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  1. No it hasn't been for a long while. It has pretty much been the same for as long as I can remember.
  2. Oh hi, welcome to the forums.
  3. Same result for me.
  4. Wait, are we also getting the new modbase down the line or with this CP release?
  5. I can imagine it now "Ascartand, the Dragons are evil!" "From my point of view, the Empire is evil!" "THEN YOU ARE LOST!" Its good to be back on the forums.
  6. And me (Gotta get those Draconic powers!) . Though I do say that Avila is pretty restrictive in terms of content but what we have is pretty decent though the male Avila unique adventure does makes me rail against my own character. Probably cause I play my characters as more dismissive people toward others.
  7. Yeah welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay.
  8. Hey Hey Hey, long time since I was active here thus question time. Does Elumia have the same beauty standards of the Renaissance era? Or they have their own spin on things, considering being thin is a standard to some of the girls.
  9. What about Noble daughters? Wouldn't Avila be the better option. Or is Badcrumble's etiquette and courtesy stuff is more of a recent thing?
  10. Ah, oh well. Anyways I look forward to more of your writing.
  11. hahhahah, the classic discard pile. I always found the idea portion to be the funnest among the writing process. Question. Would you be doing more situations revolving around the characters going into puberty? Not like the students themselves but the teachers seeing things that aren't really there. Like with the Katja and Male-PC in Where ever the Friend or Foe? Stage 3.
  12. More embarrassing situations like this please. I have found myself engaged with your planned adventures, what other plans do you have?
  13. Good to know.
  14. Modtools are still coming at the end of Summer yeah? Second. People can wear armor under their clothing right within the Academy right? As long its under the robes?
  15. I can imagine that nobles may marry rich commoners but they would suffer an immense prestige lost. The main branch of the family probably wouldn't unless they are extremely desperate. Though I am not sure that many commoners have the wealth in the first place. On the other questions. I don't think marriages can easily be broken considering that they are mainly made for alliances and unless both sides can amiably separate, I am sure the offended party would seek vengeance. So I guess the female noble would still be stuck in the arranged marriage even after having children (I am guessing 4+). On another note. If an foreign army marches on Elumia with enough forces to conquer the continent, how unified would the Empire be? Wait until a few early nations get crushed or never unite because of strong grievances?