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  1. Ascartand

    Mod Tools

    I personally need a link to the DLC 15 Mod base. I lost the AMO and the modbase when my old hard drive failed.
  2. Ascartand

    A few in game questions

    What is the name of that Hollowed-Out tree that the Avila boys rather live in rather than Dorm Tower 8 called?
  3. Ascartand

    Similar Games

    Sounds alot like Beacon Academy from RWBY. I may pick it up to see for myself.
  4. Ascartand

    Similar Games

    I may get that Harry Potter game. Depends heavily upon the studio and reviews though.
  5. Ascartand

    Spamming Problem

    Alright. So about 4 hours ago, someone tried to log into my account 5 times from D.C. Lets hope this solution should alleviate our current problem.
  6. Ascartand

    And how did you discover Adademagia?

    No it hasn't been for a long while. It has pretty much been the same for as long as I can remember.
  7. Ascartand

    Introduce Yourself

    Oh hi, welcome to the forums.
  8. Ascartand

    New modbase problem

    Same result for me.
  9. Ascartand

    Plans for 2018?

    Wait, are we also getting the new modbase down the line or with this CP release?
  10. Ascartand

    Favourite Colleges from Steam

    I can imagine it now "Ascartand, the Dragons are evil!" "From my point of view, the Empire is evil!" "THEN YOU ARE LOST!" Its good to be back on the forums.
  11. Ascartand

    Favourite Colleges from Steam

    And me (Gotta get those Draconic powers!) . Though I do say that Avila is pretty restrictive in terms of content but what we have is pretty decent though the male Avila unique adventure does makes me rail against my own character. Probably cause I play my characters as more dismissive people toward others.
  12. Ascartand

    Introduce Yourself

    Yeah welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay.
  13. Ascartand

    A few in game questions

    Hey Hey Hey, long time since I was active here thus question time. Does Elumia have the same beauty standards of the Renaissance era? Or they have their own spin on things, considering being thin is a standard to some of the girls.
  14. Ascartand

    A few in game questions

    What about Noble daughters? Wouldn't Avila be the better option. Or is Badcrumble's etiquette and courtesy stuff is more of a recent thing?
  15. Ascartand

    Y2 WIP Adventures (come and proof-read!)

    Ah, oh well. Anyways I look forward to more of your writing.