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  1. Better by Half, stage 6: Pardon the singular option, but an alternative would needless complicate and/or break the remainder of this adventure chain. And dear word, it's complicated enough as is.
  2. Better by Half, stage 5: Not sure if Y2 can better "balance" stages that don't stall on failure, but I hope it can. Recall that this adventure, as with the previous two, is on a timer. So I'm assuming that it not taking extra time is a good thing.
  3. Better by Half, stage 4: The magic option being a bit of a trainwreck is honestly intended - you are only a second year, and there's supposed to be three more years of just basic study afterwards. So of course it should frequently go off the rails, even if it does technically "work".
  4. Better by Half, stage 3: For the record, this was intended to be one of those smaller stages. Intended. The words called out to me, alright?
  5. Better by Half, stage 2: On the one side I kind of miss my exceptionally wordy stages. On the other side I really don't miss my exceptionally wordy stages. They'll be back, eventually, but today is not that day.
  6. Better by Half, stage 1: As before, the intended deadline for this adventure is the start of next month. And it'd take place during Gelamenus, for the record.
  7. Oan being from Sae'on is a long established thing, though. From the first state of the tutorial adventure:
  8. 1. How would people react to someone who claimed to be someone else, reincarnated? And... 2. What if this person could demonstrate knowledge that, if not specific to whoever they claim to were previously, at least something that they shouldn't just know about?
  9. Better By Half, stage 0: Here's to hoping that Y1 information is considered commonplace in Y2 or at least not a spoiler, 'cause otherwise this adventure is going to really come out of left field.
  10. A Matter of Honor, stage 10: I'd like to say that some of the loose ends in this adventure are totally planned hooks, but really, for the most part I didn't realize they were things or just plain forgot about them. Worked out in the end anyway though, since Rikildis might need a distraction depending on how things went during the adventure .
  11. With any luck I can add to that. Anyway, A Matter of Honor, stage 9: Details upon details, this entire adventure chain. But at least part two is rapidly approaching it's end.
  12. I intended to focus more on Matthias, failed to do so (I...think?), and accidentally ended up focussing a bit on Catherine instead. Which I honestly should have done in the first place, so...yay. Maybe Grainne as well, come to think of it. I'll have to keep that in mind. It's probably not something that stands out outside of context (nor should it, I believe), but if all goes well it'll make itself clear eventually.
  13. A Matter of Honor, stage 8: So there was something I wanted to do with this (and other) stages, but I think that plan fell through. In the process I may have instead accomplished something else I should have done, but didn't plan for because I didn't realize it was a thing I should do until I randomly bumbled into it. So...yay, I guess?
  14. Will there ever be a point where we can ask the various students/characters all of these random questions ? Like some kind of VB-style interview or ingame lores you can get from Grainne/Rikildis' school gossipsink newspaper?
  15. A Matter of Honor, stage 7: In some respects it's actually harder to type out these failure texts that don't stall the adventure at all. Of course trying to stall the adventure in a reasonable manner would be even more difficult, so...
  16. A Matter of Honor, stage 6: This whole adventure is frankly turning out to be kind of a mess, but I think it'll work out. Hopefully.
  17. A Matter of Honor, stage 5: As before, things I've got to manage with these stages. Time will tell whether I actually succeed(ed), though.
  18. I do remember some of the details - the two duellists in question got caught in a spell that slowed down time for them, so for generations people observed them slowly fighting their duel. Compiling the various criticisms and notes people made after the fact was nothing short of a nightmare.
  19. A Matter of Honor, stage 4: Pardon the delay, but I had to take a break from this and also figure out how this adventure was actually going to end, because that's something I hadn't figured out already and plans had to change. Repeatedly. On the bright side a path towards the end now exists...it's just a matter of, you know, getting there...
  20. If the Team is both able and willing to do consistent updates about Y2's progress, say like VB's weekly updates, than sure. Otherwise I don't really see the point in giving them just this one confirmation...2½-odd years after the fact, from Steam's PoV.
  21. A Matter of Honor, stage 3: This stage, naturally, was brought to you by Google Translate.
  22. A Matter of Honor, stage 2: This stage is a bit awkward if the PC doesn't know about the Durand Prayer Grove, once again it's an actual ingame location: But I figured, it's Y2, the PC could have heard tell of some of these locations by now even if s/he doesn't know exactly where it is and all of that.
  23. Yeah, proofreading is one of those tasks that seems more futile every time you do it. Because something always slips though. Anyway, A Matter of Honor, stage 1: Yes, that implied time limit is intended to be an actual thing, as was the case in In Defence of the Animals. No, the stage options don't reflect it here either. I'm honestly not sure what all Y2 is capable of, mechanically, so I have an excuse to be lazy am waiting for clarification on how to best do that before putting in more effort. I'd rather not have an "oops, time's up!" variation of every single stage and time-based exits leading to said stages if I can help it.
  24. Fixed. And surprised if that's really the only mistake you noticed .
  25. Not promising that I'll get this one finished on time since I'm nowhere near done with it, but...let's just say that I need some motivation to pull me away from OpenXCom. A Matter of Honor, stage 0: Pardon the overused mythology reference, but the last time I came up with an original name I ended up with that athletes guild, so...it has it's perks .
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