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  1. I have though it is considerably harder given how much I know the lore of King of Dragon Pass. Sometimes forget I am no longer Orlanthi.
  2. Last questions of the day. How competitive is Caspar when it comes to art? Lets say if the opposing artist has a tremendous problem with his enchantments of people in portraits. Or does Caspar follow the warts and all mentality?
  3. Ah I see. So persay young Vernaris makes friends with them, they wouldn't abandon him unless all of Avila condemns them for it.
  4. Hmmm so they would associate with Godina only in the rarest of scenarios like persay the PC helping them on their personal adventures.
  5. So in theory they would be willing to make friends with those in Godina even if the rest of the college disagrees?
  6. How involved is Olivia and Cyrus in the Godina vs Avila rivalry?
  7. I am gathering that the game will be using the new ruleset and setting changes set up by Whitewolf for the new edition of the tabletop. So it won't be similar to the original game especially since it seems that it would be first person for the most part. But like you, I will follow closely. Edit: Yes it seems the idea of resonance is tied to thinblood mechanics in the 5th edition of the tabletop. I have no idea how joining a clan would work in this title.
  8. I am kinda excited for that. I have heard that you play as a thinblood that eventually join a clan.
  9. Ascartand

    Mod Tools

    I personally need a link to the DLC 15 Mod base. I lost the AMO and the modbase when my old hard drive failed.
  10. What is the name of that Hollowed-Out tree that the Avila boys rather live in rather than Dorm Tower 8 called?
  11. Sounds alot like Beacon Academy from RWBY. I may pick it up to see for myself.
  12. I may get that Harry Potter game. Depends heavily upon the studio and reviews though.
  13. Alright. So about 4 hours ago, someone tried to log into my account 5 times from D.C. Lets hope this solution should alleviate our current problem.
  14. No it hasn't been for a long while. It has pretty much been the same for as long as I can remember.
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