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  1. Perhaps a stupid question, definitely a random one, but either way here goes: Does Academagia follow a priority system when it comes to a string of different mathematical functions, or is it just done left to right? Put more simply, does 1+1×2=3 or 4?
  2. As much as I don't want to argue "this is why Y2 should be delayed...again", assuming that VB's launch period is going to go absolutely according to plan with no unforeseen issues whatsoever is an optimistic idea at best.
  3. Whenever there's an event the Team attends that includes gratuitous amounts of alcoho- ohwat ? An answer that isn't [redacted]? What kind of bizarro-dimension did I end up in!?
  4. It shows that the Team is actually working on things and not just stringing people along until they've manage to burn all the money and make a run for the hills. Not that I'd personally suspect BCS of it, but it's a Kickstarter reality, and being, what, four years by now? Somewhat over your initial deadline doesn't inspire much confidence to the contrary to begin with. Showing WIP could also, potentially, lead to some useful feedback from people before release, which is useful if you're not going to do a beta beforehand (no clue if you will, but if not how many typos and bugs did the DLC 17/steam release beta reveal, again?). Speaking of, the step "getting to the release date" is going to involve either a time machine or some very creative re-interpretation of term, so perhaps finding something else to stand on in the meantime wouldn't be a horrible idea.
  5. Is Oriabel obsessed with every kind of ghost or otherwise vaguely ghost-like creature, or only specific ones? If the former, does she frequent locations like Nanteredal's Headstone? And about the summoning of ghosts, how narrow is the line drawn between "Gates magic summoning a ghost" and "*insert not-Gates magic action here* 'summoning' a ghost"? Basically, I'm assuming that a PC with Pamela wouldn't get in trouble for calling his/her Familiar over, but would, say, someone trying to get Nanteredal to show up by bringing his favorite pie get in any (undue) trouble?
  6. Yep, it's one of the ones over in my Y2 adventures topic.
  7. True, but Wrapping up in Rapture kinda forces my hand with how deep I need to bury my goalposts in this particular instance. Not that I know for sure whether it's been added to the game in that particular incarnation, of course, but still. It'd be real sad if I went and completely forgot about it.
  8. I've never seen Sima in that bad of a light. I mean, sure, in terms of people I'd be comfortable turning my back against Sima is right up there with von Rupprecht and the groudskeeper suspected to be Stryker (who's namesake, funnily enough, ended up being the most straight-shot Lawful Good character I think I've ever come up with in my torturous journey through Etrian Odyssey), but beyond that I've always seen Sima as someone with a conscious. One that's a bit looser than most people have, perhaps, but someone who'd stop short of mass-murder when alternatives are on the table.
  9. If A Summons to the Great Gate is any indication she probably does. Reitz doesn't seem like the kind of person who'd be able to keep a secret from Sima, at any rate.
  10. Hmm...noted. How commonly known/taught are these different Phemes? Senior student textbook material, or do you have to work your way up through a relevant guild's ranks just to maybe, possibly, potentially one day gaze upon them?
  11. If someone were to fall and break their neck right in front of a Revision mage with wand in hand, how hard would it be for the mage to undo that whole "broken neck" bit?
  12. If there were definite story arcs planned when Academagia came out I'm pretty sure at least half of those plans have since been chucked out the window just due to how much things have changed.
  13. How complete is the Imperial Temple's control of distant, more rural areas, insofar as their ability to suppress local traditions in favor of their own? Assuming said local traditions aren't outright blasphemous and/or legally problematic, of course.
  14. I think a further clarification of that division you mentioned might help. I mean I'm just guessing here, but I don't think too many western people are familiar with the details of Saṃmitīya Pudgalavada Buddhism and how/why it's different from all other Buddhist traditions. Unless it was in the news recently and I completely missed it, I guess, but in that case I wouldn't trust a news anchor to succeed where my Religious Studies classes (evidently) failed.
  15. Metis


    You're probably missing a Pheme. You need to have learned all of a spell's Phemes before you can cast it, which can require you to jump through some hoops. For The Familiar's Gift your best bet is to clean out the Field Medicine subskill (Empower is Field Medicine 8, which will pick up Blood on the way if you don't have it). For Cleanse and Remake you're missing either Righteousness (Ethics 1 is the easiest source, assuming you've got the subskill unlocked) or Beseech (Prayer 5 should be available if you're going for C&R).
  16. Something I'd like to note is that whether a spell is classified as Gates/Mastery isn't necessarily obvious from seeing it's effects, and with it being proscribed few people should be really able to tell the difference (fewer still of which would ever actually admit to having such knowledge, as well). Not saying that using such spells in a duel isn't a terrible idea, but it shouldn't be an automatic game over either. Not unless you end up with either the wrong person in the crowd. Or duelling you, of course...
  17. Do these freight loans ever get split across multiple bankers/houses/etc. (where reputation allows), or only ever the one (if any at all)?
  18. 1. How rare/special is/would it be for someone to have (visions like the PC does in Cloudy Skies adventure (semi-)consistently? 2. Do Mimics, as in monsters that disguise themselves as treasure chests or other assorted items of (seeming) value, exist in the Academagia universe? Obviously traps exist, but are there any "open chest to reveal the many-toothed mouth of a monster" type creatures? 3. Say that someone dreamed of becoming the star of the Academagia's Rimbal team, but to their eternal disappointment wasn't invited to join the Academagia as a student. How would this person best pursue their dream anyway?
  19. I don't think a Kickstarter campaign would go over too well considering how delayed Y2 is, not to mention the fact that your previous KS project is three years over deadline in it's own right. Also, I think it might be wise to actually get said scope itself done before trying to judge what's beyond it.
  20. I'm assuming that it's possible to use weird, uncommon things as triggers for enchanted items, as a (perhaps inefficient and/or roundabout) way of limiting who can activate it - rubbing it with a specific alchemy ingredient, playing a specific song, stuff like that. But how (im)practical is this, in terms of adding complexity to the enchantment? And assuming it isn't limited to theory, are there rumors/legends of items that are (in)famous for only working in downright stupid circumstances?
  21. How tolerated are schools of thought that don't subscribe to the standard Revision/Negation/Incantation/etc. divisions for the different schools of magic, provided that they don't run afoul of any Proscribed magic laws?
  22. So how exactly does being a part of a research project (be it your own or someone else's) play out? Like an adventure, like a Y1 research topic, something else entirely?
  23. How much would the faculty object to someone researching a local legend involving a Gates-created monster? Basically trying to figure out where the myth comes from, how it changed/evolved over the years, what actual events went into shaping the legend, that sort of stuff.
  24. How would the authorities in Mineta respond if a group of unknown people showed up in a weird airship claiming to be on a mission from one of the New Gods, and asked to be, well, educated/brought into the fold/etc.?
  25. IIRC mechanically Gressel's Medications is the location tied to the Sync parent skill research topic, and from there no one stops the PC from researching it and getting information about the Gressel crew p to and including the Master's Mark. So at least mechanically there shouldn't be any issue with that. I'm not sure how much of a secret it really is, either. Worst case I don't think it's unreasonable for Zoe to mention something to them about her wanting treatment for something and being given a surprise offer she simply didn't take. They do freely talk about Natural Philosophy subskills, so there's some kind of opening there.
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