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  1. Just for the record, for those budding Mastery mages (or more likely, Calligraphy students): Impart Understanding. Also, Y2 is supposed to do something with that whole "lack of fine control" aspect of Mastery, IIRC, but it's also supposed to step up it's game about the whole "studying/practising a forbidden school of magic" aspect that Y1 kind of completely dropped the ball on.
  2. There isn't. Control, be it from Mastery or something else, is something that a Y1 PC simply isn't able to be so specific about.
  3. If that video includes a final ETA at the end it had better be just a giant wall of scrawled over dates going back to, what, 2012? Whichever, and ending with something like "THIS date, ACTUALLY for real this time, FINALLY!"
  4. Would commoners have access to bulk amounts of that stuff? I mean it is pretty much the cutting edge of military tech, other than a mage army anyway, so I imagine it'd be too expensive if nothing else...
  5. What kind of weapon supply would even be useful for a Dragon invasion? Tthe kind a civilian could reasonably keep several crates worth in their basement "just in case", I mean?
  6. I'm assuming, Legate can correct me on this, allegedly corrupted save and the seemingly clear Pramidi save, please.
  7. @Legate of Mineta, would the Team be interested in looking over Grue's save?
  8. CoF doesn't care about statistics. If it procs the roll fails, or at least, it should. So it sounds like the Mark is bugged. I mean it wasn't exactly foolproof to begin with, but...
  9. Sounds to me like the Mark is bugged. Or maybe your savefile, I honestly couldn't say. For JtIT, I've no idea. It has no hidden failure chance that I know of, no cooldown, nothing. At this point my only advice would be to Rest, since practically all afflictions that don't last a given amount of time last until you Rest, and see if that clears the inexplicable failures.
  10. IIRC CoF is checked before anything else, so the Master's Mark should prevent those shenanigans. That it's bugged doesn't come as a surprise, though. CoF against Mastery type spells only comes up once otherwise, and as a spell that the player is never going to have a reason to cast, so go figure. Antonio not having Adventure is because NPC students don't automatically start with 1 rank in every School Survival (sub)skill, since the action is technically unlocked by Curiosity 1. He has AI_Aces_up_the_Sleeve, but that doesn't hand out the basic actions.
  11. Afflictions might be listed in your list of possible Actions/Abilities and Emotions, second tab from the left on the left window (or what is the left window by default, at least). If not there, I don't know. Passive abilities are listed there in gray/grey, at least. I've used Judge the Instructor's Taste quite often, but I've never had it outright fail when I had at least 5 Character Study. It can outright fail if you tell it to raise a study level that you've already maxed out and both of the skill step increases land on skills you've already got maxed out as well, but... EDIT: Actually, technically I've had JtIT fail at 5 Character Study before because I had Cleanse and Remake active, but that clearly isn't the issue in your situation. It might give a false positive if you try to test this early game with 5 Character Study and forget about C&R's -1, though. Not that I nearly did exactly that a moment ago, no sir .
  12. Still Mastery, as limited as it's actual uses are ingame. Problem solving is just so much easier when you can cut through needless politics and polite rituals in favor of "get it done". A slippery slope, to be sure, but omelettes, eggs, etc...
  13. Just to check, did you set hidden folders to be visible? More'n likely it's in a hidden folder somewhere, and searches don't find stuff in hidden folders if they're not set to visible ('least on Windows 7, no clue 'bout 10, but...).
  14. The plan is that any savegame made on any version of the game, even the initial v1.0 release, can be imported into Y2, provided that the mods used can be fed to the importer as is necessary. In practice I wouldn't hold onto that much hope, but honestly there's little to no reason to play any version other than the latest or DLC 16 (for the class skipping bug) anyway. As for older save files, I like to think that recent additions are enough to justify another playthrough, at least.
  15. There should be an Academagia.log file somewhere with more detailed info on why the game crashes. Not sure where it's located on Windows 10, though. On 7 it should be in C:\ProgramData\Academagia, same as the game's cache.
  16. What skill you need to craft something is actually based on the item, but as a general rule I think you're going to need Brew to brew up some potions. Don't expect much from Y1 brewing (crafting in general, really) and active item use, though. They're thoroughly meh.
  17. Ana's new wand does change, but I'm honestly not sure if that's going to be significant or even relevant for anything. And if it is, Garibaldi sells a Planer Shift wand for 990 Pims, no need to trade a unique item for it, so that angle I see as being covered either which way. As for who ends up with the part, well, that's obviously going to be different, but I was curious whether giving it to Badcrumble was in some way different solely because that option doesn't require you to roll for anything. Which apparently it is . I was I was going to toss it to the Sphinx or keep it for myself more'n likely regardless, but...options.
  18. So about The Disaster Looks for a Cure: Is there a meaningful difference between giving the [redacted] to Professor Badcrumble as opposed to, say, throwing it at the market, purely because the former doesn't require any sort of roll whereas the latter does? Obviously there'll be a difference insofar as that a different person ends up with it, but does the (absence of a) roll matter at all?
  19. Just starting a topic to list whatever bugs I might find, which may or may not be related to DLC 16 and which I may or may not actually find. To start with: -Family: Sports is bugged and does not start the PC with the maximum vitality the PC will have from the trait's own +1 Fitness. -Station: Well-to-Do should not be allowed to roll +2 Gates Methods, of all things, on the +2 to 3 random skills roll. -Deed: A Singer's Gift does not properly capitalize "By selecting this background". -History: Descendent from Heroes has the same issue. -Apprenticeship: The Pie Kitchen as well. -Typo during A Day In Incantation - Sleeping In Class - : "...with her jar dropped...". Incidentally, that typo exists in the version I send in, so you can blame me for that one. -Typo during A Day In Incantation - The Slippery Grade: " the water your standing on...". Again, that typo is my fault. -CE: Signum Viridis IIII (which, BTW, should be IV) claims to "set your command of the Negation Parent Skill at 7.", but it instead appears to increase it by 7. My character now (temporarily) has 18 Negation. -Typo in A Walk Along the Lake - The Crypt of Broken Ivory is noted as unusual since mausoleums are generally not build underground. Incidentally, I think I intended for the mausoleum to have originally been constructed aboveground, only to later either sink or be buried. What calls it a crypt is an old engraving that existed before the building sank/was buried, so it wouldn't have been underground at that point. That might be misremembering though because that's one adventure that wasn't written recently. -Said crypt is also later called a Palace, and later still a Mausoleum. I am confused as to what that place is . Will rapport more as I manage to get the stars to align and actually roll stuff in my favour.
  20. I actually did not know that stacking Phemes on spells with multiple rolls worked that way. Puppet Master is indeed the name, and looking at it in the mod tools I see that I remembered it wrong: The spell allows you to Control any Clique that isn't your own, actually. You also drain enough power from those you Control to get +2 to all your attributes for three days, albeit at a cost of -1 Ethics SL. As for it's availability, the spell has a prerequisite of Mastery Methods => 16, so it's indeed second year material. That said you can indeed get all of it's require Phemes, admittedly through the Tapestry Room and the Headmaster's Office, since Historical Record and New Reality (respectively) aren't available far as people know.
  21. And for reference, spellcasting is all or nothing when there's a roll involved. Either you succeed and get everything, or you fail and get nothing (unless the spell includes effects that don't require a roll).
  22. That's one of the dummied out spells, though I was more thinking about the one that allows you to Control your entire Clique IIRC (can't remember the name of it). Sena's Afternoon Tea is also classified as part Mastery spell, although it's a Gates Methods and Satyric Revelry roll.
  23. Mastery in Y2 I think is going to focus on refining your as-of-yet lacking ability to specify exactly what you want your puppet to do (or to who). "Total Control" is honestly quite a misnomer, since it's only really an improvement in terms of duration/chance to stick. That said there are some rather silly Mastery spells coded into the game, but not actually used anywhere. They're...a thing.
  24. I don't see what Discord could bring to the table that this forum doesn't already provide, honestly.
  25. It's called the Vanishing Dorm Key, for reference. Unfortunately you can only obtain it from that adventure and no one knows how to get back items that were taken away by the faculty, so...alack and alas.