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    What Triggers are for Y2?

    Y1 doesn't seem to have a condition for relationship max, but you can always have relationship 11+ be a trigger.
  2. That's one option. Another option would be to have multiple stage 1s, or stage 0s I suppose. Schwarzbart's idea is better in terms of compressing adventure stages, though.
  3. Nor am I. You can easily have two version of the opening stage, one limited to Durand students and the other limited to non-Durand students, with the opening text changed to reflect which version you've got access to. In fact changing the entire opening text is actually easier than just changing two words in some respect, because at least in Y1, multiple versions of the same stage is the only option to have different text, so you'd need to go the whole nine yards to change just two words.
  4. Easily doable in Y1, so I have to assume it's possible in Y2 as well.
  5. Unless I'm mistaken it's a shorthand for "good game", and it means a change has caused something to be lost or otherwise rendered unwinnable.
  6. Point of order, but despite it's description Bereft is an Ability, not an Emotion. It's description reads as follows: As for your questions, 1. See above (spoiler, the answer's no). 2. IIRC using Gift of the Familiar to get rid of Mr. Pebbles is considered an exploit, and shouldn't be possible. 3. I imagine there's more to that course than just "this is how you better handle your Familiar", but if not, Bereft would be GG for that class. 4. See 1 (minus the spoiler). 5. Evil or insane, I'd imagine. Otherwise please explain to me how someone who unnecessarily eats the soul of their Familiar can be considered a rational, good person.
  7. Metis

    Paying to Copy Edit Y2

    If the Team was looking for part-timers I suspect they'd have reached out to us, as they did for the DLC 17 beta.
  8. Metis

    A few in game questions

    ...Accused by who? Vikings? Mongolians? Like, seriously, what group with a common language could make such a claim with any sort of straight face?
  9. Metis

    A few in game questions

    Does the draconic language have a real world analogue, and if so, how long will it take you to press Enter and then type [redacted] what is it?
  10. Metis

    A few in game questions

    Is golf a known sport?
  11. Metis

    A few in game questions

    How tolerated is iconography of the Old Gods? Burned on sight, or could you find, say, a decorated shield hanging on the wall in a museum as testament that this one tribe of humans had developed a certain degree of metalworking skill during the early age of yada yada yada?
  12. Metis

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    At least as much as they've been dealt with for Y1.
  13. Not as far as I know. Although you could always tag them with Affection/Love using magic, if you really want.
  14. Metis

    A few in game questions

    Hearts Hallow.
  15. There's definitely some obscure events, but mostly I think it's a matter of there being a ton more non-character events that end up having more easily met conditions.
  16. Ever wonder why students like Durand de Thiomines only get one random event about them that can only trigger after you finish a College Durand exclusive adventure, whereas people like Philippe Marchant have up to a half-dozen events to their name? It's partially because I retain some sense of self-preservation and thus did not obsessively check every non-student event that might as well count as a student event, of which I can name at least one (Durand blowing a hole in a practice room wall, anyone?), but let's quietly forget about that and pretend I actually have done my homework in this instance. Oh hey, a distraction! Look here, everyone! Yeah. That above is a .zip of the mod file (unpublished, so no, it's not playable unless you publish it yourself - I don't have 6-8 hours to spare any more than you do, particularly at ~1:50 AM. Sorry ) of what I have so far, but it's not nearly enough. And getting enough alone would be a. Ton. Of. Work. That's where you come in! Think of some events, post them here, and to the extent that I'm able (I make no promises of or on anything, to be clear) I'll do the spellchecking, editing and coding myself. Mind, don't expect miracles and certainly don't expect perfection. Or competence, necessarily. Really, expect the team to do some editing at the end of the day. That's what you can safely expect. Do that. Anyway, one last thing - and half the reason I decided to post this in the first place - you might notice a distinct lack of text walls hidden behind spoiler tags. Well, a bit of contact with a computer wizard later and I've got a virtual Windows XP instance...thingy...I'onno. Point is, I've bypassed the textbox bug in the mod tools, so all that lovely text? It's in the mod file, edited and located in it's proper place (in theory - remember, no promises). I guess that makes reading it a pain, so I might format it again and post it here when the clock is not approaching 2:00 AM, but again, no promises. For now come up with some funny stuff for the students we don't hear enough of and shoot. I'll also accept general funny random events, BTW. World's your oyster, so...so...what are you supposed to do with oysters? Eat them? I don't know. Maybe I'll figure it out. Just have fun. EVENTS SO FAR:
  17. Metis

    ~ Suggestions & Improvement ~

    Setting aside the fact that the first of those isn't possible mechanically, you're suggesting a paid DLC that makes a grand total of two minor things easier? BCS would get roasted on Steam's BBQ if they did that.
  18. Metis

    Similar Games

    So the IP who's latest two games are a mobile micro-transaction platform and something slated to be an AR gimmick fest that's a few years too late be original and/or cash in on the novelty has something new in the works? Well, surely after that, many a forgettable platformer and a number of glorified demos for the (often only barely functional) gimmick controller of the week this one is going to be the HP game that people won't forget about a console generation later...if that. If this game is even going to be something beyond a hacky mish-mash of whatever was ripped off of the current fad games I'd be surprised. If it turns out objectively good on top of that I'd be amazed. If it lacks the usual assortment of retailer exclusive pre-order junk, day 1 DLC that easily could have been cut from the base release, the minimum amount of console exclusive content to market the game as having such, shoehorned in multiplayer that serves no purpose beyond artificially lengthening the otherwise relatively short and lacking in any and all actual replay value game and shoving in micro-transactions that are totally just an optional thing and not in any way the cause behind everything being a grind and a half to unlock?
  19. Metis

    Researching Classmates?

    Such as they are, sure:
  20. Metis

    Research and Bonuses

    Can't comment on Y2 of course, but I believe all of that could work in Y1. The only thing I'm not 100% on is adventure stages handing out Research levels, but that's only because I can't recall a situation off-hand where that happens. In theory, I see no reason why it shouldn't work.
  21. Metis

    A few in game questions

    Each class has a list of pre-determined skills which it will hand out a skill step for on a particular day, with a variance of +/- 3 days, ignoring weekends and holidays. Those lists you can find in the mod tools. Variance, mind, is determined on character creation. If a student is taught Orthography on a particular day that student will always be taught that point of Orthography on that particular day, but a different student could get it taught up to 6 school days earlier or later. As far as save file shenanigans are concerned, I'm guessing more than likely no. It makes more sense to save just the static seed and calculate when steps are taught when needed than it would be to save 17 tables worth of variances and look up the results when needed. I think. Incidentally, if you're going to try the old "save, check what classes teach, reload if necessary" routine, keep in mind that the end of day rapport will only mention skill steps that got taught that lead to a skill level increase. Steps for skills that need multiple skill steps can fly under the radar.
  22. Metis

    A few in game questions

    You can do far worse than that during one particular adventure anyway, so...
  23. Metis


    It's classified as "Animal Supplies", which more than likely doesn't have a character slot to put it in, rendering the item unusable. It's a common bug.
  24. Metis

    Did the site get an update?

    Yep. There was an issue with account hacking attempts and a forum update was necessary to better solve the problem.
  25. Metis

    A few in game questions

    Didn't the event with Grit's Fang have something like that? I recall there being an investigation option about using either Revision or Negation is favor of the other, because of some trick that was set up with the magical lock?