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    Research and Bonuses

    Can't comment on Y2 of course, but I believe all of that could work in Y1. The only thing I'm not 100% on is adventure stages handing out Research levels, but that's only because I can't recall a situation off-hand where that happens. In theory, I see no reason why it shouldn't work.
  2. Metis

    A few in game questions

    Each class has a list of pre-determined skills which it will hand out a skill step for on a particular day, with a variance of +/- 3 days, ignoring weekends and holidays. Those lists you can find in the mod tools. Variance, mind, is determined on character creation. If a student is taught Orthography on a particular day that student will always be taught that point of Orthography on that particular day, but a different student could get it taught up to 6 school days earlier or later. As far as save file shenanigans are concerned, I'm guessing more than likely no. It makes more sense to save just the static seed and calculate when steps are taught when needed than it would be to save 17 tables worth of variances and look up the results when needed. I think. Incidentally, if you're going to try the old "save, check what classes teach, reload if necessary" routine, keep in mind that the end of day rapport will only mention skill steps that got taught that lead to a skill level increase. Steps for skills that need multiple skill steps can fly under the radar.
  3. Metis

    A few in game questions

    You can do far worse than that during one particular adventure anyway, so...
  4. Metis


    It's classified as "Animal Supplies", which more than likely doesn't have a character slot to put it in, rendering the item unusable. It's a common bug.
  5. Metis

    Did the site get an update?

    Yep. There was an issue with account hacking attempts and a forum update was necessary to better solve the problem.
  6. Metis

    A few in game questions

    Didn't the event with Grit's Fang have something like that? I recall there being an investigation option about using either Revision or Negation is favor of the other, because of some trick that was set up with the magical lock?
  7. Metis

    Spamming Problem

    Had to blow up the forum to 140% size but it finally utilizes most of my (non-mobile ) monitor space. Checking my mail it seems that I got one about a hacking attempt every three hours (didn't Free mention that ban lasted six?), but the last one is dated over twelve hours ago. Seems like it worked so far? Incidentally, what's up with the list of...emojis? There are suddenly...a lot of them.
  8. Metis

    Spamming Problem

    If you have a bleach fetish, maybe. Like, I called the previous update a series of bleached post-it notes, but this is above and beyond the call of monotone. Oh, the spamming thing? Don't know, at least I managed to sign in just fine.
  9. Metis

    Spamming Problem

    I object to changes made for the sake of it, or for shoving more ads and/or social media BS into my face. When there's a clear (and actual) benefit I'll be far less annoyed by it.
  10. Metis

    Spamming Problem

    Apparently whoever is doing this is reading the forum, because my latest mail (the fourth one, for the record) is now claiming to be from Washington, District of Columbia, 20005, United States.
  11. Metis

    Spamming Problem

    The mail said the IP address was banned (for what good that did), so it must be possible to some extend. And I'd rather these attempts get set on fire before it turns out that these spambots are just trying random combinations of letters/symbols/numbers and one of them ends up getting it right. Unlikely, sure, but why bother risking it if you don't have to? Not getting hundreds of mails about it would also be nice.
  12. Metis

    Spamming Problem

    Again for me as well. If the Team could just put a blanket ban on all Brazilian IP addresses as far as accessing my account goes, that'd be nice. Rest assured, the day that I travel to South America is the day that frogs rain from the sky.
  13. Metis

    Spamming Problem

    I got the same mail I just noticed, also from Brazil.
  14. Metis

    Mod Tools

    The .amo is the game's v1.0 database, so that's not usable as a guide. Not if you're using anything as "recent" as DLC 1, at least.
  15. Metis

    Researching Classmates?

    "Very few, if any", not "some". The only other one I can find off-hand (indeed, the only other one that might exist) are 6 lores dedicated to Philippe. Mind you that they seem...incomplete? That's the impression I get, anyway.
  16. Fairly easy, yeah. I mean the mod tools are so outdated they can't load the latest mod base and several other functions directly or indirectly don't work, not to mention that there's like three different styles used for quickly describing what effect does what without looking at it but other than that they can be used to look up DLC 15-era stuff easily enough.
  17. The .amo is the version 1.0 modbase, specifically. Since I don't think they're possible to unlock ingame (and therefore check what they say in the current DLC version) here's the lores as they were in DLC 15: I should add that very few, if any, other students have a series of lores like this that's specifically about them, so it's possible this is the remnant of some kind of idea (being able to Research your classmates?) that got scrapped pretty early on. If so expect a few continuity errors here and there.
  18. That action has a prerequisite of Revision 6 and Revision Spells 6, if you're below that you can't use it. No, there's nothing ingame that clarifies that. I looked it up in the mod tools.
  19. That table is straight from the DLC 15 database, so it's either accurate or it got changed in DLC 16 or 17, as I mentioned. Though I didn't check results from failing rolls, so there is also that angle to consider. Incidentally, the Social Skills failure for Emilia P is listed as +2 in the database, and it's also listed as actually not finishing the adventure properly, allowing for infinite farming of +2 Relationship Max so long as you can keep failing the roll. That would be another thing that might have gotten changed/fixed between now and however many years ago, though. EDIT: I figured it out! Pru's Dedication exit is bugged! The relationship (regular, not max) increase is incorrectly set to increase relationship Max instead! You can check it ingame by comparing it to the Passion exit - it should be +1 relationship and +1 relationship Max, whereas Dedication is +1 relationship Max (accidentally) and +1 relationship Max (intentional).
  20. I vaguely recall a list being posted a while back somewhere of another...or maybe that was birthdays? Either way I'll go check... So here's what I pulled from the mod tools. Outdated of course, so it's not complete/up to date in terms of info/bugs, but should be a decent frame of reference: tl;dr is that Philip Hauck can also get +3 relationship max from his adventure, and Pru apparently is limited to +1? Like I said this is based on DLC 15, so things could easily have changed since then (such as adding four students that I have no knowledge of, for instance ), and I only checked the very final stage of their adventure, not any of the ones before, so there's room for errors here.
  21. Metis

    Ways to Increase All Rolls of All Abilities

    In the case of Always Prepared, Look Ahead and Mastery of Forms they specify a Bonus to Actions, Abilities and/or Spells, which does not work for adventures. A Bonus only applies to adventures if it applies to a Skill, since that's a miscellaneous modifier to rolls that adventures take into account. For the record it's not possible for a Bonus to apply to Stories, either events or adventures - the function literally doesn't exist.
  22. The only thing I have to say on this subject is that there's two ways to subvert this entire idea, and by that I mean put it's leg on an anvil and have Thor go to town with Mjolnir. One, there's a constellation effect (forget which one off-hand) you can get with the Astrology Action which gives +1 random relationship Max. This could, in theory, be repeated so long as one's Insight/Astrology is good enough to get the effect and the constellation remains active. No, there's no way to manipulate which constellations are active at what points in time other than starting a new game - that's when that stuff is (randomly) determined - and you don't get taught any tricks to figure out/keep track of what constellations are/will become active until at least Y2. But if you luck out on that, ho boy, Cyrus would be proud. And green with envy. The second way is to cast a Spell with the Emotion Pheme added to it, because that can randomly add Affection/Love to your chosen target. You need an opposite-gender relationship at 11+/13+ to get Affection/Love normally, but unlike most emotions you don't need to have what it takes to get it to keep it - Affection only breaks if you get Despair, Love only breaks if you lose Affection. So if you get either from another source it sticks around. Unfortunately I think this particular trick is slated to be fixed/bulldozed in Y2 (whatever the more accurate term is) because the Y2 AI basically lost it's head trying to process the situation, so...alas.
  23. Metis


    For what it's worth, Marat Advanced Reading 1 has a prerequisite of The Everard Equation SL = 10. But as far as I know this kind of prerequisite checks for your unmodified skill level. Still, if nothing else, I guess there's your problem. For the record, reading 2 and 3 are purely Memory based, so those shouldn't mess up unless the first one messes up.
  24. Metis

    A few in game questions

    Missed number 5 there, Legate .