 90% of this adventure's plot was pretty much made up on the spot, I'd say it works pretty good). Now it's just a matter of crossing one's fingers and hoping that ol' Strom hasn't actually spend the past however many years lying face-down in a secret compartment underneath von Rupprecht's desk. That'd be mighty unfortunate ...
  14. Wrapping up in Rapture, stage 3: Bit of a filler stage, really. So why not have something more interesting as well? Like, say, Stage 4: The vagueness is because it's explained in the next stage's main text block rather than both success texts in this stage. Which would be a good cliffhanger...but I don't like cliffhangers, so how about a triple feature? Stage 5: I'm assuming you folks will be able to mostly piece the puzzle together at this point. Also no quadrupole feature because the next stage actually isn't anywhere close to done yet . The stage after that one, actually the last one, is, so if I can get stage 6 done by tomorrow (it's a doozy) expect a double feature to end out the adventure. Yes, only 7 stages. It's not a long one, I'll admit, but hopefully it's a good one.
  15. Wrapping up in Rapture, stage 2: The ship's name if Google Translate is to be trusted translates to "privateer", in case people want to try and read something into that .