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    The DLCs contain both fan-made content as well as content made by the Team. And the former goes through the Team's checking and editing before being added, for what that's worth. As for Academagia's story, in it's current form it doesn't have a defined story (nor a defined ending) so much as it is a narrative sandbox - you can take your character as far as your imagination is able to take it, or only as far as you're able to get until the game ends after Kaliri 28th. If you expect to see a full story about what happens to the major players in town and what effect your character can have on them, don't pick up the game. Y1 contains nothing of the sort. Y1 contains the introductions for said major players and rest of the setting, and a whirlwind of stuff for you to play with/off against in the sandbox. In short: Academagia requires you to write about as much as it requires you to read, in it's current state. If that means no deal, just skip the game. There's plenty more out there.
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    Plans, yes, but ultimately Y2 would only be the second year out of the planned five, so if Y2 not being out is a problem for you than chances are once it comes out Y3 not being out will be(come) a problem, and than Y4, and than Y5, and by that point if my grandchildren (well, grandnieces at any rate) are still alive I'd be surprised. Basically, ask yourself this: Can you play something like a Bethesda game without ever touching the major questlines at all, beyond what part of the main questline constitutes the game's intro sequence, and have fun without feeling like the game (insofar that you played it) was missing anything resembling a coherent and engaging story? If yes, chances are you can enjoy Academagia (although whether you will is of course a completely separate question). If no, I'd recommend skipping it.
  3. Because Y1 still has errors like the Prodigy: Incantation thing, and it wouldn't do for Y2 to inherit them. For example, it'd be very awkward if a Y2 adventure assumed a Y1 Incantation prodigy would have the increased skill max...only for that background to still be bugged. I imagine there's at least a few errors like that.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Realistically I don't see Y1 -> Y2 importing happening without one final patch on Y1's end. In the meantime things like Prodigy: Incantation and whatever other final bugs were found can, hopefully, be fixed.
  5. I didn't specify any requirements for the adventure, and I don't think the Team added any beyond a time gate for...a mysterious reason (actually the first or second stage does benefit from it being a warmer season, so as minor a point as it is I guess it makes sense to be a post-winter adventure?). Since the latest modbase can't be opened with the outdated mod tools you'd need to ask the Legate as to what specific requirement(s), if any, it has.
  6. ...Remind me where Lambert openly casts a Gates spell? Pamela's adventure?
  7. Would I be correct in thinking that, with the Gates ban and the subsequent loss of exorcism magic, the bar for which ghosts haunting the Academagia actually getting removed rather than bricked up and forgotten about (see: the two duelling ghosts in the one Aranaz adventure) has been raised?
  8. Trying to phrase this question in a way that it doesn't get answered with [REDACTED]: Are, say, legends of people having out of body experiences while still alive a thing? Like, someone gets knocked the hell out and (only briefly, I imagine) wanders around as a ghost, not knowing that their body still lives?
  9. I thought you allied yourself with the Costers (insofar that a main adventure allowed you to do so) through the Pirate's main adventure?
  10. If it's not in C:\ProgramData\Academagia than I've got no idea, I don't have the Steam version.
  11. I believe deleting the cache and the corrupted savefile should fix this issue? IIRC the problem is that the corrupted save file corrupts the cache, which other save files use to quickly load, so the effect of the corrupted savefile occurs with other saves as well?
  12. I would just like to provide a quote from Iustus' Y1 student adventure:
  13. How would such a thing even be viewed in the Academagia setting, anyway? Incidentally, all this old talk about sirens and general mer-folk is making me .
  14. Honestly that's a difficult thing to imagine for a character who's family is Up From Destitution, among a few other scenarios/combinations. Can one assume that a PC who's a Minetan native could have picked up enough from seeing other students going about their business in the city during the various school years?
  15. If something thoroughly unsettling were to happen thanks to a rogue Gates mage, would people in Mineta generally prefer the event to be publicised or covered up?
  16. Technically speaking it's possible to get any NPC student to relationship 13+ if you're lucky enough to be able to abuse (and ruthlessly save/load cheese) the constellation that gives you +1 relationship max with a random student. There's no telling when, if ever, that constellation is active, though. Also technically you don't need relationship anything to tag everyone and the kitchen sink with Love, you can just hit them with the Emotion Pheme until the stars align, so to speak . That said you should be able to get any given student up to at least Affection level with just Etiquette...whatever level gives you +1 relationship max. It used to be 3 but that was changed at some point. Thankfully, but, eh...don't recall what rank it was moved to exactly...
  17. I'd be surprised if the Team is still adding things to Y2's 1.0 release version instead of throwing them onto the pile for later DLC packs, actually.
  18. Released separately, yes, I believe at least some amount of time after Y2's release?
  19. With what tools, though? The current mod tools can't open any DLCs past DLC 15, and can't change certain text fields unless ran on Windows XP besides.
  20. Perhaps a stupid question, definitely a random one, but either way here goes: Does Academagia follow a priority system when it comes to a string of different mathematical functions, or is it just done left to right? Put more simply, does 1+1×2=3 or 4?
  21. As much as I don't want to argue "this is why Y2 should be delayed...again", assuming that VB's launch period is going to go absolutely according to plan with no unforeseen issues whatsoever is an optimistic idea at best.
  22. Whenever there's an event the Team attends that includes gratuitous amounts of alcoho- ohwat ? An answer that isn't [redacted]? What kind of bizarro-dimension did I end up in!?
  23. It shows that the Team is actually working on things and not just stringing people along until they've manage to burn all the money and make a run for the hills. Not that I'd personally suspect BCS of it, but it's a Kickstarter reality, and being, what, four years by now? Somewhat over your initial deadline doesn't inspire much confidence to the contrary to begin with. Showing WIP could also, potentially, lead to some useful feedback from people before release, which is useful if you're not going to do a beta beforehand (no clue if you will, but if not how many typos and bugs did the DLC 17/steam release beta reveal, again?). Speaking of, the step "getting to the release date" is going to involve either a time machine or some very creative re-interpretation of term, so perhaps finding something else to stand on in the meantime wouldn't be a horrible idea.
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