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  1. could close a Gate (reasonably) safely with at least one of Negation, Revision, Astrology and Throw Rock, right?
  2. So IIRC Gates mages would be called on to defend Choris against invasions from other planes, back in their day before Gates was banned. Of course now it is banned, and in theory people are sitting ducks to such an invasion. Even if there exists some (likely unknown) factor that would prevent such a thing from actually occurring, surely the guards, or the Academagia, or some greater authority in Mineta would have come up with a plan in case Gates suddenly shoot out of the ground all over town and sentient cubes start flooding the streets. What is that plan? Or is everyone just going to run in circles and scream like schoolgirls until Schohanwicht or whatever steps in and fixes the mess?
  3. I just want to say, both cases sound like a perfect opportunity to...fudge the results a little, if it's within the PC's power to do so.
  4. I'm pretty sure that in Professor Von Rupprecht's Special Guest Professor Sido makes it clear that he's not a noble or anything of the sort. Maybe he became one in the years since, but I doubt it.
  5. Hmm....don't recall that one. Don't suppose you remember what that RE's requirements are?
  6. Completely random question: Does chess exist in Academagia?
  7. You know how, mechanically, the DLC packs are technically "mods" as far as the game understands things? A mod base is the unpublished mod file of a DLC pack that can be opened in the mod tools, looked through, edited (although with severe restrictions as far as actually modding it goes, due to various factors), and so forth. Functional links to download them (they don't need to be purchased, much like the DLC packs themselves) are few and far between, if these three don't work than I don't know if there's functional links left anywhere: The .AMO, for reference, is the game's 1.0.0 database. You need it if you want to publish mods with the mod tool, otherwise it's only good for looking through the game's 1.0.0 data. The DLC 17 mod base is planned for release sometime after the last content patch, which will make that the final mod base as well. Although that physically can't delay anything barring computer magic, since the mod base literally is the content patch, just in a less refined form.
  8. On 4, read through Reitz von Traitor's adventure.
  9. The DLC 15 mod base, if I'm reading this right, weighs in at ~408 MB, for reference.
  10. If that Beta involves a modbase than you'd better prepare for a flood of typos, Legate. And no, they won't be the last in any event.
  11. You'd have a hell of a time explaining that mechanic in-universe. Luck increases your base chance of running into random events, but there's some manner of divine power that makes sure to punish those who don't get robbed, run over or otherwise injured every now and again? Also, explain to me how this mechanic could not be exploited by people by intentionally failing a string of encounters so that they'll have "good karma" (anyone remember what that word even means anymore?) when they then initiate a difficult adventure or something. Please, if I wanted rubber-banding I'd play either a racing game or X-Com. Yes, it had such a mechanic, and yes, it did little but encourage the save/loading to either stay his course or literally sacrifice some rookies to the RNG gods.
  12. There's going to have to be another update unless the Team wants whatever new content there'll be to be riddled with typos, so might as well keep collecting them.
  13. With regards to sabotaging, say, Basia's attempt at being #1 in all of her exams. If I Negative Alteration of Organic Matter her exam scores through the Maelstrom personally, will her Y2 AI recognize that and hold it against me (beyond having a negative relationship, which you could fix in Y1 easily anyway)? Now say that I Demean Basia and someone like Rui or Joana until they're at a mutual -10, and then use some method of Control to control one of the latter two to nuke Basia's exam results. Will her Y2 AI recognize that little plot and hold it against me (again, ignoring an easily raised negative relationship)?
  14. Demean. Or literally any other action/ability/spell that's typed as Hostile.
  15. So Cyrus mentions during Cosetta's Conspiracy that "if [redacted] is undead powerful enough to beat [the enchanted street lights turning red when there's an undead nearby], we're dead, so let's not even worry". On what level of power would an undead need to be in order to (consistently) beat those enchantments, roughly? Clearly above a group of first years, but that's not saying much. Something like senior student level, professor level, Orsi, Salvatore, Diavesque, what?
  16. Speaking of updates and typos, any update on the content update? 'Bout two weeks before we enter winter and the content patch was scheduled during fall, IIRC .
  17. Almost forgot: Does Y2 distinguish between getting KOd at -1 Vitality and -40 Vitality, in terms of skipping a day/getting some sort of "recovering from injury" penalties/something?
  18. So I recall something about Piety being useful to resist the effects of dragon blood poisoning...what if you were a pious follower of, oh I don't know, a dragon, rather than the New Gods? Would that still work? And just out of curiosity, how heretical would it be to suggest that the above is true , regardless of whether or not it is?
  19. If there's any form of new content coming there's going to need to be at least another patch, so might as well release the content sooner and release the last bit of patchwork (which can conveniently include an updated content, just to fix the inevitable typos) later.
  20. Does anyone wish to place bets on it actually being the last issue ?
  21. Anything noteworthy that one of the Academagia's Rimbal players are endorsing?
  22. The music department recently made part of a new music room out of solid gold, and according to one RE the Rimbal players sleep on beds made out of money, so I'm not sure if I'd call Godina the least well off financially.
  23. So that possibility of having two Familiars in Y2. How does one go about acquiring another Familiar?
  24. Disorder the Heavens does not actually reduce your Ethics skill steps, at least the effect isn't listed. Unless that memory has something to do with that . EDIT: It also seems to not be typed as a Spell action type, which I assume it should be.
  25. Voices at the Temple, stage 0: The option to leave the two be has no success text assigned to it.